Cleaning Up Ep: Improved Flagging Tool Coming Soon

EP is home to many and I can understand your anger and frustration when you see a individual abusing the site and posting content that violates EP terms, such as a nude images for example. 

We have over 5 million experiences shared on EP.  Though most of these are legitimate (even mature experience) there will undoubtedly be members who attempt to make posts that violate EP terms and when this happens we want to make sure we remove it immediately and make sure the member responsible doesn't't repeat the behavior, even if that requires permanently banning the account.    To really clean up the site we need the entire community to chip in and flag inappropriate content. 

Now, I realize there's some frustration from the community because the flagging system isn't perfect, that's why the EP team here has sat down and reviewed our existing flagging system looking for ways of improving this system so that each flag is addressed very quickly, that a 3 strikes your out rule is better enforced, and that abuse of the flagging system is more sternly and swiftly addressed.

Currently our engineers are working to put these changes in place but without members flagging it's useless.  

I encourage you to talk with your circle of friends and to encourage them to flag and take back EP from those who abuse the site and violate EP terms.

By working together with the community, EP can remain a positive and safe environment.  

We're doing all we can from our end to improve the flagging tool and make sure each flag is addressed quickly but again we won't see the difference unless the community  flag inappropriate content.

We expect the new and improved flagging system to be in place over the next couple weeks.  Now from your end you'll still see the same flag button and the process for flagging will work the same, though you should soon notice that inappropriate posts are being address far more quickly, that a 3 strikes your out policy is being better enforced, and that abuse of the flagging system is more sternly and swiftly addressed.

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DJK44-Good point. A story should not be flagged because it's a mature topic or because a member disagrees with what's being said. We should only flag post that we believe maybe a violation of EP terms.<br />
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Members do have the option to filter out adult content and/or block specific members for cases that aren't a direct violation of EP community guidelines.

I have no idea if I have ever been flagged for anything. It would be nice to know if a story is dropped or moved or whatever.<br />
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That's all I have to say about that...<br />
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On another note, I wish meebo was not so dumb working with my phone the mobile client is not good enough so I won't be using it often...I rather wish it didn't toss me there by default.

This certainly looks promising :) i hope EP can follow through...and not hurt the innocents/victims in the process as well. look forward to seeing the changes implemented!

But with the upcoming changes, if people DO gang up on someone and abuse the flagging system, THEY are the ones who will get in trouble for it! I'll be glad to see that as well as rules enforced more strongly---only according to the community guidelines and TOS, not because someone merely disagrees with a post.

I agree that actions speak louder than words. Give us the opportunity to 'prove it' Continue to flag and see how the new system which should be introduced in the next couple weeks works.<br />
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Sleepless--We can't go into too much detail about the algorithem since this will make it easier for individuals to abuse the sytem but the changes we've made are a combination of both the coding and the process in which EP Support responds. Here are a few more specifics:<br />
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1) Though we don't ever delete content without EP staff reviewing it personally we will hiding content/images from view while it's being investigated by staff. <br />
<br />
2) We're also introducing changes that will help prevent members that are under investigating from creating more account. <br />
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3) We're also creating admin tools that more clearly track every flag that is made on the site so that we can immediately track those who are abusing the system without a long drawn out investigation.<br />
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I'm confident that many changes which we'll be implementing in the next couple weeks will have a significant effect in cleaning up EP, but this is all under the assumption that the community will use the flagging tool. If content isn't being flagged by the community then this improved system won't matter.

That will be wonderful Arsineh! I'll be glad to see it happen.<br />
I'll also be glad to see penalties for those who flag without reason.<br />
<br />
*If anyone wants to be part of a network that will flag inappropriate content as defined by EP's community guidelines and TOS, please add me as a friend and let me know that's why you're adding me. I've tried to start this before, and I'd really like to get it going now.

I cant tell if I have any new comments, nothing shows up unless I got to the story itself....

Ok, but......<br />
<br />
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The one thing about circles talking about ganging up on others. Im a victim, and I did say victim, to certain members doing that, please kindly respond to my email (again).

I think that part of the problem is the definition of inappropriate and defining what and who should be flagged. Some people are offended by anything to do with sexual issues anywhere, some with sexual issues in a group, some with pictures, some with certain language, etc. We all have boundaries in different places and disagree with where the fence should be. This makes it very difficult for the ep staff because you will get flags on some with a curse word on it and flags with nude pictures in a group about nude pictures and you probably are inundated with flagged items to sort through and keep you busy for years. Since we have several family members on ep, it would appear by ip address that we are pretending to be other people so that might get flagged. It is not a perfect system and I think the ep staff is working hard and trying hard but sometimes it must be like the boy trying to put his thumb in the dike and more holes open.

Being able to police ourselves better would help everyone I think

Good to know. <br />
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I flag people who are viscous, having inappropriate avatar image (sexual) and/or threatening toward me. I don't flag unless its necessary. I do though think those creepy men who are skulking after women, trying to lure them into uncomfortable situations and pretending to be other people (using many profiles) are the worst that exist here at EP. I alert my circle whenever I learn of their dangerous behavior.

Thank you, and good luck with the implementation X@