Someone Falling Asleep At The Switch Again I Guess

WHY OH WHY is it that all the sudden when i go to view my blogs it can get through loading 1-2 then when you try to scroll down all i get is internet explorer not responding

For god sake configure the the site for dial up as it is the cheapest inteternet available THAT"S WHY PEOPLE STILL USE IT to say nothing of the parts of the US never mind the world that that's all they can get

tulick tulick
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Our engineers are working to correct this bug and you should see this issue solved within a couple hours.

I've been Trying to Tell EP that I am having this same problem. This issue they keep Ignoring me on. I can't get into my Blog, because my Browser Freezes up. I have been trying to tell them that this scripting to ... Facebook ... has an Error and at the moment EP is still Ignoring this Problem. I go there and see ... Trying to Find ... Facebook ... It bl<x>inks and bl<x>inks and bl<x>inks and bl<x>inks and then my Browser Freezes Up.

Just throwing it out there, but maybe the problem is on your side, not EP's.