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I have posted about this once before, in a comment on someone else's story in this group. I'm pretty sure it was when EPArsineh was away for a while and another EP staff member was responding to much of what was in this group at that time. I had said I really miss being able to delete answers in Q&, if I ask a question and someone answers with something off topic or is rude in their answer, I would like to have the power to delete that answer. At the time when I posted that wish originally, I was assured that we were never able to delete answers. I know we used to be, because after the switch to the new format in Q&A, I would switch back to the old version just so I could delete seriously bad answers!
Now, I can also see reasons for not having the delete option available--like maybe so when someone breaks an EP rule in their answer, that it can be flagged AND reviewed by an EP admin instead of just being deleted on the spot by the question asker. Or maybe so people don't just delete answers that have nothing wrong with them except for the fact that the asker disagrees with the answer. I don't know---I guess I'm just thinking out loud at this point. But like it's been said before, giving us the power over or own posts, to be able to delete bad comments, might also help keep the trolls away.
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I like to be able to delete answers to my questions or comments on my stories, because, I can prevent EP drama, by nipping it in the bud !!!!<br />
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I would like this feature returned please.

Thanks for this post Brieks. I'm glad you're sharing you thoughts with us. We are working to add a feature so the the author of a question can choose to delete answer posted in response to they question which they find inappropriate or disrespectful. <br />
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Similar to stories and confession, the other of a post has the right to delete comments and or answers made.<br />
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You'll see this update made shortly. <br />
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You can also block a member to prevent him/her from commenting on your posts in the future.