The Moods You Requested--now Available!

Many of you have been looking for new mood options and have shared your suggestions within the "I Want to Improve EP" group and forum.

I'm happy to announce that we were able to add many of your suggestions and hope you enjoy using these new mood options:

These moods are now available:  Thrilled, Fidgety, Alert, Curious, Focused, Inspried, Playful, Neutral, Hopeless

EPArsineh EPArsineh
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7 Responses Aug 12, 2010

my husband he loves me before morethan anyone, but since he found someone else he been change to me, he dont have interest to me anymore to have sex. And afterwards he told me that he wants to stay alone for his whole life. We had a child 1 year old. And he does'nt have enterest also to my son to talk and to play. I did everything to save our marriage relationship but he dont want to save it. Then now i really fed up i got so angry to my husband becouse he hurt me physically. I hate my husband so much and i told him that i give up to our relation. Im not talking to him anymore, and he ask me to love him he dont want me to hate him he knows that i really depressed but he never say or to ask me sory to make me feel good. What wil i do i dont want to stay with my husband anymore. Pls. Help...

I liked being able to write my own in

Thank you for always trying to make this site better....huggssssssss, Lorraine

Glad you guys like the new moods.<br />
<br />
Commongroundseekr--Unfortunately the EP mobile version has limited functionality though we do hope to improve it in the future. You'll have to wait until your back on your computer to add members to your circle.

that's great! I also have a suggestion to improve ep. You see over the summer we cut off our internet until we move which has been pushed back till december and so i log in using my cell phone and all i can do is post comments and respond to questions and message people but i cannot write stories nor confess nor add friends or post blogs or pick moods. My inbox has 47 fans that i just couldn

*cheer!!* =)

I'm thrilled and curious to use these new moods. Thanks for being so inspiring. :-)