Search People By E-mails?

I just recently noticed that there is an option to find people trought their emails in the people search section. I typed mine and it found my my profile, yet I don't think my email address is anywhere for people to see?

This puzzled me a bit. No one of the users should know any of my contact information if I haven't told them, correct? Then, only use that I can come up with this function is for people, whethever they are joined users or not, to check if the people on their e-mail list have profiles on Ep. Isn't this a bit against the anonymity policy?

I'm confused... maybe someone wiser will explain this to me? :D
Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Ah, now I get it! Thanks. <br />
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And to discreet it went.

I had no setting it to discreet !

We give members the option to have as much anonymity as they would like.<br />
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An account that is set to 'discreet' will not be searchable by email address and this information will remain hidden.<br />
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Other members prefer to have their existing friends find and connect with them on EP. That's why they have the option to set their account to 'social'<br />
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You can change your account from 'social' to 'discreet' and vice versa anytime by visiting 'account settings' off your profile page.