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Suggestions For The Groups/experiences Pages?

Hi all, we've been scrutinizing the experiences pages (not the stories, but the groups pages, the pages with "/groups/" in the URL), and we'd love your input on what's missing, what could be made better, what features would be outstanding, etc. For starters, we've started to clean up extra or broken links, fix some of the profanity filtering issues (it would often star things out that shouldn't have been), etc.

Beyond bug fixes or tweaks, honestly we'd REALLY love input on your biggest ideas that would make the pages more useful to you and others. 

The experiences pages are one of the very first built out here at EP, nearly 4 years ago, so they could use some love! Thoughts are welcome-- we can't get to everything of course, as we've got a long list of things we want to tackle ourselves, but please let us know if you have suggestions, improvements or fixes. As many of you know, it's very common for you to point something out to us today, and have it resolved by tomorrow! 

Much love,
Team EP
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I have read a number of the comments here, and also a number of comments in other experience/groups that express similar opinions.

Based on what I have read and my own experience of using EP I suggest/comment the following:-

Combine profile editing and user account settings into one page. I often find navigation to either difficult and I am sure others do too.

On sign up, default block adult content to 'on'.
Disable the ability to 'turn off' the adult content filter for minors.

Set the minors age to a realistic one. Say 16. If that is not appropriate, then restrict membership to 16/18 and over.

Make it clear what constitutes adult or mature subject matter. Is adult material of a sexual nature? Does mature material cover themes that explore particularly contentious topics (such as suicide or euthanasia) other than sexual?

The filtering of profanity and/or words considered to be of a sexual nature seems hit and miss and causes a lot of ill-feeling. Two of the main reasons is the use of a 'bot' (computer algorithm) and lack of recourse. Either the'bot' needs to be ditched or improved, or content flagged by the 'bot' should be reviewed by a moderator for context and appropriateness. Any member having material deleted or censored should be able to discuss the reasons why with a moderator.

There are numerous experiences/groups that are broadly the same thing. Is there not a way for these to be combined so that individual experiences are not spread over several experience/groups, thus diluting the richness of an experience. For example, there are four experiences about being from/living in the UK. At most this should be two and would make sharing of those experiences easier.

I joined the 'Experience Project' because its name and goals distinguished it from social networks. I don't consider EP to be a social network similar to Facebook, Google Plus or similar. It is a place for sharing and discussing experiences whether they be: 'safe for babies' i.e. about pets, about driving, about swimming, about fears or achievements; 'Mature Themes', as mentioned above (suicide), taboo subjects, but definitely not of a sexual nature; or 'Adult themes', basically anything of a sexual nature.

Please do not turn EP into a Facebook or Twitter.

The world is rich with a diversity of cultures and people. There will therefore be a diversity of experiences that people would love to share or read about. Lets not censor those.

Also users should behave as reasonable human beings, and either accept that diversity, ignore/block content that they find offensive or against their beliefs and sensibilities, or not be an EP member.

Attacking people for content not agreed with is not a sharing of an experience. It is a personal attack and should be unacceptable.

A lot mentioned but certainly not exhaustive. Hopefully some will be helpful/useful.

I think you should drop the profanity filtering altogether. It's sad, really, and smacks of thought police. Akin to Japanese manga where they pixellate body parts. Those are only cartoons, after all, and these are only words. A better option might be to put a certification on postings, or an over 18 warning. The filtering does you a disservice, given that probably all of the words you want to filter appear in mainstream literature in any case - you don't see censorship bars on words in novels. If you think of it this way: the Nazis and the Communist regimes censored text. You don't want to repeat such oppressive behaviour.

I couldn't agree more. I asked the question, "Should gardens be refined or an **** of colour?" They removed it under automated censorship and Arsineh's response was basically it's my fault for using adult language. BUT, I AM AN ADULT! I enjoy my garden. Sorry to offend EP, but there's nothing I like better than putting in swathes of bedding plants before a good layer of mulch. Actually I did it as a child too

Interesting that the word '****' was deemed adult without taking into consideration its use in the relevant context.
The word '****' can be used in many contexts other than sexual, as you showed in your comment above.
Here is another example: 'I indulged myself in an **** of food'. Reading that I would assume that the person saying it would have eaten huge quantities of food in one sitting. In said example **** has been used instead of another word, for example gorged. The first implies a pleasurable experience, the second implies a greedy, selfish experience.


I have been given a wedgie

Try selling it on ebay if you don't want it




I would like to know how my a/c "Noggin103" could disappear overnight!
I have been a regular contributor for 5 years and had a friends-base of 3,000, as well as 160 tokens, plus pre-2012 pictures allowance.
How can an account just be wiped-clear, without any crime or prior notice?
Answers please to my personal email.

a) Separate the teens from the adults. That way you can:-
Let the adults be adults - lay off with the absurd censorship. Stick with the aim of being a support site. Some adults have adult issues.
b) Bring back titles (Power to the writers) and various editing features.
c) Bring back groups.
d) Let's have decent avatars again.
e) Fix the issues which have seen a massive fall in user numbers (and Arsineh PLEASE stop denying that there's a massive fall in user numbers. THERE IS A MASSIVE FALL IN USER NUMBERS!)
f) When it's fixed, stop meddling. The changes over the past couple of years have been a relentlessly downward spiral. Put back the features we had two years ago and then just maintain it. Give members the tools and all the witty, erudite, passionate people who have something to say might come back and make the site interesting and valid again. Although, it is possible you have left it too late. Quite a lot of folk don't even log in to pick up messages anymore

h)Find a means to bring back all the witty,erudite,passionate people who have left.

All of the intricacies were what MADE this site. Now look at it. An APP. I hate what it's become in contrast.

Get rid of EPAllie. We all know she's a bot not a person and it's deleting post based on certain words (rather then reading the Entire content) and then there's no link to appeal the removal at the removal message ( Two messages no link) it sends so my post is gone forever. You have a box that we check stating that our post is not suitable for people under a certain age yet EPAllie negates even using that feature of YOUR WEBSITE.While I realize this site needs to be monitored it shouldn't be done by a robot seeking out certain words but by a person who can read. Maybe get a team of people/member volunteers to replace EPALLIE and then this site would be better. Haven't you figured out no one wants to deal with a robot (who can't reply) over a human being { hello? Automated CS} especially when it comes to things we post about our lives or important/adult minded experience.

Maybe make a EP for minors {EPTeen that Allie monitors) so that this one remains for adults therefore EPALLIEs only job is to keep minors out and get rid of the pervs/creeps that are reported on by members.

I have dozens of ways to make this site better but since you have EPALLIE I doubt you'll listen anyway.

That dos not compute,,,bleep!That dos not compute!

I dont understand why it says you were last online march 2013 when you just added me. there are obviousl errors.

Perhaps it is different looking at the post under mine.
Importantly, this site does not appear to be moderated ANYWHERE NEAR enough. There are people blindly swearing. Swear words are not automatically edited out which needs to be done. There are people arguing which happens, but it seems to be left up to the members. You can flag posts or people which I have done for good reason, but have no feedback as to whether they have been warned or suspended.
I saw someone who said their account was removed recently which they were very upset about because they werent aware of having done anything wrong, and one of the people in the comments said they couldnt understand it either because they didnt see that they had done anything wrong. You need to COMMUNICATE with people. Tell them what they have done that is against the rules and give them a warning that if it is seen they do this again, their account will be suspended. Said person was upset she had lost experiences she had shared and friends she had made.

adding people to your CIRCLE? No explanation. There arent different circles are there?

The QUESTIONS you ask arent on your PROFILE ACTIVITY
. Profile activity only shows the last few things you have done - it should show more.

It should be made clear WHO the MODERATORS are and how to contact them. I had one in my circle but you just added me. surely everyone should be in your circle so that you can moderate them and they can ask questions. Also you should not be able to remove a moderator from your friends/circle -that way you can keep a check on everyone. Sexual experiences are allowed which is ok but I do wonder where the limit is as there seems to be none (as I said, no monitoring of explicit language). people could say something is suitable for minors when it isnt.

ABILITY TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM CONTACTING YOU like people of a certain age or gender. this could protect minors or people generally.

You just added me so you must have been online but the fact that your last update on your profile is this post from 4, nearly 5 years ago is not very reassuring. Anothet moderator it was even longer.

some posts I have typed then it wont let me post because its too long and loses it.

When I joined I thought it was a fab idea that there were GOALS
you could aim for and you could browse through them and click on them and decide if that was something you wanted to do. then presumably people could encourage you. What happened? This was one of the best features. People could simply click 'ME TOO' and possibly describe what steps they need to take to achieve it.

Hi, I was looking at your experiences and you used to have caption of the day but it looks like that didnt continue for very long. Are you a moderator? I have a number of suggestions.
First of all, I use the site on my mobile phone (there isnt a mobile site but I have downloaded the new app too).

To start there seems little guidance on how to find your way around this website. Ive found it very confusing from the beginning which is why I havent used it much and only starting to use it more.

When I write an experience, on the website on my phone I can type anything I like in the heading. On the app I have to choose the name of a group. its nice to be a member of a group but I'm not sure this is the right thing. How about using TAGS in a post, like on blogs and social networks and most other modern sites? That way you can search for other people with similar experiences such as #insomnia or #anxiety. (Does not need to have a hash tag neccesarily but something that can link to other experiences).

I keep seeing people using the same heading such as 'I like to help others'. I am confused. Is it coincidence they were all saying that?
I see there are different sections such as lgbt and military. Again its not very clear. Neither is the fact you can blog. It is not down the left hand side as someone said to me, it is in tiny writing at the bottom of the page.

There needs to be a short video taking you through what you can click on, how to share experiences, what the differences between experiences and confessions are, and what the 'dreams' section is. This has appeared, disappeared and come back since I joined. So has the confessions section. You need to tell us on the home page of the site whats new or whats changed rather than keeping us confused and send out emails every few months keeping us updated on any changes.

Perhaps it is completely different on the computer but since it is not a mobilr version of the site and someone said it was practically the same, I guess not. The app does not guide people through anything either which seems a bit strange. you can gather that you can press 'me too' but thats the only thing thats clear what its about.

group categories are still up, along with "related experiences" even though there is no longer an edit or descriptive option for creators of new groups.
you could be in the ILIASM and down in the corner see completely random recommendations like I Love My Dog More Than Most People as a similar experience.
also i think it'd be cool to bring back threads.

i think the Heart feature is detramental to the comments
section. instead of commenting it is esier to just heart it .so you never really get any exchange of ideas.


Dont know where else to post, but... My questions are not coming on the main QA page for almost an year. They are shown in my QA list from my profile but not in the QA page (

Do something about it and for gawd's sake do it quickly.

i feel like you should ban the 15 and under

Or maybe give the minors a separate site EPTeen or something. So to get rid of EPALLIE robot.

More advertising so we all will have MORE FREINDS ON HERE instead of taking down groups add more

How about any topic that will put kids in harms way. I have a kik account, I have a facebook account, etc. (Block any topic that allows preditors from contacting these innocent and not soinnocent kids from getting hurt even further (ie i have even seen phone numbers listed). If you dont have the staff to monitor the boards, reach out to those thst often report preditor activity and ask them to join and truly bane those who are breaking your rules. Kids lives are in danger and EP doesn't seem to give a damn. You can also expand why we are reporting a post. Some suggestions would be (providing person info, sexual preditor veribage, minor who provided wrong age, blocked person with new account, etc.)

EP, why I can't post my pictures from windows 2013? I am so unhappy!

I love EP it's really gotten so much better than it was and the best thing was the EP app for my phone. Thank you for making it a great place to meet people. The only thing I don't like and it's not your fault is the perverts thank you for the block in feature

under a topic that has ......25 stories.....You are unable to get all those posted. Most of the time I only get stories I have posted myself. What's the deal with that???

When I post questions, I only get a maximum of three answers. I'd like to be able to get unlimited answers. Can we make this happen?

How can we post a status update on the iPhone app?

bring back the free chat option ! ,,,,,,,,,,,,its free on yahoo and facebook !

Give us back our "Mature Topics" section. There is a big community that uses it and appreciates it. Make a qualification standard for being a member of that Mature Section like a credit card number check to keep the underage out. I've been seeing a lot of teenagers showing up in topics like the, "I'm a girl that likes girls" thread. They have no business in an adult topics section.

EP has always been a place where I can write of adult situations and get feedback from other adults. And I appreciate it. That's why I've been here so long. But those under the age of 18 or 21 have no business reading or addressing my mature, sexual or erotic topics.

And there are many of us out here that like to write to those topics. It has given us a place to tell our stories and experiences to other adults. A place to get responses and input to those writings. And a place to get better at writing about those experiences.

EP has always been a place where we had the freedom to do just that. And for reasons unclear it seems that this avenue of expression is being choked off. Our access to searches of topics, our ability to read entries in those topics and our ability to respond to those topics has been limited by EP and we now have to search through totally unrelated topics to find what we look for.

I would ask that EP approach 'Mature Topics" with that same maturity. Establish a litmus test for age appropriate entry. Or make a nominal yearly charge for participating in those sections even. It will keep the riff-raff out for the rest of us serious writers.

I fear that EP will however limit the freedom that the internet once provided us and only respond with an E-Mail form letter on "Community Standards". That is a loss for all of us and a victory for the muzzling of the voice of freedom of expression.

Good luck with that. EP seems bent on eradicating any hint that the people on here are actually real live, flesh and blood people....

no they are interested in irradiating raunchy

"irradiating raunchy"???

Seems funny how people who believe "mature" subjects are "raunchy" always go looking for it. In any case I think there should be an "Adult/Mature" category to protect their frail sensibilities.....

Oh, they're just trying to make themselves feel superior by spying on what other people are writing--even though they would *never* be caught dead reading it on purpose, of course.

Still trying to figure out how 'irradiating' it will help, though--irradiation often causes mutant growth...

Works for me. Set the *groups* to 'adult', rather than the stories, and anyone with adult filters or underage profiles shouldn't even be able to see those groups or their contents.

except when I still have to look at the words "I love it up the ***," "I love anal sex" and so much more plastered all over my activity page because a circle member joined that group and I had the profound misfortune of adding them to my circle BEFORE they joined every disgusting graphic group on EP no "we" don't go looking for it

Then EP should fix their filter so that it doesn't come up on your activity page, period. They should not ban all references to sexual activity for the entire community. As a computer programmer, I know this can be done so that both groups can have the experience they want. EP is choosing simplicity over actual work, probably because of the incompetent developers they have writing their code.

see that's what I'm talking about you don't even get it

It seems that EP isn't trying to put a firewall between the Adult community and those who don't wish to go there. I have not problem with someone who doesn't wish to read or write about adult topics. That's their privilege. It's the clumsy way EP has tried to limit adult postings. Their censor program will not let the word penis be used in a post yet the word vagina is perfectly acceptable along with the slang word for penis, "****". I would strongly advise EP to contact some of us who post on the adult/mature topics to find a way to make those topics accessible by those who want to read or write them, yet block from view those topics from those who don't wish to view them. Personally, I get tired of seeing posts like, "I feel depressed everyday", or "I hate my husbands Ex." Let that stuff stay on the general side of the firewall.

I fear this is as much as EP is going to offer as far as "improvement" for EP users:


We apologize if you are receiving this message more than once. We're contacting you because one or more of the groups you belong to has been removed for violating EP Community Guidelines:

EP is a place where people can share stories about their life experiences and the emotional impact those experience have had on them.

And though we allow conversations around mature topics, including those that involve sexuality, EP is NOT a place for fantasy, titillation, pörnography, or sexual solicitation. In other words, we allow mature posts focused on the emotional impact the experiences has had on you, however explicit/graphic content shared for the purpose of sexual arousal will not be tolerated. Find more details here:

We hope that you'll continue to enjoy EP in the way it was intended to be used within the bounds of our Community Guidelines and that you'll help us maintain a positive space by flagging inappropriate groups or posts that violate our terms of service.


EP Support

Along with all the "I live in a sexless marriage" groups...

Suggestions have been made to EP, but they're either spouting their new party line about how they only want to allow the emotions and not the erotica or ignoring them completely.

Annoying posting topics could probably be eliminated by blocking that party from your circle. Myself, I've seen one too many "I'm a girl who likes girls" posts by 13-15 yo's on my timeline.

Perhaps we need an Xperience Project? Adults only!

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I'd like for the topics not to be so repetitive. If there's already an "I Love Music" topic, I'd like for it to be the only one, that way I don't have to go around clicking all of them in order to see what everybody posts.

It's not the most pressing issue, I can see, but I'd like for there to be less repeated topics.

Thanks guys.

fix the Q&A's ASAP!!! bring back the edit button and bring back my friends!!!

"'s very common for you to point something out to us today, and have it resolved by tomorrow! "

No, it's not.

Get the ****** diaper community back you **** so suck a monkeys ****

Huh? Using the words "******, and suck, and monkeys ****" only make your point more emphatic, if you have the sense to make your point in the rest of your words.

where has the time line gone????
Click on recent and you don't get the most recent at the top. So why bother.
Do you really want us to blindly stumble through the pages looking for new experiences, or is it meant to keep the adverts in front for a longer time.
Don't think that advertisers will be happy with a large group of EP'ers that don't feel happy with the site.
Personally, I'm now looking for alternative sites that will provide what I'm after

I had thought that the change was linked to me being in Austria rather than in the UK, but it seems not to be the case.
This seems to a change for change sake.
Not big and not clever.
Give us back our EP, or give us the option to select the old profile setting.
Unhappy EPer

the 'new look' just isn't working for me.
Seems like less control and worse feel to the pages