Suggestions For The Groups/experiences Pages?

Hi all, we've been scrutinizing the experiences pages (not the stories, but the groups pages, the pages with "/groups/" in the URL), and we'd love your input on what's missing, what could be made better, what features would be outstanding, etc. For starters, we've started to clean up extra or broken links, fix some of the profanity filtering issues (it would often star things out that shouldn't have been), etc.

Beyond bug fixes or tweaks, honestly we'd REALLY love input on your biggest ideas that would make the pages more useful to you and others. 

The experiences pages are one of the very first built out here at EP, nearly 4 years ago, so they could use some love! Thoughts are welcome-- we can't get to everything of course, as we've got a long list of things we want to tackle ourselves, but please let us know if you have suggestions, improvements or fixes. As many of you know, it's very common for you to point something out to us today, and have it resolved by tomorrow! 

Much love,
Team EP
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the 'new look' just isn't working for me.
Seems like less control and worse feel to the pages

I'd like to add photos

Seems like before it use to be easier to navigate to the topics of interests.

I think you should have adults only groups so the language is more segregated and must be over 18yrs. Old

this is the first time iv been looking round the site,so will see how things go.

Just an amazing place to be so far. (Only been on for a few weeks, but extremely rewarding). Thank you for creating this world.

Can EP make it easier to block a person , to delete a persons comment , and make it easier to create a group. On the app it is not easy to do these things please make it possible to do so thank you.

why would ep start this page if they are not going to help........i have not seen one reply to any questions or remarks on this page.

Hi, I've got two suggestions.

1. The "Help" link at the very bottom of the page is quite useful for new users on this site. However, the font size is quite small and it is below an advert banner. It would be better if you included this link in the introductory email that you send out.

2. I gather that you've disabled the location information on user profiles. I personally would find it useful if it was in use again, primarily because I would prefer to message people in my own time zone. I'm not interested in seeing the city they're in, just the country would be sufficient.

I would be happy if my email/message function worked. It has not worked for 3 months or so and I have emailed and asked questions on numerous occasions trying to get it fixed. There is nothing wrong with my settings. I have checked them numerous times.

My chat function won't work either. I have hit the box for chat, saved it, returned and it has returned to the off function.

What happened to the box that allowed you to search for friends usernames?

Why are there so many similar experience pages for the same experience........they should be combined.

What happened to the box that allowed you to find local people ?

That is all I can think of now.........thanks

ok i understand why i can\'t use chat. but can ep explain to me why i can\'t send email out........that would be really nice.

and what happened to the ability to search for usernames ?

I inadvertently hit block and haven't been able to reconnect from the block.?????

I'll tell you something which annoys me a bit when I go to groups. I look up a group and I see a story that looks interesting (usually at the top of the page) but before I go to read it, I click the 'me too' button to add that experience. However, when I do this, the top stories move down like 10 stories and it makes it harder to find them again. It'd be great if the stories didn't run away when you press 'me too'! :)

There also needs to be a 'my groups' tab on our profiles. I've made a few groups and tbh, some of them I can't remember and probably won't find unless I had 'my groups' tab on my profile, taking me to a list of groups I've created.

yea we genunely need a my groups tab

It would be marvelous to not only share our experiences, but invite more positive input by posting fictional stories on a page specifically designed for stories. Perhaps there can be a variety of subjects posted, one per week. This will get the creative juices flowing and open up our expression. Examples could be, "Do you remember losing your first tooth?", "What was your first kiss like?", "When were you sad because you lost a friend?", or "What was your first day at your new job like?" Remember, these do NOT need to be factual, as much as allowing the creativity to flow.

What a mind-strengthening exercise, and a great way to begin allowing others to involve themselves in our thoughts.

Why we couldn't create our own group?

You can make your own group.
Visit your experiences area on your profile and you get that streaming feed of experiences others have liked. Type in the group you want to create and click on the plus symbol button. A dialog box will appear telling you that the group hasn't been created, would you like to create it? and walaah, you have a group. :)

Cellular navigation instructions. Advice on how to download the full site on your iPhone. I am unable to block, unfriend, or look at my whiteboard I just realized I had today by logging in from an email you sent me. My advice is to keep experiences private until someone joins that group. On that level. Have a different page for different groups. I personally don't wanna post depressing stuff all the time to those that are not. Creating drama (low key)

I second this!

I cancelled my email notifications because I was getting way to many but since then I cannot read any replies or see likes to my answers or statements left for other members. I also can no longer send personal replies to answers left for me. Should I restart the email notification? Or is this a iPad thing

i cannot send emails either.....did u figure out what the problem was ?


Don't place an experience on someone's page that they haven't chosen. Also allow users to delete an "experience" from their page.

I did not know someone could do that.........I wonder if that is why I have found experiences I did not remember checking. I thought it was a result of careless fingers. If someone does that can we figure out who did it ?

well if it's on your page in your homestream it's likely there because someone in your circle joined a group

also if you write a story for a group even as a counter argument it automatically adds you to that group (GRRRRR) they really do need to stop this because not everyone wants to join a group just because the write a story about it

outside the counter argument the story you write for group X may only be as small part of you and you don't want it added to your experience list because get thousands of friends and thousands of experiences and your profile starts to malfunction

Yeah ! More Females !

It would be nice if my stories I have shared else where on ep, showed up in my stories too. I know I have shared more than two stories here. :) Or at least a link to the story between my profile and where it was shared so people can share back and give their input or share their stories directly. :)

i like this page

What happened to my blogs? Why can't I find them?

Do you still have the "surveys" section? I have been off of EP for about a year, & just came back today. I keep looking but cannot find the surveys section. That was one of my most favorite parts. If you still have it, I'd like to know how to get to it. And if you don't still have it, I'd like to see it be brought back.

Why was your last story 3 years ago? Where have you all gone?

Please tell me how to report an avatar that has nudity? Where and who do I tell? I did report this once but have found another. May be the same dude. I took down the username.

I may already have said this, but if EP members want to find if any others are really close to them, who might like to meet, a search facility would be wonderful.
May be you already have it.
I will certainly want to pay something to EP, when I have managed to cancel all the repeating payments I don't want.
I think that this is a wonderful site. Thank you.

U don't have to work that hard, just give us back the chat.. we're not that rich to pay u 5$ per month,,

i am new to this site and using more and more this has saved me you don't know how ? thank you god bless david1957

Any way you can get rid of Flo?

The new email format looks nice but you left out a reply function to old emails. Now, I have to type in a new address for every new reply. Can you put in a reply function ?

If you do, you will be my hero !!

i like my old name better....

yes please can you help me........

yes and no use a dfference name........

pullupgirl103 i need help to get back on Ep''''

how a bought your first love ore the lost of your first love

What's the opposite of common?

Very hard to categorize thoughts.....will have to give it some thought. Haha

I have plenty of issues, lots of experience, too many questions and I can put a positive spin on anything!

please add a way to consolidate groups, suggestion groups or something or even a way to vote and list the related groups.. if enough agree we can move all to the 'parent' group.

There are groups that do not have logo's It would be great if you would allow people to give them one. They are locked down with the generic EP symbol and would benefit from a member of that group assigning a new picture to it.

This. ^

thank you

I wrote about this a long time ago, but it hasn't been fixed yet, and it bugs me.
When you've read a story, you scroll down to the comments. Each comment has a thumbnail and the handle of the author. If you mouse over the author, a pop out appears with the age range and gender of the author. This works all the way down UNTIL you reach the "view more" at the bottom. When you click on that "view more" label, more comments appear, HOWEVER, none of the authors' handles pop out with their age and gender any further down. This is important to me in many comments to know quickly the age and gender of the commentors.

Related: when looking a the listing of experiences under any topic, each short synopsis also carries the same thumbnails and and author's handles. It would be as useful to implement that same pop out of author info as just mentioned above in the stories, please!

Seems that you recently change how this works, but not for the better. Now I don't get the age and gender at all. Did you misunderstand what I asked for?

nicely said, 'drummerboy4u'. I have to comment on 'imjonbean'. what you like on facebook reveals one's IQ and the colbert report has higher IQ people. lol It's not one'Q you should be concerned with ,,it's their EQ (emotional quotient) that determines compatibility. If you do not wnat aggressive correspondence with internet users then think of their emotional quotient. there are some people that are academically intelligent and still aggressive. This is why it takes a long time to get to know someone. We must see how one reacts in certain situations to determine their intelligence via their emotional response.

How do I find all the stories for someone whose stories I find interesting? Some have blocked their profile so it's not possible to just vlivk on their member name.

I think you should work on an IPhone app for people who have just had an experience and don't have access to a computer

The more i read about your participation and whatnot ,the more you and your staff want to make me want to puke!! Maybe you think you're helping somehow,but you really should have a group meeting at your 'little' table ,throw out what you learned at college/and start over and try and become "writers", and social commenters!! I personally give advice to business proffessionals, and make a good living at it!! Most important is that I am the conductor,and so many learn to contribute to our symphony and become better commentators,and be much better at helping our young graduates be all they can be by contributing to our country, thoughts, and and unbreakable connection to the betterment of all that is good about America!! God Bless USA!!!

I really want to get outta heare and travel onward!! Someone give me a guiding light before I shoot myself!!! Come on, I know there are a few friends that actually love me...!!

I really like this website EP lot more than FaceBook. Already deleted my account there. Thankyou for such a wonderful site.

Their should be a qualitative/quantitative rating system to encourage people to make quality posts and to improve the experience of the site. The best quality posts would be read most with this feature. An example might include the quality/grade of how inspiring a story/comment/content is. Then a section would be created for the most inspiring rated things. Other qualities/gradations to evaluate and categorize would be, persuasiveness level/grade, importance, and the urgency of message would be the greatest addition. That way I can see and help/organize those people who need the help most urgently. I do not want to wade through low quality posts, please help me save time and be more effective in this world by considering these enhancements. People could set the urgency of their message and people could confirm the urgency to get the most urgent ideas, solutions, and problems attention. Other qualities would be to rate the intentions of the people by others, a public grade for your profile would allow people to trust you easier because of recommendations and evaluations by others.

I think that in order to improve the Experience Project people must be able to find what they are here for more easily, whether it be an adviser type person, a level of helpfulness from people, inspiring people/leaders, and i feel most important to my goals is knowing the level of discontentment of people, which could be self rated and also verified by the community. Personality types would be a great way to meet people too. Allow people to meet the kind of people they are looking for. You guys are doing a wonderful job with this site already and I hope you can make these improvements for everyone's benefit. Society and general well-being would greatly progress with these measurements and browsing options in place.

Also, a belief evaluator tool could help people with common beliefs unite. A survey ought to be used to evaluate people's beliefs on political philosophy and religious beliefs in order to match them up with each other. It could also encourage people to discuss other philosophies/religions and to further progress towards a more peaceful world as people find common ground and resolve differences by synthesis of beliefs.
Here is an example I wrote of a survey that an organization might use to solve violence before it happens:

I would like to meet people who have a tendency towards violence so that I can help them cope with their overwhelming emotions. Maybe a survey could detect these violent tendencies and be used to alert those who can help with those problems. People ought to be able to attribute positive qualities, such as the tendency for problem resolution and good emotional management, so that people with emotional or other problems can meet and learn from those with experience with those problems. A greater analysis of people will lead to a greater society and a greater EP. Mass violence can end soon if we take these actions, to solve discontentment before it gets violent. It could start as an experimental section/community on the site like there is that option to use the experimental features of Facebook. Survey monkey would be a good resource to look into for this goal of solving violence and improving society fundamentally. I would also like the amount/grade of philosophical and important contribution to humanity to be a feature to browse the most philosophical, intellectual, purposeful, and meaningful contributions to humanity.

You could try to ask questions that reveal whether or not a person is abusive. Maybe People who like war movies tend to be abusive. I heard that your facebook likes reveal a lot about you like your IQ, and apparently people who like the colbert Report on facebook have a higher IQ. You could also just let user report when they do something abusive.

Why do people ask for so much variety, for simple answers,questions,etc.?? And, yah,people seem to want internet "friends",but those threads are as thin as the universe!! People are for the most part separated by a electronic screen, algorrythms, and links to advertisers and other corporate scum!! Get out, meet people ,have dinner,a movie, giggle, act silly together, touch and look into each others eyes!! There's you real answer!! Sorry EP!! :)

Ok! So you're asking again, maybe you didn't get the community "participation" you were expecting! I can give you a little take on what I think, and it's not all, nor does it represent EP! What does make EP special to me?? Only I can answer that so it's a good place to start!! Ep is an alternative site, geared for adult interaction, although not always as there are kids, minors, etc.!! You know what? ,I welcome them certainly more than they 'accept' me!! In EP tradition I want them to interact, participate, but they seem to want to use the site as some private place to get approval for their "angst" That is not acceptable to me, as I have a 17 yr. old daughter, and a 22 yr. old son. I certainly want to be an anomonous commenter, but I also run into very "troubled" teens indeed; I almost feel as though they should be 'shunned" just to teach them that you better be honest, sincere, and searching for wellbeing and health or get the hell off!!! We are all here to support and help each other, and if you don't want to at least explore that, then maybe there's a way to take a stand??? As a parent, I think this is an important issue and one that EP should work hard on addressing, cause I hear alot of voices calling out for love and understandinding, and they deserve a format more than we do!!!!Love---Peter--------------------

would like a way to have a indertudtion page wich would teach ya the basics of the web page its relly so complext for me to use and im new so i dont kne much about this place

God idea! Thanks.

<p>I'm Tired of all this for now, and most know why!!! Let's be real, continue in our quest, squash the bugs out there and continue in our real work!! Peter--------------------------------<3</p>HAHAHAHAAHA

I find my most frustrating experience on this board is how to friend people. I can add them to my circle, they agree to be friends with me, but everyone says to do that I just have to click a button to add as friends. Well, nowhere on my screen is there such a button to click. How do I make people I meet here my friends?

I have trouble finding the link to start a new group when on mobile

How to make a group in this web site? Why you aren't join Apple? I wish EP can have Iphone apps.

More?? You want more??? I will always say that "free speech and press" are an ulimate goal !! From that, we as Americans can feel a little more secure living in a police state with shrinking civils rights!! I can't think of a better way to connect and be force of the "people"!! Bless EP!!

Is it possible to have Folders within the email program? it would be nice to be able to have separate folders for fans/friends for easier perusing. don't know if this is possible or even makes sense. just my thought and wish list!

well,sometimes you can be annoying, but then who isn't!! LOL, but I've met a very few "incredible" people here, and it's made my life better for sure. There are alot of messed up, perverted people that troll the pages, but I believe in free speech, and their right to be who they are! So where does that leave us?? The only thing I personally have had issues with is very young, obviously underage "both sexes", type of trollers! That's cool, cause you can't stop everything. I usually "nail" them with responses that chase them away! I can't think of a better way, but I'm open to suggestions!!! P-------------

Why do you always sound so arrogant in your comments? Just curious.

Thank you. That is very re-assuring to take so much care for smooth running of the site.

Yes, I am wondering whether it is possible for the founder of a new group to change name of the group later, if he/she thinks of a better name... OR to transfer a particular story to a different group if it really fits in better there, without losing the comments, rate-ups, etc. Apparently as of now these things can't be done; is it possible to change that? Please advise.

While I am completely loving this site.. I wish you could "clean" up groups.. There are many groups out there with almost the same name and or the same idea.. Its hard to have so many groups, you miss so many good stories.. Also a much better mobile app would be nice.. I would love to be able to access all the same things that I can via my computer or internet in a handy little app. I do have the one that is out and it definitely needs some work. I cannot access my personal stuff.. Other than that.. keep up that awesome job :)

Agree with repetitive groups. Would also like to simplify finding similar people in the same location.

I agree too. i know some groups have been merged. how about the poetry groups?

Well I've been a member for well over 5 years maybe 7 but failed to log in for maybe a year then over the last several months have tried in vain to get back in or receive assistance to log back in, I finally figured no one was home here anymore and here I am starting over from scratch, yeah kit sucks but I'll get over it. My suggestion would be a staff that is geared a little more towards people loosing there way here and getting them back on board where they were. Just a thought no biggy I guess.

concerning groups.

i wish there were an easier way to search groups concerning a certain topic..for ex:
ancient history, if all groups concerning that topic could pop up..just makes it easier to know what is already there,..rather than to create a new one,..currently, There are way too many groups, that are way too similar.

You should put icons on here :)

hi :). i would like if next to the search bar you put one of these specifying windows for us to choose if we wanr to search a story or a question or a group's name just because the search in this website isn't too specific about wether its a story or a group. i hope you get what i mean, other than that, i love this place :D

no f-ing **** i was looking for a group so i typed the title into the search bar and all it came up with was questions, then when i didn't find it i went to post story typed the name in there hoping i could find the dam group type in the title and it said you've already shared that experience or some ****

kept having to do it over and over until out to the side finally say group name and clicked on it turns out i had alreay joined but not shared a story

this is BAAAAAAAAD since sharing is so much of the site

What is missing is link's to navigate between two conversations such as if I replied to someone who posted something than it would be nice to have the repeat discussion followed by the replie! instead I have to look to see if I got a response back and then go back to their posted storie to finish off from when I left the discussion! like facebook or somthing! then their should be a flashing sign or something to alert a message or a response! then you should have a friends list to click back to when your ready to replie or simply write back! besides this, this site is awsome! thank you!

So far I think the Experience here at EP is great! Keep up the good work!

Wow E.P. for kids. Totally screened..

Thank you for asking, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Too much of what I've suggested has been completely ignored in the past, with nobody on the EP team even commenting.

First: Put the creator back on the group page, and show it prominently. If someone went to the trouble to create it, good or bad, everyone else should know who owns it.

Second: When I click on the Members link in the group page, there is a question mark after the "Members Sharing the Experience ..." title. When I click on that question mark, it brings up a completely irrelevant blurb about friends and circles, including mention of someone being a "guru", which I haven't seen as an option since my earliest days in 2009. At the very least, that text needs an update.

Third: When I click More -> Questions, it takes me out of the group, while none of the other links do. This should be fixed to be consistent with the other group links.

Fourth: It would be nice if the 'related groups' list actually contained groups that relate to the current group somehow. If the relationship isn't obvious, then the group probably shouldn't be listed.

Fifth: If someone blocks a user, they shouldn't be allowed to post on any groups created by the user they've blocked or comment on any of the other user's stories.

Sixth: Drop new member listings from the "Recent Group Activity" list. This isn't really a 'group' activity but a 'member' activity. If there hasn't been any posting activity in a while, the box should reflect that.

And we can't really talk about a group without addressing the object the group is comprised of--the experience stories, so:

Sixth: Thank you for finally giving me the opportunity to see who is rating up my stories again. However, the "Thank the Author" button is pretty useless. If someone wants to thank the author for the story, they can post a comment or rate the story up. Please get rid of it so it doesn't clutter up the page any more.

Seventh: From within the stories in the group, there used to be a forward and a backward button so that you could navigate from one story in the group to the next without having to go back to the group, first. Please put them back. (This is my biggest single gripe with the 'new' format you guys pushed on us a while back.)

From the user's profile, the user should be allowed to sort the list of groups s/he belongs to in any order s/he sees fit. The user should also be allowed to see a simple, but complete list of the groups to which s/he belongs. It would be nice if the user could search for titles in their group list that contain a specified key word.

Okay, I think that's it for now...looking forward to seeing what the format looks like!


You can rearrange your groups by going into Edit Profile&gt;Featured Content.

Thanks for the suggestion but I don't want to have to manually rearrange every one of my groups (I have 2435 of them!) every time I want to see them sorted differently. I'd like to have the ability to sort them by name, by date joined, by number of times I've posted, by number of postings total, etc. Kind of like being able to sort files in a directory on your computer by name, timestamp, file type, owner, etc. You can sort all of them with one click on the applicable header.

sounds like my font collection. i finally got NexusFont mgr. But...I still had to do a lot of manual drudgery! Took a lot of time and I'm still not done, lol.

Hi, Frankmacclintock here,
Your project is great. However, I have continual problems logging on. It seems the only way I can access the project is by continually having my password reset (even though I have used the same one the last few times). Please advise

Think you could provide an Icon to delete the Fan requests rather than just let the site fill up.
Perhaps display fan requests by age?
Perhaps set up a category for fiction. Some may want to embellish their stories, literary license, some just funny stories.

I think some colorful Art would be really Kool to dress up the page a bit because what's a girl to do when she goes to cook out and wants to stand out and be noticed is her personally think Art is not as alive as it should be.Let the colors be expressive to that persons mood and feelings.

Are these groups started by members and is it automatic? I want to choose my own groups. How do i ungroup!

a)Regarding groups.There seem to be gozillions. and most of the ones i 'm suppose to be in...i never joined and don.t need to take up space in."i need to clean up my There needs to be fewer groups. They are multiplying like rats in Calcutta.b) How about BIGGER AVATARS.... They are art,but also a vote button on EVERY one to vote Fun,beautiful,weird or offensive. C) how about a simple tabulation system for posts on each question. EG....see my post above it's#7. D)What do u think of a member recommended reading and video section.? Eg "Take The Bull By The Horns." Sam Horn. Recommend recently for dealing with bullies. etc etc. and so on. E)How about a more aggressive position on Trolls and Vulgars? Can blocking be made to look less of a"Mean" and more of a "Green" action. I think a lot of peeps think its just not a NICE thing to do and consequently put up with site pollution. Also maybe it could be set in time increments or is that what Jail is about. Is there a Jail? We need to know,(I think.) F)Is there a list of reasons to friend and unfriend or a separate area for comments about these actions so peeps don't get offended or know their responsibilities if a friend. G)A list of abbreviations?? Some of us are really really old.H) have u tried different font choices and colors? for individual use.? more but i just ran out of time. Thanks for a fun site.

I wish there were more options for images to use to represent me and a way to change my ID without losing all my stuff.

umm okay but i up here because i need to be me and not the fake me

There's one thing I passionately wish you'd do to improve EP: Set up - and make it EASY to spot - some kind of instructions or FAQ or site map page. It seems to me that EP has tremendous potential as a social media site, but I'm getting annoyed to the point of giving up on it over the seeming impossibility of figuring out things like the difference between a "story" and a "confession," how to search for particular types of experience, the meaning of "circles," "groups," etc.

put a little fun video for every one to watch with a about 5 questions to answer witch is worth 2 coins a pice

I'm just grateful for the fact that you've made this page!!!

I will put on my thinking cap on for you, and get back to you.
Right off the top of my lil pointed head I can say a forum for Veterans. They and dependants love the alegance of their fellow Service Members. I am new here; perhaps you already have it and I did not see it.

I often find pages that have not yet got a photo and it will not allow me to add one. I hate belonging to a group that has that generic logo. It makes it look boring and unloved. Not that the group has to have my photo if one is already there I leave it alone.
I just want to add one if none is there

I have a question. While volunteering at a community clinic, a few years back, a woman (also a volunteer) deeply depressed, told me she was going to kill herself. Shocked and not knowing what to do, I told a supervisor. Apparently it wasn't an uncommon occurrence and I wasn't the first to hear this from her. I was pretty shaken, but grateful they didn't take it as an idol threat. My question is...what do you do if that happens on here? Do you monitor these, and what do you do in a case like this. Do we flag them...what if it's in a private message??? I'm new on her, and for obvious reasons, this is a concern to me. I know I'm putting the cart before the horse here, but the first time it happened I panicked... If someone's hellbent on 'checking out'...there's nothing you can about it...I know this... I guess I needed to voice my concern...god I sound like a spaz!

i will...thanks very much!

i belive it

Please put back the option to add the experience (group) to my goals. Also please put my goals back on my profile. Oh, and also please put back the group creator's name. Thanksssss! :)

i want someone to sponsor me in my music which i want to start in 2013.

Yes it is a good idea that man learns from the experiences of others. Thank you

hello, thank you for your invitation to my opinion, I can see you are very keen on improving this site, I am only new to here, please give me time, I shall contribute my comment accordingly.<br />
thank you

Do Not Make it like facebook crap, love it just the way it is :)