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Suggestions For The Groups/experiences Pages?

Hi all, we've been scrutinizing the experiences pages (not the stories, but the groups pages, the pages with "/groups/" in the URL), and we'd love your input on what's missing, what could be made better, what features would be outstanding, etc. For starters, we've started to clean up extra or broken links, fix some of the profanity filtering issues (it would often star things out that shouldn't have been), etc.

Beyond bug fixes or tweaks, honestly we'd REALLY love input on your biggest ideas that would make the pages more useful to you and others. 

The experiences pages are one of the very first built out here at EP, nearly 4 years ago, so they could use some love! Thoughts are welcome-- we can't get to everything of course, as we've got a long list of things we want to tackle ourselves, but please let us know if you have suggestions, improvements or fixes. As many of you know, it's very common for you to point something out to us today, and have it resolved by tomorrow! 

Much love,
Team EP
ExperienceProject ExperienceProject 26-30, M 230 Responses Aug 24, 2010

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I would be happy if my email/message function worked. It has not worked for 3 months or so and I have emailed and asked questions on numerous occasions trying to get it fixed. There is nothing wrong with my settings. I have checked them numerous times.

My chat function won't work either. I have hit the box for chat, saved it, returned and it has returned to the off function.

What happened to the box that allowed you to search for friends usernames?

Why are there so many similar experience pages for the same experience........they should be combined.

What happened to the box that allowed you to find local people ?

That is all I can think of now.........thanks

ok i understand why i can\'t use chat. but can ep explain to me why i can\'t send email out........that would be really nice.

and what happened to the ability to search for usernames ?

I inadvertently hit block and haven't been able to reconnect from the block.?????

I'll tell you something which annoys me a bit when I go to groups. I look up a group and I see a story that looks interesting (usually at the top of the page) but before I go to read it, I click the 'me too' button to add that experience. However, when I do this, the top stories move down like 10 stories and it makes it harder to find them again. It'd be great if the stories didn't run away when you press 'me too'! :)

There also needs to be a 'my groups' tab on our profiles. I've made a few groups and tbh, some of them I can't remember and probably won't find unless I had 'my groups' tab on my profile, taking me to a list of groups I've created.

yea we genunely need a my groups tab

It would be marvelous to not only share our experiences, but invite more positive input by posting fictional stories on a page specifically designed for stories. Perhaps there can be a variety of subjects posted, one per week. This will get the creative juices flowing and open up our expression. Examples could be, "Do you remember losing your first tooth?", "What was your first kiss like?", "When were you sad because you lost a friend?", or "What was your first day at your new job like?" Remember, these do NOT need to be factual, as much as allowing the creativity to flow.

What a mind-strengthening exercise, and a great way to begin allowing others to involve themselves in our thoughts.

Why we couldn't create our own group?

You can make your own group.
Visit your experiences area on your profile and you get that streaming feed of experiences others have liked. Type in the group you want to create and click on the plus symbol button. A dialog box will appear telling you that the group hasn't been created, would you like to create it? and walaah, you have a group. :)

Cellular navigation instructions. Advice on how to download the full site on your iPhone. I am unable to block, unfriend, or look at my whiteboard I just realized I had today by logging in from an email you sent me. My advice is to keep experiences private until someone joins that group. On that level. Have a different page for different groups. I personally don't wanna post depressing stuff all the time to those that are not. Creating drama (low key)

I second this!

I cancelled my email notifications because I was getting way to many but since then I cannot read any replies or see likes to my answers or statements left for other members. I also can no longer send personal replies to answers left for me. Should I restart the email notification? Or is this a iPad thing

i cannot send emails either.....did u figure out what the problem was ?


Don't place an experience on someone's page that they haven't chosen. Also allow users to delete an "experience" from their page.

I did not know someone could do that.........I wonder if that is why I have found experiences I did not remember checking. I thought it was a result of careless fingers. If someone does that can we figure out who did it ?

well if it's on your page in your homestream it's likely there because someone in your circle joined a group

also if you write a story for a group even as a counter argument it automatically adds you to that group (GRRRRR) they really do need to stop this because not everyone wants to join a group just because the write a story about it

outside the counter argument the story you write for group X may only be as small part of you and you don't want it added to your experience list because get thousands of friends and thousands of experiences and your profile starts to malfunction

Yeah ! More Females !

It would be nice if my stories I have shared else where on ep, showed up in my stories too. I know I have shared more than two stories here. :) Or at least a link to the story between my profile and where it was shared so people can share back and give their input or share their stories directly. :)

i like this page

What happened to my blogs? Why can't I find them?

Do you still have the "surveys" section? I have been off of EP for about a year, & just came back today. I keep looking but cannot find the surveys section. That was one of my most favorite parts. If you still have it, I'd like to know how to get to it. And if you don't still have it, I'd like to see it be brought back.

Why was your last story 3 years ago? Where have you all gone?

Please tell me how to report an avatar that has nudity? Where and who do I tell? I did report this once but have found another. May be the same dude. I took down the username.

I may already have said this, but if EP members want to find if any others are really close to them, who might like to meet, a search facility would be wonderful.
May be you already have it.
I will certainly want to pay something to EP, when I have managed to cancel all the repeating payments I don't want.
I think that this is a wonderful site. Thank you.

U don't have to work that hard, just give us back the chat.. we're not that rich to pay u 5$ per month,,

i am new to this site and using more and more this has saved me you don't know how ? thank you god bless david1957

One of my stories missing from the list .

Any way you can get rid of Flo?

The new email format looks nice but you left out a reply function to old emails. Now, I have to type in a new address for every new reply. Can you put in a reply function ?

If you do, you will be my hero !!

i like my old name better....

yes please can you help me........

yes and no use a dfference name........

pullupgirl103 i need help to get back on Ep''''

how a bought your first love ore the lost of your first love

What's the opposite of common?

Very hard to categorize thoughts.....will have to give it some thought. Haha

I have plenty of issues, lots of experience, too many questions and I can put a positive spin on anything!

please add a way to consolidate groups, suggestion groups or something or even a way to vote and list the related groups.. if enough agree we can move all to the 'parent' group.