Cleaning Up Ep: Hundreds of Groups/Members Violating TOS Removed

Recently some of you expressed concern that posts and members that violated EP Terms of Service were becoming more commonplace.  We took your concerns seriously and over the last couple of weeks implemented major changes to our existing flagging tools and automatic filters.  (A lot of which was possible because of the new profile page-beta which let's us better tack and remove content.)

We also did a major clean-up of the site (the largest clean-up in the site's history) deleting hundreds of groups and members in violation of EP terms, while posting thorough messaging across the site informing everyone involved that any attempt to recreate these illegal groups or content would be dealt with swiftly. 

While Experience Project is open to the experiences that impact all lives, including those that involve sexuality, Experience Project is NOT a place for fantasy, titillation, ***********, sexual harassment, or sexual solicitation. Advocating sexual behavior towards minors, promoting behavior generally considered illegal in the United States, such as immediate family ****** or advocating abuse or lascivious behavior with animals will not be tolerated.

Review your updated and more stringent TOS here:  EP Link

EP actively works with the FBI, local police, and international police to report content and individuals that violate the law though with the many improvements we've made across the site we expect to see less of these instances popping up.  

While cleaning up the site also introduced a regularly requested feature from the community to help give you more control over your account and who fans you.  We introduced the option to block all 'adult/mature' members who belong to explicit groups from fanning you.  This option can be turn on/off by visiting 'account settings' off your profile page. 

We've already seen a significant drop in inappropriate post and are confident that these changes have made EP a safer and more positive space.  Of course our job is never done and finding more clever ways to catch members who violate EP terms is a never ending battle and one we always have on our mind.  We'll keep working on it-you've got our word but this major clean-up which we were able to accomplish in such a short time is something we should all be proud of. 

EPArsineh EPArsineh
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