Cleaning Up Ep: Hundreds of Groups/Members Violating TOS Removed

Recently some of you expressed concern that posts and members that violated EP Terms of Service were becoming more commonplace.  We took your concerns seriously and over the last couple of weeks implemented major changes to our existing flagging tools and automatic filters.  (A lot of which was possible because of the new profile page-beta which let's us better tack and remove content.)

We also did a major clean-up of the site (the largest clean-up in the site's history) deleting hundreds of groups and members in violation of EP terms, while posting thorough messaging across the site informing everyone involved that any attempt to recreate these illegal groups or content would be dealt with swiftly. 

While Experience Project is open to the experiences that impact all lives, including those that involve sexuality, Experience Project is NOT a place for fantasy, titillation, ***********, sexual harassment, or sexual solicitation. Advocating sexual behavior towards minors, promoting behavior generally considered illegal in the United States, such as immediate family ****** or advocating abuse or lascivious behavior with animals will not be tolerated.

Review your updated and more stringent TOS here:  EP Link

EP actively works with the FBI, local police, and international police to report content and individuals that violate the law though with the many improvements we've made across the site we expect to see less of these instances popping up.  

While cleaning up the site also introduced a regularly requested feature from the community to help give you more control over your account and who fans you.  We introduced the option to block all 'adult/mature' members who belong to explicit groups from fanning you.  This option can be turn on/off by visiting 'account settings' off your profile page. 

We've already seen a significant drop in inappropriate post and are confident that these changes have made EP a safer and more positive space.  Of course our job is never done and finding more clever ways to catch members who violate EP terms is a never ending battle and one we always have on our mind.  We'll keep working on it-you've got our word but this major clean-up which we were able to accomplish in such a short time is something we should all be proud of. 

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Sigh<br />

<b>@PTMan, I suspect that the statement that EP "isn't a place for fantasy" was included as a reason they can use to get rid of the "I Have a Rape Fantasy" group. It's been a long standing target of certain factions on EP.<br />
<br />
I would be watchful if I were you. The way these new rules are written, much of your playful fun is now prohibited. Should someone find your content ob<x>jectionable and flag it, the vague new rules about no titillation or fantasy could easily be used as justification for deleting your groups and your account.

We should clear that up, good point. "Fantasy" with respect to the guidelines refers to making up fake experiences without noting them as such (e.g., fantasizing you're a doctor and running around EP dispensing medical advice, or pretending you're the president), as well as fantasizing illegal actions (an example is not really necessary here) . It does NOT mean that you suddenly won't be able to post a story fantasizing about having a boyfriend or girlfriend, dancing with a dragon, etc. But fantasizing about abducting a child, that's out of bounds. <br />
<br />
You'd be hard pressed to make an argument that EP is, ever has been, or ever would be, a place of censorship. We fully recognize different strokes for different folks, and we in general remove ourselves from value judgments. What we are saying is that there are hard and fast boundaries (predominantly defined by our state and federal government(s)) that we now have better tools to enforce more quickly. I agree that the sentence is vague, so we will definitely tighten that up to make sure we're not leaving confusion in our wake.

Thanks, Arsineh! Best news I've had in a while. I was beginning to get discouraged ! Yay!!!

Thanks, Arsineh! Best news I've had in a while. I was beginning to get discouraged ! Yay!!!

Hip, hip, hooray.

This is wonderful news. I love EP, and am very happy and encouraged by such efforts to make it a pleasant site for everyone.

Excellent news! Thanks for listening and taking action!

May i say!!, yay!!!! what great news, :-) Thank you Arsineh, the Ep support team and the powers that be, for all the hard and marvulous work in cleaning up this, wonderful site, <br />
I am also thrilled to learn of the FBI, international police and the local police looking in, it makes me feel a whole lot safer,. Again, thank you! for all you have done!!!

Here Here I new EP would pick up the ball, thank you EP Team.

Yay!! Thank you for making EP an enjoyable place again!

@ kitten, once again, you nailed it! :)

Thank you; this is hard work; and it is appreciated;<br />
<br />
I am so grateful

thanks for this.<br />
<br />

Thanks EP :) it's good to know you guys still have our backs :) i hope you continue to stay on top of this issue and not let it get out of hand as it previously did. this is definitely encouraging news! :)

Unfortunately, this week the flagging of inappropriate images is not working. They have not been removed after several days from the time of flagging. I am talking about photos of sex acts and graphic nudity in public places on the site.<br />
<br />
This is disappointing.

Indeed. I expressed this in a blog recently. It doesn't seem as though the changes are working or in effect. :-(

I guess the people we're all talking about will keep trying to find new ways around the things they do to stop it. But I'm really glad to see this story. Really glad they're letting us know about some of the things they're working on to improve the site other than cosmetic changes. (Still hate the new profile page...just saying...) It's nice to see that they are actively working, even though it's not going away. i doubt it ever will go completely away. It's the way of trolls and pervs...they'll keep trying. <br />
<br />
So, keep going, guys. I appreciate your efforts.

A move in the right direction.

Awesome... Thanks!<br />
I'll come here more often. I think part of the reason my visit frequency reduced was sexually-preoccupied fans who add me up (and I try to ignore) *_*

So we are not allowed to discuss sexual fantasies anymore???? God that will remove about 90% of the users on EP

Crazy me, I just found this post and also realized yes, what a drastic drop in inappropriate comments there has been lately. Good Job!!

Thank you Arsineh.

OK, I can appreciate that. Still I have no idea why my account was deleted as I am not guilty of any of these offenses. I still patiently await a response from EP.

You are very inconsistent in how you enforce your rules.<br />
<br />
there are hundreds of groups with thousands of users very active every day posting about raping their wives, sharing their wives, raping children, having sex with children, having sex with their families, and on and on.

I could never thank you enough EP Arsineh, I have also noticed a decrease in inappropriate behaviour on the site, and understand that it is a work in progress, a work that never really ends.<br />
I so appreciate all your efforts to keep creating a family friendly environment for all people who want help, or answers, or just to share stories about their lives, or beautiful poetry, etc...<br />
Thank You! :)

Thank you so much! The mature block has made a huge difference.

Thanks EP it will be good to see the last of some here!

It would be nice if all those in "EPJail" were given amnesty because of people using flagging as a harassment device. Is there anyway to prevent people from false flagging? Maybe making the penalty for false flagging more severe ........or something.

I have to backup everything I post, because it might mysteriously disappear. Got it! (This was, in fact, why I got the link to this, from someone who had been burned.) <br />
<br />
"We introduced the option to block all 'adult/mature' members who belong to explicit groups from fanning you." Great---how do I block those people? I am sure I would never even want to see them, forget about knowing them. Yes, refusing bigots access to Me is a normal part of My life! <br />
<br />
And how do we block questions showing up from people who cannot be bothered to use even a phony image? Why does searching the questions produce experience stories? Why do questions attributed to one group, show up in another group, attributed to THAT group?

I don't go looking for inappropriate content, but I don't seem to stumble across it much, here, any more: and I have seen far fewer complaints, recently, too. I am glad that you work with the authorities to deal with people who are breaking laws. I know that some good people, on here, have suffered from stalkers in the past. It looks as though this will be less of an issue.<br />
<br />
Thank you for all you do. It is human nature to be quicker to complain than praise, so I hope you realize that your efforst are appreciated.

Many people are obviously very upset about flagging things yet continuing to see them. They sure do talk about it a LOT!<br />
<br />
EP already has the ability to selectively censor individual comments, stories, users, etc. So why not automatically hide flagged items <u>from the user who flagged them</u>? You can do that immediately regardless of whatever subsequent action is decided. Problem solved.<br />
<br />
That should really cut down on all the complaining. Even better would be giving a choice during the flagging process between these two options: "Don't show this to me again" / "Report TOS Violation" with the first option being selected by default.

Thank so much. I believe that you do take seriously the concerns of legitimate people on EP,<br />
Who use it as it was originally designed, a place to vent and gain support of lifes problems, intricacies,<br />
joys, sorrows etc. Yes anonymity is huge, we demand its protection and continuation because it was what attracted<br />
many of us here in the first place. I fully support reporting and exposing illegal activities and actions, because that is law!<br />
Hooray for that.<br />
Mainly, this is thank you! X@

this is great news...

EP, you have a slew of minors lying about their age & accessing adult groups, i hope you realize this & clean up here discussions are just that - for Adults.<br />
Also- and this occurs also - if you are an adult & you don't wish to participate in adult groups, that is fine- it is your right & choice & should be respected - But DON'T go running to EP managers to post complaints out of spite or misguided personal negativity- we All have the same right to participate in topics or interests of our choosing... if you are an individual uncomfortable with various topics- then don't look, and move on - this is NOT a country for inquisition-type actions..<br />
<br />
... other than that, EP is a fine medium for interration, communication, & just simply forming new friendships-greatly under-rated- keep up the good work !!<br />
<br />
Sincere Thanks<br />
E. Bruce Threlfall

I am glad you are cleaning the site up! There are some of us, me included who try and help others which in turn helps us at the same time. I really enjoy this site it is theraputic in many ways. I will be glad when all the trolls, guys looking for sex, and people who are just causing trouble will all be gone. This will make this site the best ever when that happens! Keep up the good work!!!!!!

I applaud the efforts...However I had some post removed. They did not in my opinion violate TOS. I understand the need, and removing the constant "hey baby" guys is cool.<br />
However, some groups are envolved in "Erotic writings" nothing wrong with that. The animal sex and ****** sites can go. <br />
Let's see how this works.

Awesome. Thank you for writing about it, and thank all of you for your hard work! It must've taken a lot out of you to see all that was here - but you will undoubtedly have learned a lot from it, and the site is noticably better than before. <br />
Love to you all xx just called me hater ... so much for your love and licking peoples arse

Reply by desperation9 Jun 15th, 2011 at 1:15PM<br />
lmfao - you tried so hard at rattling that you got put in EPJail, then try less hard (so as not to dig deeper?) to get out. justice served, be more careful that you stick to the T's of S next time, Hater. -D9

then don't call me hater ... when it has nothing to do with you or your manic references to the past which you know nothing about .... so get off my back

as i said I defended myself ... as my whiteboard as well as other peoples ...were being systemmatically trashed by your friends

I will defend myself ... but I will not attack like you do.... D9

Let us take this back to the relevant post, shall we?

yeah ... I know where you are coming from ... you are not mr goody two shoes that you portray .... so leave me alone and get off my back

I hope that I didn't receive a warning that my groups are okay :/

calling someone hater on an I want to improve the experience project story .... then 5 mins later licking arse to admin with luvy duvy gestures

don't put words in my mouth ... just get off my back and stop taking pot shots at me ... cos I will reply to you ... I want you to stop harassing me

@ arsineh: what about members that you saw fit to remove from here yet they have returned? those that expressed sexual interest in girls 9 and 10 years old? are they allowed to stay?

niceone dainbramadge ... can you answer this EP link I found of yours... quote ... I have never stopped trying to **** the legs off of my sexy young wife yet. She is still very sexy. but I would fall week if left alone with any young horney girl with her newly developed sinfull body no matter how young.<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

RULE 7.<br />
No Sexually Lascivious Material: While Experience Project is open to the experiences that impact your life, including those that involve sexuality, Experience Project is NOT a place for fantasy, titillation, ***********, sexual harassment, or sexual solicitation. Advocating sexual behavior towards minors, or promoting behavior generally considered illegal in the United States (such as immediate family ******), is not appropriate, and is subject to removal. Likewise, do NOT send another member unsolicited or unprovoked sexual content.

in this case. i think perhaps madhatter is in the right. perhaps dainbramadge it would be wise to remove the story? it is up to you. as to the madhatter i believe the situation is now adressed and you do not need to take it any further. if it is not removed then ep can clearly see the link from here. see people.. its not so hard to be mature about things! ;)
xx casper


i was simply saying we do not have the right to force him to remove it. only he and ep staff carry that right.

Thank you Casper92 ... these rules are to be upheld or the place falls to disrepute

AGREED ...I don't trust you either

i would also like to thank, im sick of these forums and posts about ********** and watching men hav sex with my wife - to me its sick. i know everybody as long as it is legal is allowed their own fantasies and desire's but what is the point in getting married if all your going to do is share your wife with strangers or friends.

i would also like to thank, im sick of these forums and posts about ********** and watching men hav sex with my wife - to me its sick. i know everybody as long as it is legal is allowed their own fantasies and desire's but what is the point in getting married if all your going to do is share your wife with strangers or friends.

This is a private site with rules ... <br />
<br />
with members as young as 13 here ... <br />
<br />
and we have to think of them too ... <br />
<br />
if people want to flaunt EP rules by hiding behind freedom of speech then they shouldn't be here. <br />
<br />
There are other sites that cater for freedom of speech and real life ex<x>pression by way of rape pedo and gang bang titillations.<br />
<br />
just pointing out what EP is truly about ... <br />
<br />
by not giving voice to those that write abhorrent stories of rape and abuse of minors and titillate by way of trying to reinvent the rules ... <br />
<br />
rule 7 of EP regulations says it all when you sign into this private site.... <br />
<br />
free speech has it's own rules by way of personal responsibility.... <br />
<br />
unless someone would like to re-define it.

You did a what was write for Ep well done we dnt want user ubusig it.thumbs+

Isn't Arsineh just drop dead gorgeous!

I'm quite pretty myself in a certain kind of light

@dainbramadge: The way to get everyone acting like adults is to take away the anonymity and the secret rules.<br />
<br />
Make everyone (both the individual staffers in EPSupport and the flaggers) accountable & identifiable for their actions. Then most of the cowardly back-stabbing and malicious / unjustified mischief will stop.<br />
<br />
And if it's an automated process that's doing it, tell us that you are turning it off until you get the bugs out.

THIS IS EP RULE 7. ( if you've never read it )<br />
<br />
No Sexually Lascivious Material: While Experience Project is open to the experiences that impact your life, including those that involve sexuality. <br />
<br />
Experience Project is NOT a place for fantasy, titillation, ***********, sexual harassment, or sexual solicitation. <br />
<br />
Advocating sexual behavior towards minors, or promoting behavior generally considered illegal in the United States (such as immediate family ******), is not appropriate, and is subject to removal. <br />
<br />
Likewise, do NOT send another member unsolicited or unprovoked sexual content.

Great work!<br /><br />
Thank you,,,

"Experience Project is NOT a place for fantasy, titillation, ***********, sexual harassment, or sexual solicitation"<br />
<br />
Thanks for letting me know. The people who really need to be informed of this, however, are the presistent perverts who only join sex-related groups and insist on adding females to solicit cybersex - not to mention those men who use a picture of their penis as an avatar. Those people utterly spoil my experience on EP.

And they give me the red dot !<br />
<br />
Go we say in Merika.

I believe there is a place for an Adult version of EP and by that I mean where we can openly discuss sexually matters freely and openly. No not ******, or **********, but somewhere. It might take having two complete different sites.

great job! If people kept their fetishes and adult content to those groups, it would be fine, but they get carried away and bombard every one in sight with there crap! I still feel EP is a social site, not a datings and hook up site....Sure we can meet people find we like them and hook up, but let's have it be that way, not "hi, lets go *****." I suspect most of these people to be underage anyways!

Nice job, I didn't really see any of those sites so I must have the right filters on. Thanks again.

It's a shame that someone can report someone else and the reported person is deleted immediately, yet if the reporter themselves has violated the terms of service and community guidelines, this is not even checked. My sister wrote a message to one of her friends as an inside joke, yet because she used bad language her account was deleted without so much as a warning, and the user who reported her was allowed to get away with the violations he made with no repercussions whatsoever. How is this fair? This user attacks people who do not agree with him and writes nasty messages about them on other people's profiles. He violated guideline terms 7, 10 and 11. First he said to my sister that she wasn't actually a female, she was a 40-year-old man and a child molester which was sick. Then when her friend confirmed that she was a female he began sexually harassing her. After this he told her friend that she should be shot, and also called her an "it". Why is this allowed? Why was he allowed to get away with that while my sister who didn't actually hurt anyone got deleted immediately?

The user's name is idlewatcher and he posted in this group pretending to be helping the community when he is the only one who hurt anyone.

Cleaning up EP should be a yearly endeaver - much like spring cleaning. It has come to my attention that the fakers and the pervs are starting to rear their ugly heads once again... I think cleaning up EP once more is becoming way past due.

I couldn't agree with this post more...I'd like to see all the "hotwife" and "BBC" groups removed once and for all....!

don't you get tired of the "bbc" thing? they make it sound like they discovered a new species of animal or insect and i find it derogatory. i agree also with cyrano that ep needs another clean up.

I only opened this story to show you there is a horrible problem on EP! As soon as I view any story, "replies" from me appear against every comment that there is - and I can't cancel them, either. I hope you can fix this.

Apparently those efforts have not been fully put in place since there is still a lot of problems with people reposting of content that EP has deleted.

and the fact that the same person has hacked my old account twice causing me to make this one and ep has it to do anything about it

It is good to see changes are being made. The new web front page of EP looks great. I know change takes time and one has to wait for enough feed back to consider a change. I think it will be good. I hope that EP stops members that repost malicious stories that EP has previously deleted. The creation of hate groups and their stories has really put a negative cast on EP. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes.

Unfortunately, you've missed a few. Today, while sitting at my desk during my lunch break, I decided to jump on EP and see what my friends are up to. Not much was going on so I decided to check out a few of the questions in the general Q&A forum. Big mistake. The first question that I attempted to answer made me cringe because of what I saw. A fat, young man 21-25 yo. laying on a bed naked with a little short erection. Gross! I almost lost my lunch.<br />
<br />
I moved on to answer another question only the next one was an advertisement for an escort service with a phone number posted. Oh good gravy. <br />
<br />
I flagged them both. I don't mind adult content but adults should know there is a place for it. A naked picture should be in a private online album, not in a public profile picture.

Gee, this looks like a reposting of last year's "cleanup" letter. Oh, wait, 2010 WAS last year!! Silly me!! Makes me wonder if we'll see it posted in mid-October every year to pacify all of us who think the site needs further cleaning up. Any comments, Arsineh?

I am happy to hear this. But I just flagged a group in the last couple days where a 40 ish year old man was looking for a "young clean shaven girl", I guess as you say the struggle will continue to keep pedophiles off the site==and they will continue to pop up. I am glad EP is taking action even if it is a neverending fight.

This original story is a year old..i would have expected a new post from the EP administration adressing all of this would have been submitted by now...For all I know this Oct 10, 2010 effort, was a one time only event, especially considering, all the garbage that still exists on EP..I am not impressed that there has been silence from EP on this since. October 10, 2010...<br />
<br />

Your responsiveness to issues such as this is greatly appreciated.

Hi ... I'm from the future ... OCT 2011 ... things haven't changed much since OCT 2010

LMAO Madhatter

If you've cleaned it up, why is this group still here?<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Thank you EP!

If this was last years attempt to keep the site clean I hold no illusion that they'll ever be able to adequately manage this site.

yes..... and what is more ominous...........the silence from EP continues.........still no updated effort.......or plans for one........hmmmmmm

AWESOME! Hope that means you guys reported the rape and murder threats in confesisons to the police!!

I don't know why people keep commenting on this story. It is a year old and totally irrelevant now.


Those are some great changes!

EP was exactly the same last year as it is today.

same here joey i thought they were gonna do something for once. all it takes to make a profile is filling out two little lines of info...... and thats not that hard. hell i've even got my own pervert creepers now

Excellent!!! I've been badly hurt twice here, and I'll help in any way I can to stop others from being hurt like I was. Feel free to ask me anything to help!

This is one GREAT news. Thank you.