Experience Project T Shirts.

I love the experience project and want to assist in any way I can.I have offered my help on a voluntary basis several times however on each occasion that the team have deemed even a reply appropriate I have been rebuffed.


I am already an EP volunteer who welcomes newcomers to the site and offers them any assistance or feedback they require.One area I feel EP are letting themselves down on is the EP shop.They always say they have T Shirts available to purchase or exchange tokens for however for the whole time I have been a member there have never been any shirts available.Now EP really are letting themselves down here,anyone wearing the shirt is giving free advertising for the site,as members are scattered all over the globe and some would readily wear the shirt what a wasted opportunity this really is.In addition they should also hold other stock with the EP logo on it for the more eyes that read about experience project the likleyhood the membership will go up,it stands to reason and is very good economics,Sell your brand EP,cast your net across the globe through merchandise from the EP shop.It would appear that someone is not pushing hard enough to get the goods into stock,if you have a problem with a supplier it is simple,change your supplier.Who is the person in charge at EP? Please allow him/her to see this entry for it makes sense,Advertise Advertise Advertise through your goods that should always be available in the shop and expand your scope.I am 100% certain your membership would grow with a little more attention paid in this area.

Finally I am happy to see EP are winning the war against those who create multiple accounts,the difference has been noted and the site is all the better for that so a well done is in order.I am sure you guys are working flat out to give us this fantastic feature however the changes I have suggested I believe would enhance the number that log into EP.

Best wishes to all,

garvan garvan
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Smiles,hopefully one day I will too :-)

I have an EP shirt.<br />
Na na na na na <br />
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lol<br />
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Blushing,thank you my friend.

Thank you Arsineh.

Garvan-Thanks for this post! <br />
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We are in the process of ordering NEW T-shirts and hope to have them available on the site for purchase within a few weeks.<br />
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In the meantime, we do have a few T-shirts (in limited sizes) still in stock in the office and members can contacting support@experienceproject.com to place an order.