I Am Getting Tired Of Ad ****

You Need to REMOVE whatever this is as i am sick and tired of seeing the webroot message and whatever ad site its trying to block poping up in place of the story i was in the middle of reading

Webroot has blocked access to a potentially threatening site
This Web site is a known source of malware, viruses or spam. Visiting this site will put you at risk and may compromise your identity or privacy.

Something else i am so done with t r i n t t yp m es eges t hat com e out all messed up because i'm trying to type a message reyply while the page is loading the rest of the **** you want to put on it when i'm trying to type a message i don;t need to see a big
EP box telling me who's online or who has been online most recently

I do no need to see recent stories or questions or the WASA dancing cracker ad and i sure as hell don't need to see the sugestions for you box that i hid on my profile page already (and for good reason as the sugestions were completely not me and slowed the page load even more to a craw) only to hide in from the communcation hub section and have it reappear on my profile page


and that includes the header for it with the option to show it always present on my profile page nor do i constantly want to see something begging me to look at the bata version of the new stories page or profile page NO I DON"T WANNA LOOK AT YOUR BATA TESTING **** i have enough problems with the current page thank you


Here's a hint when i'm replying to or sending messages the only thing i want to see is the message thread and or the message box THAT"S IT! not the EP dross not the ad dross just the essentials

same thing if i'm looking at my stories, my comments THAT'S ALL I WANT TO SEE not recent stories questions, quizes question/caption of the day, something begging me to support EP

Stop punishing people who use dial up because its all they can get or because this is a recession and they pay for the least expensive of something

tell your advertizers that the ad doesn't need to move to be an ad it doesn't need to be video to be an ad it doesn't need to be a slide show and it doesn't make anyone more interested in buying the junk they sell
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wireless seems to be the only thing that moves with any speed and like i said deadzones or to get it you have to switch carriers that may cost you more $$$ <br />
<br />
and now EP's message system is imploding and posting replys in the wrong order to where you have to hut the entire thread to see where it put either your reply or the other persons GRRRRRRRRRRR

All the ad crap is for revenue generation, of course. It's everywhere, and supposedly it's gone if you pay to be here. I don't so I don't know if that's true, but that's what they say in their claim for awsomeness if you support EP. <br />
<br />
I hate when everything I want to see is invisible until some crap ad for yoplait smoothies or some other such supposedly targeted product image/movie has loaded and thoroughly lost the plot for me. We have DSL, with the highest speed available for systems getting DSL service, so that we can stream video to the television and all that stuff too. And yet, though it's no v92 dialup 56k service, it is slow, and much slower than it should be. <br />
<br />
I use the chrome browser now, as I found that FF is even getting to heavy on the apps for my liking. Chrome is lite and keeps tabs fairly simple. Even though it does crash more often than I think it should, it reloads fast. FF takes forever any more with all the add-ons and what-nots.

I have some trouble with some them Ads also. My Browser is on Pause/Freeze, but I have to be stuck seeing an Ad not being in Pause/Freeze at the same time as it does its Video Animation. And I noticed an Ad from that Car Ad, has an impossing Audio. At first I was wondering why I was hearing something and what it was. After the first week, I now know its coming from the Car Ad. I can't find where to turn this Audio Off. It only last 4 seconds. But it still disturbs me, that it comes from out of no where or my choice for it. I did have a Rogue Ad a few times lately. My Computer keeps putting my Broswer on a Freeze/Pause for 2 minutes before I can Scroll. While all the Ads can do their things, before I can do what I want to do. I also have Dial-Up so you are not alone. I hate being the only one myself also.

well i can't afford anything but dial up and barely that plus i don't just use the net to play i use it to look for jobs i use it for freelance work to buoild my resume <br />
<br />
while the majority of my time is spent playing i wish it wasn't <br />
<br />
not to mention i rememeber my college having t-1 lines and it was no faster than dial up presumably because of the number of people using it so tell me why i'm going to pay 30 60 80 or more for something i can get for 10. <br />
<br />
And as i said in the story when i'm looking at mesasages my stories my comments whatever thats all i want to see not all the EP offerrings not to mention the ads <br />
<br />
same thing with stories i want to see the story and/ or comments not recent stories not other things by this author exc. <br />
<br />
i want pages here and netwide that load before i go gray

no kidding i'm tired of the whole structure of the internet these days where they seem to be trying to hold bricks with a stack structure made of toothpicks or cards and no one wants to shore it up so sites and fuctions get eaten all over the internet not just here <br />
<br />
i'm tired of the US misconception that no one uses dial up anymore when there are still pockets where that is your only option to say nothing of neighborhoods that are wireless deadzones or people who live in appartments where DSL instilation is not an option <br />
<br />
to say nothing of the expense <br />
<br />
then there's EP who wants to put everything on every page <br />
<br />
<br />
and the advertizers who think ads have to move, bl<x>ink, be video or a slide show to sell somethinf and i have no way to turn it OFF