Groups Merging

There are a lot of issues with duplicate groups. I know y'all are working on that issue, but I thought that maybe we could have a more active role in helping out.

Discussing it with other EPers, some ideas emerged. I'm of course completely unsure whether or not these ideas could even be implemented, but I thought I would share them anyhow.

Active members of groups should be able to suggest group mergers at the click of a button. Whether we would actually put in the group name, or an ID number, doesn't matter. I just thought that it might be easier than putting the names in a story for y'all to read, or sending a message regarding the merger.

It was also suggested that members of the two groups could be notified and vote on the change, deciding for themselves if the groups were similar enough to merge or not.

Ideally, if a quorum voted yes, the groups would automatically merge, although I'm really not sure that could ever be implemented, but at the very least it could help prioritize the mergers, based on group member consent.

Also, a lot of the groups are created because of spelling issues... perhaps on the create-a-groups field there could be a spell check, for those of us who are often spelling impaired when creating a group or searching for a group.


I think I covered all my ideas and the ones discussed... anyone else have anything better?
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Jan 6, 2008