Unwanted Activity

I understand that on my profile page I can select what I want to see and not see as far as what people in my circle are doing. I know for example that I can click on "stories" so that I do not have to see where they have commented on say, questions.
However, if I click away for a second to look at a story, when I come back my profile has defaulted back to "All Activity." which requires that you scroll down and choose "stories" again if that is all you want to see.
Is there a way for your selection to be kept or held until you select something new? If I have not logged out, but simply left my profile page briefly,  can my profile "remember" my selection?
Don't know if it is possible. But I would like it to be, haha.

Quintesse Quintesse
51-55, F
3 Responses Apr 17, 2011


Thanks for this post. Glad you're enjoying the option to view specific content categories, it's a relatively new feature. We'll be discussing your suggestion with our developers to see if we can store your settings in the future.

yes. you have to resign your account!!!!!!!!!