How About Dumping Sick And Offensive Groups?

I find it hard to believe that it is more important policing the avatars of long-time members than closing down groups that are patently offensive.

Let's begin with:

I want to watch my wife being raped
EP Link

Yes, that is an actual group here with 87 members and 8 stories.  Here's an actual quote from one of them:

Maybe the hottest would be while she was passed out and would never know, maybe by one of my buddies that she doesn't like. It would be great to sit there and watch him take his time doing what he wanted. The best would be afterwards, the next time he came over, knowing what she looked like naked and what it felt like to screw her, and with (wife's name deleted by me)  having no clue. If you are interested in this, or her, check out the pics on my profile and feel free to email me at ...

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saratoga the brocken record,saratoga the brocken record,saratoga the brocken record,see it starts to grined after a bit just like you.that was a bit of a discusting heading to that story of yours about your anal herpies eating a way at you,iv asked ep to take it of as it offends us

I'm not in favor of someone getting raped. But at the same time I'm not going to go to a site with that name either. I may get the police involved and have them look into it. Might get a few more rapists off the street. Instead of complaining do something your self don't beat these folks up!

Then don't go there, and it won't offend you!

May be we should dump the people who suggest we dump the sick and offensive groups. Leave us alone we're not bothering you, you come to us and then complain!

hay jones47 has anyone told you you look like kenny rogers

Not lately

thank you forlorn3 my sentiments exactly. in my country as in yours MY RIGHTS ARE SLOWLY BEING TAKEN FROM ME BY THE "DO GOODERS"if i wanted to read what thay where saying thats my right [ not that i wanted to] but if i did i could ,but no now can i becouse of you the do gooders.<br />
thay should ban that group and do us all a faver,in my country we lost the right to bear arms,lost the right to use mobile phones in the car,lost the right to smoke in public and the do gooders are even trying to stop us smoking in our own cars and houses,so saratoga crawl back into your do goody hole and let us have the right to decide what we want to read and do

The rant against my being a lesbian shows how absurd some comments can be. I am not a member of any group that advocates ILLEGAL VIOLENT ACTS. Of course I posted the link and knowing that the group would be shut down I tried to give a flavor of what I was talking about. The members of this groups were in active contact with each other to plan violent illegal acts. They were using EP to find each other.

i dont agree with actual rape as im a male to male rape victimmy self 2003, 3 male gang rape,but what your talking about are just kinki tales nothing more and should be taken in that context

lets dump lefty groups AND LESBO GROUPS and nice pet lover groups AS WELL,what happend to free speach,free thought,free way of life,look at the kettle calling the frying pan your words im a lesbian married to a woman,and the lord said woman shalt not marry woman,whots good for one is good for another,plus if it was so sickening to you saratoga why did you rewrite the story again??? in your text the heading would have been enough

Rape is a hate crime, and it triggers a lot of people. There are sites for that kind of crap. This isn't one of them,


What about groups that are started just to post stories bashing another EP member because the originator of the group doesn't like or agree with what the other EP member says. That has happened to me twice. I found groups that were started just to post stories bashing me, judging me, criticizing me and calling me names. They were started by people who do not agree with what I say and who I called on their hypocritical attitude, or abusive or immature behavior. <br />
<br />
I find it so ironic that EP members will complain about being censored by EP, only to turn around and try to censor and shut up another EP member because they are saying things they don't agree with or don't like. The hypocrisy of some people just never ceases to amaze me.

I understand and agree if it is a crime in almost all states, the group should not appear on EP. Especially ******, sex with minors, and rape.

Thanks everyone for commenting. The group was closed down. If you could have seen it, you would have agreed even more with me. To those people, RAPE was a fun fantasy -- and they were actually working to make it a reality.

I am not sure I even understand what Mr BrainTumor's point is... but I believe I DO understand what Ms.Saratogagirl is saying and what Mr. FOxx is saying... and I agree with them. As did EP. This group openly advocated Brutal Illegal Reprehensible acts against women. Once again I will also say this: when rape is talked about... and excused... is it because some people still confuse rape with sex? Rape, actual rape, is a violent hate crime. And it is most often committed against women... and we women are frequently still denied full citizenship in some societies... makes me think that some people don't see just how heinous rape really is.

I must chime in here. I agree with the sentiment that censorship is bad. Of course it is bad. But no right is absolute. All society censors some things. All rights end where they overlap other people's rights. The group that was spotlighted here was a group of perverts who openly advocated violent and illegal acts. OF COURSE it needed to be taken down. So too would a group that openly advocated molesting children or attacking people ba<x>sed on their ethnicity. Is this hard for some people to see .... perhaps because it is "only" rape and that "only" against women?

wow i didnt even know it existed,but far from suprise.kudo's for ep for taking it down.i tell u somehow we have gathered all the pervs in the world and dropped them here.these guys must be prisoners or something.

I understand your point.

So am I. But I think that this group is clearly one that should go.

I agree with you that advocating rape and other violent acts is deplorable. That said, I generally oppose censorship because what is offensive is a subjective call. However, EP already exercises censorship on this site, so I'm having trouble understanding where they are drawing the line.

There is a world of difference between groups that advocate things that might bother others, (like soiling one's own pants....)... and those which advocate violent illegal actions against women.... and also between those that advocate decriminalizing acts that arguably hurt no one at all, or at worst only those that indulge in the activity themselves... (drug use) and those, again, that talk of WANTING to watch a woman be assaulted.

One thing we can do:<br />
<br />
Go to this group's page, and others like it, and publish the names of all the members on the "I Want to Improve the Experience Project" page. Everyone in this group should then block every user belonging to such a group. I say we start with the ugliest ones first - - "I Want to Watch My Wife Being Raped" sounds like as good a place to start as any.

Tough call. No doubt, such groups are vile and unacceptable to any sane person - - but what criteria do you use to shut them down? In the case of your example, I would say you could at least shut down groups that advocate the commission of a felony. But what about equally offensive and demented groups, such as those for cretins who want to wet/defecate on themselves? That's still quite warped, but it isn't (regrettably) a crime. Then again, if you want EP to shut down every group that advocates committing some crime, what about people (like me!) who have joined "I Love Marijuana" or "I've Done Acid" groups?<br />
<br />
I think I'd have to say that we let the marketplace of ideas put such animals in their place, and spend our energy making sure EP shares user information with law enforcement as appropriate.

Intolerance? Damn straight. Intolerance of a VIOLENT SICK ILLEGAL ACTION against women.<br />
<br />
This is NOTHING like racial discrimination.

Sara, you rock. You have my total respect.

That's terrible! Why the hell....? I can't even comprehend that....

Thanks Elfie... yes, I reported the group earlier and then created this story to add some OOOMPH to my reporting... and it worked.

Note the date on EPArsineh's post<br />
<br />
We removed this group earlier today after receive a flag report. Thanks for helping us keep EP a positive space.<br />
<br />
May 3rd<br />
<br />
Thank you SaratogaGirl for helping to bring down such an inappropriate forum<br />
<br />
You Rock!!!!!<br />
<br />

Thanks Puck... Big HUG, my friend.

EP is pretty ******* lame. I guess since they got so big they really don't care what is on their site. I'm beginning to hate this place.

Well, not to be a kiss *** or anything, but I don't think ep "allows" these groups. I think it would be nigh on impossible to police them without people like you to report and flag this trash.

It's pretty much all been said here. Keep beating that dead horse alsorolo.

Thank you.

I must say, I have just read through the list of comments on this story, and I applaud you for two different things... first, for finding and reporting that vile group. Second, for keeping your temper even as people here seem to deliberately try to miss the point, re-argue points you have already made, and defend something you are not attacking.<br />
<br />
I too can see easily the difference between a group that discusses an erotic fantasy, particularly one done to them, and a group that advocates illegal violence. <br />
<br />
I too am put off by many groups here, but certainly recognize their right to exist. However, I too would have reported a group if I found its members were swapping information about their wives and how best to have them raped!!!! Totally repulsive.<br />
<br />
And I too am confounded by people who miss these simple points and argue about how they don't like the idea of shutting down groups on the basis of our particular tastes. They have ignored your repeated explanations, all of which were clear, and continue to beat their dead horses.<br />
<br />
Brava for having done this. And for your patience.

alsorolo, your sarcasm is juvenile. You jumped into this discussion, I didn't. The argument that we need to passively accept something because we can never wipe it out is sophomoric.<br />
<br />
As for your comments, lickety... try going back and reading what I have already written. Your ob<x>jections have been addressed.

Let me say that while I personally find the referenced group offensive, I very strongly hesitate to suggest or agree that a group should be eliminated, banned, or otherwise censored except for groups having to do with ********** or non-consensual violence (like this particular group advocates).<br />
<br />
My concern is that what is sick and offensive to some is fantasy or fetish to others. For example, the pee-pee, poo-poo, and diaper groups are disgusting and offensive to me, but judging by the number of people on EP who seem interested in those groups or subjects, maybe I am the one with a problem or hangup. <br />
<br />
As a member of EP and writer who has diverse interests in both the "Mature" and non-mature groups, stories, and experiences, I have had people who are religious or social conservatives express condemnation of subjects I do not find in any way offensive. Many religious and social conservatives find anything to do with Gays, Lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered to be offensive, yet Western Society has fairly broadly determined that GLBT practices or people are main stream and fully deserving of individual rights, an attitude with which I agree. Should we then ban GLBT groups as offensive and ban them because some people on EP ob<x>ject? <br />
<br />
Censorship is a slippery slope down which once you start to slide you no longer have control. Therefore, I strenuously ob<x>ject to EP censorship. As long as a group is appropriately labeled as "Mature" there should be few instances of EP censorship. Those who might find such "Mature" content to be offensive need merely avoid the groups and stories that are labeled and segregated in the Mature areas of EP.

look, the group is sick. everyone agrees with you on that. get over it youve won and struck a blow against evil men and it is a good thing, a great thing, and awesome and wonderful thing to happen. and am in know way trying to take away from that. jeezey creezy get over your self and drop the hostility about it<br />
<br />
but the fact still remains wanting to drop all "sick and offensive groups" is an exercise in futility simply because of the nature of the site... and in peoples natural desire to be free as well as those same people being sick and offensive to others

Thank you, Floydess.

All of human society is a trade off between freedoms. I have no idea what my ob<x>jections to a Group that advocated AND ACTED UPON their desires to violently rape women has to do with the atomic bomb. Somehow that eludes me... but never mind. What I said here originally I will say AGAIN. This group violated EP guidelines as well as the law of every nation in the world. Why it was allowed to operate as long as it did is beyond me -- especially since our minders had the time to complain about long-time members avatars.<br />
<br />
I will NOT restate my argument again.

no no no ma'am. in no way am i advocating anything so terrible or in way dismissing that the right thing was done in any way shape or form. i am pointing out that there is no possible way to stop things like that or any number of things that i also mentioned hoping for decency and purity. but fine go on and be breathless and just as dismissive as you seem to think i am.<br />
<br />
what i said is very clearly this. this is the inter webs, its the wild west for lack of a better way to describe it and as such the strange and awful will continue to creep in untill something better is done about it. like say for instance stopping such things from ever getting on the site in the first place. how do we go about doing that without taking away your right to be you without stepping on the other peoples rights to the same and not have to listen to or see what they may find distasteful?<br />
like the wild west there will always be those that take advantage of it because they can get away with it with nothing stopping them, then vanish with nothing done to stop it and nothing done in the way to make sure it dosent happen again. because of it being as such people like you and i, as well as the millions of other people out there need to understand that. it dosent make it right , but it is what it is. now before you go off half cocked again and take things the wrong way be careful what you ask for, in wanting to clean it up other things will be lost and im sure you like your freedom to say and do as you please. in cleaning up this free flowing exchange of ideas and such will come with other things that will hamper said free flowing transmission of ideas. whos going to do the policing too? what are the guidlines going to be and what is too far?who is going to make these desicions?whos to say your love and affection of women for example will be stopped because of some sexually repressed group finding all gay/ lesbian things to much for their clean and virgin eyes and minds, not to mention their childrens? <br />
lets be honest here, part of the reason everyone here says and dose what they want is because they can and thats the way we like it. in that comes the bad element that takes things that are a good idea and messes it up for everyone. think of all the great things that came from free thought and then the things that got twisted and ruined. the atom bomb wasnt the best use nor was it the intial use of the science behind of all that technology but none the less look what got dropped on japan, but still it happened like it or not. great ideas and technology are always being twisted to foul peoples whims and will continue to do so. a site like ep is always going to have messed up groups with messed up people doing messed up things that shouldent even be in the first place because of the fact there are people out there using it for the wrong and wretched. the same thing happened with myspace and facebook being used to solicate prostitution, to bully people with little to no recourse because of the anonymous nature of them, twitter spewing lies and gossip about everyone and everything, older women and men stalking children to either ****** up or molest, the list goes on and on and on... the fact still remains people are going to do what people are going to do because they can, its the nature of intelligent beings to take what they have around them and use it to their own means. its not right its not fair but it is what it is. sometimes it works out for the best and never gets sullied but not to often. ep is going to have to do something to better fight such things but in doing so everyone will lose freedom in the mix and everyone will pay for it.<br />
dont mistake any of what i said as me closing a blind eye to whats really out there or that i condone anything that would lead to the suffering of anyone in any way shape or form. im not the biggest fan of humans and what they do but the fact remains a hammer was a tool for building before it was used to strike down other people, same with bows for hunting then being used for war. this technology is something that is showing its ugly side and if you really want it to not be used in such a way you are the one not seeing the difference between fantasy and open advocacy by jumping on the smaller parts of what i said rather than seeing the larger problem inherently built into ep by its own design. if you want the problem to go away all the experiences need to be monitored and kept under close supervision. you and i both know that isnt going to happen anytime soon and as soon as it dose i bet you hop up on your soap box again wanting to be left to your own to do as you wish.

The inability to see the difference between fantasy and open advocacy is breathtaking. To say that I missed the point when the people who run this place agree with me that I was right ON point is also breathtaking. The idea that we should condone the advocacy of illegal, violent acts just because we cannot stop them all is an amazingly breathtaking idea. <br />
<br />
This is nothing about not "wanting" to see or hear things that bother us.. this is closing down groups that openly advocate and work on illegal violent acts.

Thanks for the sarcasm.

i think there is a a far better way to handle these things rather than flagging them after the fact. it hasnt been working because its still happening and getting threw the cracks. instead of just flagging them and ranting how bout not letting them get on in the first place?<br />
<br />
and mizzen... thanx for that i never knew that it was a hate crime or a violation of people and the people around them. its not like i havent dealt with it first hand.<br />
<br />
things like this, all of these things that people are writing about are going to keep getting on here. its part of the fabric that is what this place is made of. it dosent make it right but its a fact regardless of people liking it or not. its the strange, the odd, the weird, the awful as well as the good the bad and the ugly its all of it. and its going to get on here one way or another just like it dose in real life. as in the real world not just on here there has to be a better way to deal with it and stop it befor it becomes an issue up for debate without any real way to solve it. even cracking down on the hard core things that no one should be making groups for is going to trickle down into other things getting flagged because someone finds it wrong either threw personal belief or what ever. places like this have to be open to everyone but in doing so leaves it open to those things that are horrid getting on. its the nature of it...<br />
<br />
just remember that in doing so everyones right to be open and honest even though its some thing we dont want to hear see or know about dosent mean they are going to stop or that they dont have the right to talk about it. what you may find awful is someone elses dearest dream or fantacy sick as it may be. but there is nothing to to stop them. and we all have to be careful before we get into an uproar about it before everyone on here is cencored for silly things because others are using it for dastardly things

it hasnt been stopping them before or the countless others. its sad but thats just how a place like this is in the darker places

Rape, alsorolo, is a hate crime, a violent, non-consensual violation of a human being's body, and we do look out for 'animal *******', child abusers, and any other groups or stories that openly advocate depraved non-consensual acts,

These are not just open opinions or fantasies of sick people. These are potential rapists and potential murderers. That's the difference. They should be flagged and brought to the attention of the people in charge. Especially if people are banning together to possibly do harmful things to other people. That is when freedom of speech no longer applies. Sure they have the right to say what ever they want but they don't have the right to hurt people.

When it's openly advocating a violent, criminal act.

as far as missing the point i can say the same about you saratogagirl. <br />
<br />
i never said its ok foe these men to do what they are doing, i find it dispicable to do so. but if your going there and clean house start doing the same to the girls soliciting men. do the same for the open prostitutes or underage boys and girls looking to hook up as well as the animal ******* looking for another ride.<br />
<br />
i do praise you for bringing it out into the light of day for everyone to see, but i think you missed my point of it being out of hand. what i was saying is where dose sometthing stop being a freedom of speech or in this case type and start getting policed?

I mean... seriously....

i never said you mrslalaninjacakes. and im not condoning it. but why are you writing a rape experience in a group for those that find it hot? or looking in it in the first place if you find it so wrong?<br />
criminal acts and and such are not ok for anyone to openly plan and they should be shut down, but policing this kind of stuff is near impossible on a site like this. i mean where dose the line get drawn?

deep breath....

deep breath....

once AGAIN... let's go over this... maybe some people just haven't been reading everything and are rushing in with comments that really have already been addressed:<br />
<br />
The members of this Group were OPENLY advocating and OPENLY talking about performing violent and ILLEGAL actions. They openly shared photos of potential rape victims which they openly bragged were taken WITHOUT the womens' knowledge or permission.<br />
<br />
They openly shared phone numbers and talked openly of planning violent and ILLEGAL actions.<br />
<br />
This is NOT sharing a fantasy of being a victim.<br />
<br />
This WAS openly advocating and planning violent ILLEGAL deeds and ACTING on them.

alsoro, I didn't go out of my way to look for the fantasy group when I was writing about my own rape experience...<br />
<br />
As for sharing numbers and stuff, you know what, I hope those people get aids

disgusting.<br />
<br />
Ernie... the people in this Group shared phone numbers... swapped pictures... and TALKED OPENLY of plans....

i am by no means justifying rape at all, but to to take the one side off this and not the other off just dose not seem right. why is it wrong for men to have rape fantacy and get flagged and shut down but its ok for women to write long graphic violent stories that feed the same beast?nor dose it seem right to jump on dirty old ******* that want to bang little girls but not bring the same hammer down on the little girls on here that write things that would make a seasoned French ***** blush or to let them keep posting things that they should not but still give them the freedom to do so. how is it fine to have zealots in some stories damning people to hell wishing awful and cruel things on people just for having different beliefs, sexual preferences, or religions. but its its not ok to shoot back at the same people for it and play just as dirty? in no way am i saying any one side is alright but what im getting at is that a place like this is going to have things that make other people uncomfortable and things that one person might find distasteful others find erotic or taboo.<br />
i agree that the guy that wants to watch his wife get raped is lower than a sack of **** but he has the right to express it as with sadists that want to dismember people ( also a sack of ****) as well as the men and women that want to have sex with animals and children. i personal dont agree with them but im not them. sick as it may be, they have the right to say how they feel in places and groups they are a part of without the consent of others...<br />
you cant ask for things to be flagged and get up into an uproar over things you don't find pleasant just because you find it distasteful and turn around expect to to be free to say what you want, or feel how you want to feel without the same regard for your thoughts coming under fire. if you dont want to know about it dont go reading it<br />
just a thought

I get what you're saying, how it's fantasy, however, when I wrote my last story in the I have been raped group, the I have a rape fantasy group was suggested to me at the side as a group I might like to join.<br />
<br />
<br />
Think about that.

No.<br />
<br />
The members in this group talked openly of sharing photos taken of their wives WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION... talking of plans... exchanging ideas.<br />
<br />
It went beyond harmless fantasies.<br />
<br />
There is also a clear and obvious difference between talking of fantasies of something being done to oneself and doing unto others-- without the others' permission.

It is, as are a lot of the groups, but they choose to ignore them.<br />
<br />
Sad really, but they do.

Hey... I love you too.<br />
<br />
Don't know why I have to defend my actions here.... EP agreed this was an illegal group... <br />
<br />
Anyone who thinks RAPE is something women can take lightly clearly does not understand the ease with which rape has traditionally been done and how the laws have been so stacked against women who reported it.<br />
<br />
This is a hot button issue -- if one doesn't understand it, maybe a whole lot more thought and empathy is needed.

I love you x

You hope... I read them to see if they advocated it or if it were a fetish issue... I read just enough to realize that it WAS something they advocated, shared pictures about... and reported them.

You are exactly right about the illegality, SG, and I suspect this is why EP Admin eventually canned the group.<br />
<br />
As far as the avatars issue goes... this is actually the way I, er, come across most of the offensive stuff: it appears as a friend suggestion, right there on my profile page. Maybe EP Admin deems it a more important issue because we don't have any choice about other people's avatars -if we see them, we see them- whereas we have to actually click to find a story?

Listen Anger, I DON'T go and read stories that merely bother me... I ignore lots of stories here.<br />
<br />
But this is a GROUP that advocated ILLEGAL VIOLENCE.<br />
<br />
It is totally different.

Ernie... this IS advocating something illegal.. THAT's the POINT!<br />
<br />
I am not advocating getting rid of groups about craping pants or adult nursing or practicing bdsm... if it is not illegal, fine. <br />
<br />

You think that's disturbing! The one thing I don't like about EP is how easily you can stumble on the most outragiously disgusting people. I could barely fall asleep after reading a couple stories from the 'I am a Sadist' group! (Had no idea what a sadist was). Here is a quote from one of their stories! ----<br />
<br />
"i'm rambling but there are so many things going on in my head right now that i need to get them out. i have a fuckton of rape fantasies. i love to humiliate and degrade a woman till she has no self-esteem. or going with women who have very little self-esteem and then breaking what little they have left. lately i've been having this recurring fantasy of going down on a girl..getting her all hot, and then biting her ****. stabbing her in the stomach over and over again. i want to rip her face open and *** all over her brain. then turn her over and **** her in the ***. i want to peel off all her skin, kind of like Men in Black with that cockroach dude. i can't stop thinking about this and i would really like to try this, but of course this would then get me in trouble with the law."

Mewold, honey, it is not up to you alone. We all have to do this. But seriously, don't you think getting rid of a group like this ought to take priority over bothering good members over their avatars????

I have to admit I have not been very diligent about flaging inapropriate groups and stories. Thank you Sara, for picking up the slack where I have fallen down. I will try to do better.

If the powers that be have time to harass members for their avis, one would think they would have time to find patently offensive groups advocating violence.

Yeah... I flagged it first, like a good EPer should... but it still begs the question... while someone was busy yelling at a long-time, good EP member about her avatar, that group was still here on EP.<br />
<br />
Now which one was worse?

That's so wrong :(

Oh dear...<br />
<br />
That is one sick fantasy, SG. And more than that, it borders on incitement to sexual assault on the writer's spouse. If he and one of his buddies were to carry out this scenario by causing the wife to become "passed out" before assaulting her, they would undoubtedly be criminally liable in any civilised community.<br />
<br />
If someone were to be "inspired" by this story to commit the acts described, EP Admin could be deemed culpable also.

i completely agree, sara.

Thanks for removing it, but it's still a sobering thought that that guy might find somewhere else to... suggest such things. His poor wife...

We removed this group earlier today after receive a flag report. Thanks for helping us keep EP a positive space.


Yeah .. that group has been here forever .. <br />
<br />

I know!

EP takes down harmless avis but leaves that pile of crap? Something is obviously wrong with their priorities.