How About Dumping Sick And Offensive Groups?

I find it hard to believe that it is more important policing the avatars of long-time members than closing down groups that are patently offensive.

Let's begin with:

I want to watch my wife being raped
EP Link

Yes, that is an actual group here with 87 members and 8 stories.  Here's an actual quote from one of them:

Maybe the hottest would be while she was passed out and would never know, maybe by one of my buddies that she doesn't like. It would be great to sit there and watch him take his time doing what he wanted. The best would be afterwards, the next time he came over, knowing what she looked like naked and what it felt like to screw her, and with (wife's name deleted by me)  having no clue. If you are interested in this, or her, check out the pics on my profile and feel free to email me at ...

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So am I. But I think that this group is clearly one that should go.

I understand your point.

wow i didnt even know it existed,but far from suprise.kudo's for ep for taking it down.i tell u somehow we have gathered all the pervs in the world and dropped them here.these guys must be prisoners or something.

I must chime in here. I agree with the sentiment that censorship is bad. Of course it is bad. But no right is absolute. All society censors some things. All rights end where they overlap other people's rights. The group that was spotlighted here was a group of perverts who openly advocated violent and illegal acts. OF COURSE it needed to be taken down. So too would a group that openly advocated molesting children or attacking people ba<x>sed on their ethnicity. Is this hard for some people to see .... perhaps because it is "only" rape and that "only" against women?

I am not sure I even understand what Mr BrainTumor's point is... but I believe I DO understand what Ms.Saratogagirl is saying and what Mr. FOxx is saying... and I agree with them. As did EP. This group openly advocated Brutal Illegal Reprehensible acts against women. Once again I will also say this: when rape is talked about... and excused... is it because some people still confuse rape with sex? Rape, actual rape, is a violent hate crime. And it is most often committed against women... and we women are frequently still denied full citizenship in some societies... makes me think that some people don't see just how heinous rape really is.

Thanks everyone for commenting. The group was closed down. If you could have seen it, you would have agreed even more with me. To those people, RAPE was a fun fantasy -- and they were actually working to make it a reality.

I understand and agree if it is a crime in almost all states, the group should not appear on EP. Especially ******, sex with minors, and rape.

What about groups that are started just to post stories bashing another EP member because the originator of the group doesn't like or agree with what the other EP member says. That has happened to me twice. I found groups that were started just to post stories bashing me, judging me, criticizing me and calling me names. They were started by people who do not agree with what I say and who I called on their hypocritical attitude, or abusive or immature behavior. <br />
<br />
I find it so ironic that EP members will complain about being censored by EP, only to turn around and try to censor and shut up another EP member because they are saying things they don't agree with or don't like. The hypocrisy of some people just never ceases to amaze me.


lets dump lefty groups AND LESBO GROUPS and nice pet lover groups AS WELL,what happend to free speach,free thought,free way of life,look at the kettle calling the frying pan your words im a lesbian married to a woman,and the lord said woman shalt not marry woman,whots good for one is good for another,plus if it was so sickening to you saratoga why did you rewrite the story again??? in your text the heading would have been enough

Rape is a hate crime, and it triggers a lot of people. There are sites for that kind of crap. This isn't one of them,

i dont agree with actual rape as im a male to male rape victimmy self 2003, 3 male gang rape,but what your talking about are just kinki tales nothing more and should be taken in that context

The rant against my being a lesbian shows how absurd some comments can be. I am not a member of any group that advocates ILLEGAL VIOLENT ACTS. Of course I posted the link and knowing that the group would be shut down I tried to give a flavor of what I was talking about. The members of this groups were in active contact with each other to plan violent illegal acts. They were using EP to find each other.

thank you forlorn3 my sentiments exactly. in my country as in yours MY RIGHTS ARE SLOWLY BEING TAKEN FROM ME BY THE "DO GOODERS"if i wanted to read what thay where saying thats my right [ not that i wanted to] but if i did i could ,but no now can i becouse of you the do gooders.<br />
thay should ban that group and do us all a faver,in my country we lost the right to bear arms,lost the right to use mobile phones in the car,lost the right to smoke in public and the do gooders are even trying to stop us smoking in our own cars and houses,so saratoga crawl back into your do goody hole and let us have the right to decide what we want to read and do

hay jones47 has anyone told you you look like kenny rogers

Not lately

May be we should dump the people who suggest we dump the sick and offensive groups. Leave us alone we're not bothering you, you come to us and then complain!

Then don't go there, and it won't offend you!

I'm not in favor of someone getting raped. But at the same time I'm not going to go to a site with that name either. I may get the police involved and have them look into it. Might get a few more rapists off the street. Instead of complaining do something your self don't beat these folks up!

saratoga the brocken record,saratoga the brocken record,saratoga the brocken record,see it starts to grined after a bit just like you.that was a bit of a discusting heading to that story of yours about your anal herpies eating a way at you,iv asked ep to take it of as it offends us