There Are Annoying Bugs With This Site And Adult Content Is Way Too In Your Face.

There is a bug in the Q&A section where under My Q&A and then under answers it shows all the questions as being asked by be.  Needs to be fixed to show who really asked the questions.  All ready reported this a while ago.  Maybe they aren't interested in fixing it.  Included a screen capture of the questions I answered, don't know if this happens for anyone else.

The next is something that has happened to be many times when clicking on "more" beside a comment under a story on my profile page.  (Explanation after image.)

In this image you can see it first shows the group name, then the name and the first few words of the story with the recent activity.  Then it shows several comments underneath this.  Now, sometimes these comments are >NOT< comments to the story they are under.  Sometimes when clicking on the "more" at the end of a comment I will be taken to the displayed story, but the comment is not there.  It is the comment for a different story.  So If I am interested in what seeing the story and the comment I intended to see I have to manually search for the correct story.  Sometimes when clicking on the "more" I have been taken to a story that has no relation to the story or comment displayed on my profile page.  This is really annoying.

On the subject of blocking.  I think there should be an "Ignore" and a "Block."
Ignore performing the function of preventing an "ignored" person's mail from showing up in your inbox without the "ignored" person being aware of it.  Block on the other hand I think should completely block a person (or have levels of block that you can tick check boxes for).   I don't know about anyone else, but if I block someone I don't want to see them at all.  When I am browsing through the Q&A section it is so annoying to have to page through lists of questions that are full of nonsense questions from people I have blocked.  Block should filter everything so that you don't see anything from the person you blocked.

Next image

This is where those adult avatars with nudity and such are a real annoyance.  When one of your friends adds someone to their circle it tells you on your profile page.  This is why you need to control avatar content more strictly.  Just the other day I logged on and was met with an avatar of a huge pair of naked breasts.  I removed the friend from my circle who had become friends with this offensive avatar person just to get rid of the message (like the one in the image) displaying that avatar on my profile page.  There is image recognition software.  Why don't you just slap that in and have it flag any potential avatar violations to be reviewed by human eyes.  Just have it scan an avatar image as soon as it is uploaded and if the software deems it potentially offensive then display a message like "Your avatar will be reviewed in 24 hours."  If the avatar is ok then just ok it, if not then tell the user they can't use those types of avatars.  Most people here are over 18 I think.  But, some are not, and there is nothing really to stop someone who is 10 from logging in here and saying they are 18.  These avatars show up in the questions, stories, everywhere.  Even if someone says they are under 18 they can still see these avatars regardless of whether they seek them out or not.  Do you really think it is appropriate for someone who is flaunting their genitals in their avatar to be able to comment on the story or answer the question of an underage person thus displaying adult content to the minor?  Isn't there some kind of law about that?
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Yeah, I am going to change the filter settings on my profile because I am tired of seeing that stuff. It actually embarrasses me.

I am amassed at the number of "adults" who don't understand the words "Adult Content." You would think that by the age of 14 a person would understand this concept. And Here we have 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 year old babies who feel that they need to be policemen on this site.

Rule one on the internet if you feel offended over something that you are reading move on be an adult and quit wining.

Dusty Cook

Thanks for this post. We are working to correct the author information on the Q&A section and should have this working shortly. Thanks for bringing this bug to our attention. <br />
<br />
The issue you described with the more button linking to either the incorrect story or a story that does not contain the comment you were seeking seems to be a bug but to track the issue, it would be very helpful to have an example. If this occurs again, please email EP Support or PM me directly. <br />
<br />
As for nudity on the site, it's not permitted and is a violation of our terms of service. We have a number of filters in place but like with any automated system, they aren't perfect. That said, since your post we have added additional adult filters which should help reduce exposure to mature content. In the meantime, please flag adult images as we work to add more filtering options and ways of preventing this from happening in the future.

I gave you an example in the image above all those comments under Deleting Blogs &amp; Images are not all for that story. It happens everyday. There is no "if" it happens again. It always happens. Seems to maybe put all of the new comments for the group under a single story.

You need to identify all people who are so easily offended over EVERYTHING that they disagree with ... and then setup a block that will block them from all adult content.

Dusty Cook