Story #119 Please Fix This.

I like to go and read peoples stories and see what they are all about when someone becomes a fan. Before I add anyone to my circle, I want to know who they are. Now, I know that reading random stories is okay, but if I want to read what they said 3 years ago, I can do that search. When I go to their profile, I want to read what they are thinking NOW, not 3 years ago, last year. Etc. The stories are all thrown up there randomly as if someone threw them all on the floor and let a fan blow them around then picked them up one at a time and put them up there on the profile. Or took the stories and shuffled then like a deck of cards. I personally find it very annoying. If someone only has a few stories, then it is not difficult to sift through them and find the most recent, but some people have hundreds. It is not a great thing to have to go through all of them to find the most recent. It kind of makes me say, "Ah to heck with it". And I don't read any of their stories at all. If I can't find their most recent stories, I'm simply not interested. If I can read their most recent stories, I will eventually go and read some of their older ones, but otherwise.........nah.

How difficult would it be to fix this? And who decided it would be a good idea to make it so messed up? I hate it. You may as well take a book and tear out all the pages and throw them at someone telling them they can read the book all messed up like that or work at fixing it themselves. It is rude.
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I am so sorry for the inconvenience. When you visit someone's profile and click "See all of their stories", you should be directed to a page where you can use the drop-down menu to sort the stories.<br />
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If you do not see this menu, please let me know.<br />
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Thank you ChakraSolipsismMGP, for your help with this. I appreciate it!

I don't know what you mean. I do the drop down menu and see all of their stories, but they aren't in reverse chronological order. They are scrambled. So, is there something I am supposed to do that will rearrange them into the reverse chronological order? Is there a magic word? An incantation? Do I have to burn pink candles and click my heels three times? Really, I have ignored so many people because they have many, many stories and their most recent aren't readily available. So, for me, it is more trouble than it is worth.

I have found many web sites with a certain layout. And it seems we have to learn some of these layouts as to how and what the whole layout is suppose to mean. If I am trying to yet understand our layout here ... This Site has two Versions ... ("Old Classic") + ("New Beta"). I Think in the Top Middle Column in the Main Profile page is meant to be Random Stories. But I also find and would try to click on [ Stories ] Link in the Left hand gutter. This is where the (I think it does with me?) The Stories are Listed in Chronological Order. From the most Recent to the first one listed at the last page. So to see the first stories, go to the very last page. And work back to the 1st page for the most present. (???)

Not when *I* go to someone else's profile. I keep getting this response from everyone I ask about this problem, and they all say the same thing, so it seems it is only me who sees them all messed up I am not talking about when I am looking at stories in the top menu. I am talking about going to YOUR profile, finding YOUR stories at the left of the page, clicking on where it says stories, and what comes up is stories in totally random order all shuffled like someone has done it deliberately, but now I am not so sure any more. I wonder if it is something in my account settings and if I can get it fixed. If no one else has this problem, then maybe they won't be able to fix it, because they will all think I am too stupid to know where to find the stories button on a person's profile. I am so frustrated. As no one else has this problem, everyone keeps telling me where that I am looking in the wrong place for what I want. I'm NOT.
Thank you for this response, I really needed to know that others are not having this same problem. I need to contact EP support directly and see if they can help me figure whey I am the only one with this happening. I don't know how I will be able to make them understand if they aren't seeing it too. Frustrating, to say the least. It makes me ask that old, old question, "WHY ME?"