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Usually the main reason I block someone is because I find their avatar gross and I don't want to see it.  But all blocking apparently does is prevent them from contacting me.  It would be nice if blocking also made that person invisible.  Like so you don't see their questions.  You don't see their avatar with that stupid message about you having blocked the user so their comment isn't shown.  It would also be nice if we could block groups.  Like, I don't have a problem if anyone in my circle joins ...let's say "I Live In A Sexless Marriage" but I am not interested in reading any stories about that and don't need to see the update that someone in my group commented on or posted in that group. 
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Nobody is going to approve of or like everything that a friend likes so we should be able to filter out what we don't need/like/don't approve of, and just keep the stuff that we have in common with or like about our circle members.

agreed! i like my friend but i could do without knowing about some of the stories he visits.

i'm totally with you on being able to block groups that you don't want to see. i have a circle member that has been making comments in groups that i'd rather not know about and, at this point, the only way i won't see it is to remove that person from my circle, something i really don't want to do but may have to.

Williemcd, you can see the comments if you click on them. And like I said, I don't want somebody to be able to be sliming me without me knowing it.

CC..If you've been blocked by a person you cannot see their posts that are inflammatory towards you.. Trust me, I know..<br />
Katnip.. your suggestion has a huge level of value... I'm not a FB'r but if they can do it, I'm sure it's not a major modification to the software.. Bill in Va.

I don't care if anyone blocks me and what effects that has on me, that is just in the "whatever....." type category. I just think it is a waste of space (speaking of what I can visually see on my screen without scrolling or going to the next page of comments) to see a comment that has that message about you having blocked the user so you don't see their comment but click to show it. That's why I would like to hide them, because, to me, if I blocked them it means I don't want to see their comment or their avatar or them wasting space on my screen.

Two thoughts : If you see pornographic avatars, you should flag them right away. If EP doesn't remove them, then you should complain about it to Support or in this group. <br />
<br />
I do want to be able to see things written by people who block me, because if they start some kind of a defamation campaign against me on EP, I want to be aware of that and able to complain to Support about it.

That's why I am saying we should have options, for someone like me who doesn't care if someone wants to go around trying to troll me and annoy me and just doesn't even want to be bothered by seeing that person or their comments at all it would be nice to have the ability to hide them.

As for ***********, yeah, of course what is illegal can get flagged and deleted. But I am not talking about that specifically, I mean just distasteful stuff, the kind of stuff that makes you roll your eyes, or click your tongue, or think "geez! That guy again!" So it would be nice to be able to hide avatars (without blocking the person) that just tend to start to get on your nerves after awhile.

I am not sure if some people are still getting the point.<br />
<br />
I think I chose words poorly. I should have said I would like the option to "hide" groups and or people so that I don't see them ever. As well as the additional option of "block" a person so they can't contact you. So if you blocked >and< hid someone then you would never see their avatar any of their comments, questions, or stories and they wouldn't be able to contact you. It would be like they didn't exist. <br />
<br />
I am sure some of you may have fallen victim to a troll at one point or another. If you could hide and block them then they couldn't bother you at all.<br />
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I think we should at least have the option to "hide" someone's avatar. Something like hiding the avatar would cause not the avatar they set but the blank person default avatar just for the person doing the hiding, everyone else would see it normally. I just don't like seeing crotches just about everywhere I look. And you never know, there could be some people who say...have a phobia of cats and anytime they see a cat avatar they feel just a little uncomfortable.<br />
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It's like how on Facebook when your friends play all those Facebook games and messages of all sorts about their activity in the game are all over your feed. You just click the little icon next to the message and select "Hide all Farmville messages" or whatever. You don't oppose your friend playing Farmville, you just aren't interested in how their crops are doing 10 times a day. Same thing here. I am positive that everybody has groups that they have absolutely no interest in reading.

What you just mentioned has been much discussed here. Because of what you mention, I have chosen not to add some very-high-activity people I might have otherwise added. I hope EP will add an option that you can filter out specific friends on the circle activity feed.

i've had to remove high activity people from my circle as well.

I will give you an example so some of you can better understand what I am talking about.<br />
<br />
I added Bob Frost to my circle, seemed like a nice enough guy, however whenever I logged on all activity I ever saw was only Bob Frost activity there was too much of it. I couldn't see the activity of all the other friend's in my circle. Had I the ability to say, block some of the groups he was active in that I didn't have a particular interest in, then a lot of those updates would disappear and allow other member's activity to be seen too. But I don't have that option, so I had to remove him from my circle just so I could see the activity everyday of the other members of my circle.

I had a nice lady in my circle who is a great asset to EP, and she has thousands of friends and keeps on actively adding them ad infinitum, so as you say, one person's activity pretty much inundated my screen. I took her out of my circle for the same reason you mention.

I like the idea of being able to filter content groups such as she has described. I think that is a great idea. I am not certain about blocking certain users' groups but i am sure there are some that this would be a great idea for but not for me.

Thanks for sharing you concerns with us through this post. We are constantly working to add more filtering options to your circle and group feed, so that you can more easily filter out the content you don't care about will more easily discovering content that interests you.<br />
<br />
Blocking does more than prevent a member from interacting with you. You will not see their activity in your feed even if they interact with someone else in your circle. <br />
<br />
The option to block experience groups in addition to individual members is definitely something we will discuss with our developers. Thank you for this suggestion!

Just because someone is in my circle doesn't mean we have all exactly the same interests. I am sure there are plenty of people in my circle who could care less "what YouTube video I am watching right now." I just think we should have the option to filter out some of the clutter.

i think you're right.

I look at threads with comments from people I have blocked, and I don't want to be unable to see those people's comments. I don't think I would prefer not to be able to see their questions either.

maybe multiple levels of blocking are needed. the current level is both too weak and too strong for some purposes. i propose level one - they can't view your profile/wall etc, but can comment on your stories and reply to your comments. level two - as it is now, where they can't interact with you directly, but you can see eachother. level three - total blackout, you can't see eachother.

You aparently are not a very friendly person, or intersted in your friends,,,so why even be here.? if you feel that is an unfair assesment..then maybe you should do the following:<br />
<br />
instead of trying to keep people out of your blocking this or that, should perhaps focus on bringing people into your attention to their interests..interact. with them,.and learn how to be a friend.

Yeah, I really want to bring that guy who has s e x with his cousin (among other things) into my life.

You tell em Katnip u good looker you!

i agree with you on the ability to block groups. for example, a friend of mine has commented in some groups and stories that i'd rather not see on my activity board yet the only way i'm not going to see it is to remove him from my circle and i don't really want to do that. it would be so much better if we had the ability to block particular groups period. not wanting to see certain crap DOES NOT make you an unfriendly person!

i would like that if replies had a like button!

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