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I'm asking for one email to be restored. The last one sent it would have been in July. When he deleted his account all emails including the ones in my inbox went with him. Stop that! He wanted me to keep in contact with him and there is no way now of me doing that because it's gone in that last email.

When someone deletes their account the emails should be left alone when they are in your inbox. It's your correspondence with that person.

It would avoid the heartache I feel for losing a friend of here and knowing I may never get to talk to him again because I don't have any way of contacting him. That information went, when that email was also deleted. As adminstrators on here and I'm still unclear why you can't, restore the last email.

Using this as an example, but Blizzard has over 25 million people playing. If they can restore the last email sent to you by another player who deleted their account why is that not possible on here?

favestril favestril 41-45, F 11 Responses Sep 29, 2011

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P.S. Do you play WoW? =D

I so agree!! Thank you for posting this story! I hope EP will restore our conversations from friends who have deleted their accounts.

Why not create some sort of vault where we can store messages that WE deem inportant like friends E-mails etc

When you leave EP you have the option to leave your stories, etc., here to be read or have it all deleted. I'd assume he chose to have everything deleted. It's up to the person leaving EP.

"and your feels" ?

i'd love to be able to read past one page of old emails when i do a search...even starred ones can't be seen past the first page :(

Thanks for sharing this post and your feelings. I can understand your need to hold on to those messages. I'll share your thoughts with our developers at our next meeting.

Had a very great friend who left and I lost all her e mails too. There were words of great wisdom there that I really would like to have kept. <br />
It is sad that just because they choose to leave and have their stories deleted that words they wrote specifically for us are taken away too...<br />
<br />
One way around that though is to copy and paste important things into a word file. I did that while still having a dial up connection to save time on the phone line while I read them and wrote a reply. Those few I still have.

I think we all have been through that same problem! Why do all of the emails disappear when someone deletes their account. I lost two peoples emails this way!

I agree.

yikes that is so true!