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The closest thing we have to what I'm about to ask for is whiteboard comments. I want to take it up a level and have an actual instant message kind of thing. It would be a lot faster than most communication things on this site. It would also bring people together faster and you could share so many things to another person in a private box. I know that sounds like messages since those are private as well but messages can't be replied to within ten seconds. An instant message program would bring members of this site closer in a faster way.

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11 Responses Mar 24, 2008

wow that pink box looks very becoming against the white of the website... don't you think so?

thank you for demonstrating the need for instant messaging right here on this thread. <br />
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Here's all I'm going to say: We listen to you guys, and your feature requests VERY carefully. <br />
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K? ;)

i JUST tried to see your profile. the SAME pink box came up. i'm getting infuriated. i suppose i'll have to change that to my mood now.

just tried to reply to your message about a forum being the wrong place or whatever and a pink box came up... hmm...

no i didn't actually. strange that EP would mess up like that. maybe you blocked me and that's why the pink box is coming up for me... you should check.

oh well i can't see it because whenever i click on your profile picture a pink box comes up saying you can't view this member's profile so yeah

yeah it seems like it doesn't work out out with marriage these days.. or really ever... do you think you could ever put a picture up of yourself?

i'm always watching you. always... thank goodness you're checking those bulletins now. someone has to do it and i'm glad it's not you.<br />
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on a totally different subject, are you married?

so you'd rather sit on people's toes than on a cushy computer chair leaning forward, looking intently at the screen for the newest bulletins? you're crazy.

yeah you deny it or take a long time and they send you a message with the subject hi or what's up and then inside it says something like why didn't you add me or something or you add someone and they send you a message saying do i know you. my friend always says if you're asking that do you really think you do?<br />
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i thought your butt was made out of concrete.

yeah seriously. my friend and me were talking earlier about how myspace is going downhill. i never go on it anymore and i'm not going crazy like most people think you do when you don't go on myspace every day. sorry i don't care about my latest friend requests or the newest bulletin whoring someone.