A Little Paint Needed On the Ep Barn!!!!

Let me preface my requests with this statement.  I am not whining and I am only making my suggestions to make EP easier to use.  However with that said EP does need a few enhancements to make it a perfect site.  A little paint here and a little hardwood flooring there goes a long way.  These are only my suggestions.


  • I would like the gesture board updated to allow freeform gestures.  This would benefit EP in the long run as they could avoid additional build out costs for this portion of the portal by allowing people to enter the gesture of their choice.
    • Sound for each of these gestures would be superb as well.


  • Notifications on Blogs currently only take the user to the Blog that was most recently commented on.  I have missed responded to Blog comments as I was unaware for days that someone had left a message on the blog for me.  For ease of use the notification should be set up similar the stories notification.
  • Top 8 friends?  Why not Top 25? I don’t like picking Top 8 so I have the first people that were my friends as my top 8.  Too many people get hurt when they aren’t “front page.”  Speaking of not “front page” why can’t I adjust all my friends even those that aren’t in my top 8 any longer?  Come on now I spent a lot of time looking for the avatar of a non top 8 friend to message them when before I had all my friends listed by the amount of time I spent chatting with them.  Either put the non top 8 in alphabetical order or allow me to arrange them myself because it is too confusing.  I can just imagine them changing avatars.  I am going to be in EP hell when that happens.
  • Reminders would be great.  I would even like it if pre-selected individuals could add reminders to a calendar for me such as their birthday or another special event.
  • If I am trying to learn more about a particular person I should be able to click next story by this contributor and the next story by date in ascending order should populate for me.  I mention this as several guys have mentioned this to me lately.  I don’t mind the 5 clicks it takes now to do that but some find this annoying.
  • Customized home pages should be available. I should be able to view my home page in the manner that I want to view it and not in some pre-determined order.
  • Allow users to send special "welcome gifts" to new members within the first 2 weeks they are on the site with no charge against their EP account.  I earn points by writing a lot but I also have many people on my list that deserve gifts from me.  I can't afford to send gifts to new people all the time or I wouldn't be able to send my long term friends gifts.  This would be a nice incentive and a way to start building relationships with the new person so they are more likely to stay.


These are a few of my suggestions.  I have many more but I promised not to whine so I will stop with the ones above.  I am curious if other members agree with the items I have listed above.  Feel free to comment below either agreeing ot making opposing comments.


fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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14 Responses Mar 25, 2008

Don't think i was at ep at this time.

Good comments drew!

Another thing - why do we have to Be Sure if we want to delete our whiteboard comments.. gestures etc... They aren't that important.. that's why we delete them in the first place.. way too many clicks here.

I like the Blog notification suggestion and would want to add photo comments in there too... I've missed quite a few and would like to thank the people who took the time to actually say something nice.<br />
<br />
Another thing.. why do we have to ask to VIEW MORE EXPERIENCES and then Again ask to VIEW ALL EXPERIENCES... Can't we just click View All once and be done with it?

Hey GL, Speaking of numbering our friends where have you been darling. At least I know you are reading me lol.

HEHE Hello my friend, the master comic. You are funny PD. Once the guys figure out how hot you are that top 25 is going to be important. Also that calendar of all your EP men friends is gonna be equally important.

EP, Thanks for the feedback on my posting. I have lots more to come.. You will be sooooooo sorry you offered lol

Not whining, this is great! We LOVE the feedback, and you know we listen very carefully :) <br />
<br />
Recently we enhanced the 'friend selector' so you could set up your top eight list, even if you had tons of friends (it wasn't working too well in that situation before). You've pointed out an important side effect. <br />
<br />
Keep it coming. Listening hats are on. We can't promise to fix everything, or get to it quickly, but we do listen very carefully and use this feedback in helping us decide what gets done, when.

Hey darling. I think we should. Let's get together in a while and we will write an update posting to include the items we would like to suggest. <br />
BTW yours was one I didn't reply to as I had no clue you had commented. I am sorry.

KIT is a HOT woman

You are such a perfect bad boy quickie. Don't change a thing except that avatar. LOL

`well what i better get.... i won't be able to tell (HEHE)

Quickie you better dern well keep up with when my birthday is and I better get flowers that day!!! LOL

calendar would be great them we could keep up with our friends birthdays