Ok So.....................

ok so my profile was hacked im really looking forward to seeing what ep admn plans to do about this futhermore i want to hear what security measures they are willing to take to stop this mine is the third profile to get hacked this week so ill wait to hear what they will say and do about this
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well it doesnt matter they didnt do the damage they thought they would

yea ur right but its the princelpal of the manner and the moral aspect of it

this profile has not been hacked but my other one was causing me to create this one i have recoverd that profile as well but going foward what will be done to make sure this doesnt happen aggain the person posted a very grose and unwanted pic on my profile my friends who know me know i am not like that how do u think that makes me feel

EP log in is secure and we take many steps to protect our member's account information. We ask our members to take steps themselves to protect themselves and their account by not sharing their password with others and by being sure to log out of their account anytime they leave their computer unattended. <br />
<br />
If you believe your account has been compromised please visit your account settings and choose to reset your password immediately. We'll be contacting you directly to collect more information about this situation and work to address it quickly.

yea thats what i do now but still this is bs we cant even come enjoy this place for having our profiles hacked i can deal with making eniemies cause i dont sweat to many pple but that is just cowardly at its best

Well all i can tell you is that i log off before shutting my computer off,they can,t hack you if you are not logged in.