Where's Our Favourite Ep Volunteer Paschar?

Would you happen to know if our favourite EP volunteer Paschar will be back sometime?  He's being missed :(
plungesponge plungesponge
31-35, M
9 Responses Oct 20, 2011

yes he will he had hip replacemant surgery

love the man. hes called me helped me w my add dyslexia and hes on vacation. i guessw he takes it same time each year?? God bless that man ,o,o

He's currently on a tour in Germany, he'll be back!

awesome thanks. hey why do call yourself illetetatetroll youre not illeretate....actually i like trolls just ones who dont push limits. youve always been bnice as far as im concerned. want to be freinds?

I haven't known him before. I have seen him around now for a few weeks which he answered a few of my questions. A very nice man.

*whispers* Sometimes people've had enough...they need a break! :) Maybe he's earned it!!!

Lol I bet peza has something to do with him missing

He's in my cellar.

We miss him too! We can only hope he returns soon. Try sending him a private message, letting him know he's missed.

I'd like to know, too. I hope he's OK.

I've been wondering too, love. He's been gone for at least 3 weeks now.