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The Process Of Automatic Suspension Of An Account

I have a friend whose account was automatically suspended.. There was no explanation, just that his account was suspended. His information is still there, he still exists on this site, but has no access. I find this very troubling, since I know this person to be not obtrusive, or obnoxious, and so there has to be some sort of error.. But what this error has made me aware of, is that EP, is not well run..I am a fairly logical and practical person..I would have assumedthat a notice would have been sent to the member concerning his account, along with an explanation of what was done and why.. In addition I would have expected an explanation of the rules concerning reinstatement or correction if there was an error.. The problem with the way it currently is.,my friend has no information, and there doesn't seem to be a way in place to correct this. This has me very concerned, as I contribute many stories and photos, and would not like to loose the option of deletion of my personal information, simply because of EP's inability to properly run their site. I would have assumed that a more orderly and procedural program for handling member problems would be in place 
neuilly neuilly 61-65, F 21 Responses Nov 19, 2011

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ge6711.....I agree. considering EP was so quick to act to your political comment, and not so quick to act in response to the nude avatars, when they are flagged, and seem to be at a loss as to what to do about that..and EP allows some really raunchy posts on this site...<br />
Because EP, allows minors to be members here, I would have expected a different morality standard to be in place.

Yes, i agree..because, if it wasn't resolved, I certainly wasn't staying here.. I felt very insecure..

Yes EP had problems and that is why I do not upgrade....nor do I like this new style of profile page that they are trying to force on us.

Glad to hear it resolved. Bill in Va.

Thank you EP..I thank you most sincerely for assisting, and resolving this problem..<br />
<br />
And, i do want the members to know that my friend is back and in control of his account..and the only way that this was going to happen was with the assitance of EP..because basically his account was kidnapped..and so thank you again... EP..

Yeah ... silly of the rest of us to be so irresponsible as to post suggestions

no, that is not true,,it is just EP needed to sort this out..they really did.

We may be witnessin the Ep bubble bout to burst? (that's called alliteration) <br />
<br />
Gently neuilly, I wanna offer 2 things ... 1, hackin has happened in the past an will continue to happen online - sure sounds like that's what happened here. This is a popular place, but it ain' facebook revenue-wise. You will see more of this occur here in future months, as you become accustomed to Ep. I don' thing anyone disagrees that somethin like this would suck. ... <br />
<br />
2, if in fact, you have only been here days more than a month - again gently - I hope that you are VERY familiar an comfortable with the 'friend' you are representing in this matter. Some of the mos veteran an tenured members of this place have gone down in flames over matters that were not as they appeared - people who were not who they portrayed ... I don' recall knowin anyone here at '6 weeks in' well enough to have given my regular email. Caution, caution, caution. I hope that's not your case, sincerely. After 2 years here, I also would advise anyone in this situation to re-create an go from there. Copy an screen shot what 'they' would liked saved for them.<br />
<br />
My experience here also makes we wonder a bit at your friend's reluctance/hesitation to recreate. Hmmm.

I have been here a year, and have known my friend for about that same amount of time..
and yes hacking goes on..and always will, and so all the more reason to have proceedures in place, to assist the members here at EP..I consider hacking very serious..I don't consider it a humorous situation..I decided to present this occurance to the members here, to make them aware that this kind of thing is possible, and that aparently, EP offers little assitance..The only advice people have offerd is..set up a new account..and plead your case..sorry..but that is an irresponsable amswer..The person already has an account. How about EP stepping up to the plate, and making the site a bit more secure, and offering the members here some assitance and support, in solving these problems.

forgive me - I misread your 'Member since' date as a 2011 first time ... maybe you can see my unjustified concern.

Protecting your password is your responsibility. Not EP's.

If someone else got into the account they figured out the password.

It is NOT irresponsible to suggest that your friend open a new account to contact EP. Please explain how else he can do so. He cannot get into his old account because he no longer has the password. Because it was changed by someone who figured his out.

Unless he hacks back into his own account himself, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

He needed to use a good password, and change it regularly. He also needed to update his contact email address with EP.

Those things were his responsibility. If someone cannot turn the sun on for you in a rainstorm, do you consider them "irresponsible" to.

I find you response insulting and unappreciative.

Your naivete is quite astounding.

absolutely...i understand... your concern if I was only here for a few weeks...and I appreciate that....thank you.

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Bill in Va., once again this story is not about you! You could take a story about carrots and turn it into a Conservative vs. Liberal rant. You need to keep your trolling under control.<br />
<br />
Neuilly, unfortunately I've heard of this many times. I would let close friends know what's up.

You know those carrots are socialists, don't you, Lilt?

Waittttttt a minute ... williemcd an Bill in Va are the SAME PERSON???!!!???

While I cannot be sure, I'm betting your friend had a conservative bent if he was engaged in political discussions on here. I've had stories deleted that DID not violate EP TOS and yet have had my profile photo downloaded, a new s/n set up mimicking mine with only the last character changed from a "d" to a "b"... declared gender as "T" and posted the most vile stories that those not paying attention had attributed to me. Among the conservatives on here, there is a consensus that this site is very left leaning, extends a lot more slack towards those that engage in attacks on those with conservative values and jumps down hard on conservatives. <br />
If ya wanna see TOS violations? Do a search on "Bill in Va".. non-stop personal attacks that go unchecked by EP. <br />
Bill in Va.

actually, my friend is very liberal in his political leanings...and the problem is due to something else.

ha ha ha ha! straight from the horse's mouth, willie! Maybe you should quit with your cute lil 'bets'

By all means... let them know...

well what i would like to know .. do i inforrm the other friends of my friend, that his account is hacked. and that .it is not the correct person in control of the account...i mean if EP isn't willing to do we circiumvent the problem ? <br />
i really am not sure what would be the right thing to do here..there are not huge numbers of friends..under 20,,so it is not a cumbersome task..

i don't know.. why..and that is the problem..but i have received private messages on a different web site from ffriends, and the news is not comforting,..

Whoever it is, is being silly. How the hell is EP supposed to know your account is being hacked if you don't open another profile and tell them.<br />
<br />
Of course you can't talk to them through the hacked account. That's like saying my car won't start so I can't drive to the dealership to tell them it won't start. ...and I won't call them on the phone because they should have made sure this didn't happen, so I'm just going to sit here until enough of my friends ***** to them about it that it is magically restored to function.

You are right, a person must be responsible and take action.

that is true FOP,, but when you are denied acess,,there is no way to report it. there needs to be a way to report a problem if there really is a situation like this..You shouldn't have to go and create a new account..that is not an aceptable really isn't..I did suggest that to my friend..I told him that you said to try that..but that is a poor way to have to handle a problem like this..You would think..this is one thing EP would want to be notified about immediately...Security should be a top priority for them..I mean that means whoever is doing this, is reading all of my friends private mail..think about that....his cards etc,,that is a huge breach of privacy.

It is also illegal. Contact on line fraud unit for cyber crime. There is a group called Cyber Angels, they specialize in areas just like this. i think the address is www. I hope this helps.

If he creates a new profile on EP... which anyone can do... he should be able to contact them himself, through his new profile...<br />
<br />
Has he tried that?<br />
<br />
He may have to open the new profile from a different IP address, if the hacker really went to town on him.<br />
<br />
... if this is the case... he got hacked... EP can't keep track of that... not with millions of users.

I contacted EP, with my friends personal information, and my friend has been trying to contact EP also ..but you see, this is a problem. and so EP needs a better system in place, to be notified and able to correct a problem like this immediately. The current proceedures in place..protect the hacker..and keep the innocent party at bay.

Sounds like someone figured out his password, hacked his account, and changed the email address to connect with...<br />
<br />
Suggest that he go online with a new profile so he can contact EP himself, and arrange to have the problem corrected.

EP i will contact you priavately,,but for the people here that read friend can not acess his acount, shows someone is using it,and pretending to be him,,so there is a serious problem here..and it requires EP help...

Thank you EP Arseneh....for your response<br />
However, I think that willnot to be the case in this example, and so i am waiting to hear from my friend, as to what he will be given as a reason .When I have that information, i will give you the courtesy of knowing what I was told ... because..this really was handeled poorly, and I do think that the current proceedures in place, need to be re-looked at.

For an account to be suspended there must be a serious violation of EP terms of service. Though we attempt to contact each individual to explain to them what behavior caused the suspension so they can be more aware of EP rules when they return, if a member did not use an active email address when registering for EP, we have not other means of contact.<br />
<br />
It's important for members to keep their email address under account settings, up-to-date.

well, it certainly is not being handled well by EP..

Sounds like something that needs to be aired.