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Clearly Mark The Underage Members

Ever since the links to FB the number of minor children here has been increasing significantly, but unless you try to check the profile of every single person you start to interact with in Q&A or on a group, you don't know if you're dealing with a child or not. I think every minor child's question, post, or comment should have an obvious indication that the person is a minor and should be treated as such. Perhaps just some kind of addition to their avatars so we adults can immediately tell if we're talking to a child? If EP can "red dot" people for being adult, they can surely "yellow dot" or something underage members, too.
ChipmunkErnie ChipmunkErnie 61-65, M 29 Responses Jan 17, 2012

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oh yes I so agree with that It's always good to know who your talking with and definitely their age!

I agree with you. But for the most part, I've seen the age range beside their nick.<br />
<br />
Another problem in this, They can rejoin and change their age. <br />
Tell me how many 60 year old men are in here with a teen age-group?<br />
You just don't know.

Problem is, the member has selected his or her age when registering, and they often lie. EP has no way of knowing that. You can often tell, however, by the quality of the writing in the posts. In the adult forums, I don't respond to the people with fourth-grade writing skills.

I would agree but a lot of times you can just recognize them by the way they write. Another thing is, if they input their age correctly they won't be able to see some posts marked as for adults only but then again, it is so easy to lie about your age during registration. This may never work.

I really don't understand why everything now has to be connected to facebook anyway! Also there should really be a way of blocking out children but I'm sorry not to have any ideas as to how you'd do that!<br />
<br />
If the internet had been around when I was a teen then no doubt I'd have been trying to access stuff that was not age appropriate as well!

If the age on your profile is correct then you just missed by net in your teens by a little bit, but computer BBSes were around long before the net and yeah kids would trade stuff they weren't supposed to have over the modem. Before that they hid magazines in their room. Kids will &gt;always&lt; try to access stuff that is not age appropriate, booze, smokes, adult, etc....EP's checks for that have an effectiveness of about zero.

Kat you had to be the first net generation. Because computers still took up a whole room in my teens.

I am agree. Nice idea.

I think a yellow dot as the OP suggested (or why not a crosshairs or target symbol? OMG pmsl!) to make the easy targets more quickly identifiable for the predators is a great idea! KIDDING XD<br />
<br />
Posted by EPArsineh on Jan 17th, 2012 at 3:02AM<br />
"..... As for protecting minors we have many adult filters in place to prevent private interactions between minors and adults.." <br />
well that's bullshit cuz half my friends atm are minors, lol. Luckily for them I'm ok. Ooh also Ep still has posts by kids showing their private cellphone numbers, which can be found through google.. something i pointed out in a story over two years ago.

Good ideas, but I was online with this dude the other night and was so ingrossed in an intelligent conversation with a mature individual that had something intelligent to say That I would never have in a million years guessed he was a teenager until he make one fatal mistake and I realized he was just one smart kid, smarter than many adults I know. Was so impressed that I kept him in my friends list.

I agree !

And you are obviously a gentleknight of perception and wisdom.

I think EP should be a 18+ website.

I think EP should be a 18+ website.

sorry lilt and ephaunt, I do not belong to facebook, so I have no clue about what you two talk about, if you could explain and stop patronizing it would be appreciated!!!!

@ephaunt<br />
<br />
HUH?! please elaborate LOL

EP is not an extension of facebook-morality and laws are two things-although I do not wife swap and think it is none of my business. I understand if you go after abusive folks like rapists and child molesters.

@bliss<br />
<br />
Okay thank you for your response, I did pm arsineh to know about this too, but thank you for your response, this is all I wanted to know, and if she gives a similar response I would be at "rest" too.<br />
<br />
It is just a simple QUESTION.<br />
<br />
It is great to know that LAW has nothing to do with MORALITY, or is it not?! Shouldn't we be concerned?!

FACEBOOK BABE! You confuse facebook with EP

Farmville for everyone!

We have members from around the world, from 13 years of age to members in their 80's and collectively they've shared nearly 13 million life experiences. People don't share the same perspectives, morals, or beliefs and we don't expect you to agree with how others choose to live their lives, that's why we offer tools under account settings to filter what you see and who allow to interact with you. We also have automated filters to protect minors on the site from mature material. Adults are allowed to discuss sexuality and mature topics. When illegal acts like ****** or ********** are promoted, we take these actions very seriously and will not only remove the material and the member from EP but we have contacted authorities and have worked with them to have these instances investigated.

@LILT<br />
<br />
did epARSINEH say that stories about wife swapping were allowed, please get back to me, because I deleted the story before I could read what she wrote, only saw the notification.

I'm no expert on the TOS but stories are "allowed" about anything which is not considered illegal. Morality has nothing to do with it really ... and wife swapping is certainly not illegal.

I think that this is one of the best ideas I have heard of recently. Wow, it would be soo much easier to decide if , when and how to respond to their questions. Even better, it would be great if we could contact the minors' parents and let them know about the kids activity. Again , Great Idea.

Ministerium, I see that you deleted your post on this subject. No one accused you of being an "evil hater." The commenters were ob<x>jecting to you flagging stories that you found personally offensive. Flags are for members who are violating the terms of service. Stories about wife swapping are allowed. You are wasting EP staff time if you are busy flagging things you call "immoral."

I thought she did-I think removing the pooh outta her eye before she unloads-really got her!

well if there weren't so many perverts around, then we wouldn't have had this problem you are trying to solve...HAHAHA and they keep on coming, and when we flag them we are seen as some "evil haters" WTF?! And yet EP encourages us to flag these perverts, that is what I can't understand... see but it is not EP STAFF that is against us who are against the PERVERTS, but the perverts themselves LOL... SERIOUS ISSUES HERE OKAY... learn to discern between STAFF and pervert mobs!!! hahaha


This is an EXCELLENT POINT! I was wondering the same thing. Sometimes underage kids write stories and post questions and other adults wont know. I think there should be some sudden clear indication so people can immediately recognize the person as underage.

I agree with womaninbliss, some people just create a new or multiple profiles giving the wrong info about themselves, they could lie about everything and how do we know that?

True, but I'm guessing the majority of people are honest. Not much one can do about the liars. No reason NOT to act just because some people might try and get around the rules.

When I used to be on 'Scond Life' they had separate areas for minors and adults, maybe ep need to consider this. It won't totally rule out the problems, but any steps that can be taken should be.

I would say give them the boot instead-funkin kids have no business on here and interacting with adults is dangerous play

Too much advertising money involved, I'm guessing.

I agree and I replied to EP Admin above as well.

just a thought ... although I think this is a good idea ... it is possible that the "threat" of a mark to show underage users might discourage honesty about their age.

Many of them are cheating already. I could lie about my age, write that I'm 22 and would collect much more men. :'-))
But what for?

ah yes ... but Rickie you are a sensible adult woman who isn't determined to deceive anyone ... there are plenty of young ones who would. Lots of adults would too of course ... and I agree what's the point.

Many are already WIB. I have reported several that had written stories about being 14 or 15 and there were some really well deserved "red dots" on some of these girls' friends list. If you report them EP changes their age indicator and sends them a warning.

yes, I've written stories about it and have flagged any that I've found too. It's worrying, but I'm not convinced there is a lot we can do ... it's been suggested removing the younger age bracket altogether and make the site over sixteens only ...

Yes, true, blissy. There isn't a failsafe way of protecting either minors or unsuspecting adults from those who choose to lie about their age.

WIB even if the site WERE for over sixteens...there is still no way to prevent those younger ones who WOULD lie about their age from doing so. And really what kid actually believes that it is not perfectly okay to claim you are older online...or else they wouldnt be able to do anything...or they would have to ask their parents permission for everything, and it is way easier to just click the box that says "18-21" or whatever it may be.

oh I know shannon ... I'm not kidding myself there is anyway at all to stop young ones being on the site if they are determined.

they would only be really threatened and in fear if there were perverts around, if there weren't any perverts around, then they did not have any reason to lie about their age!!!!

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I think this is an excellent suggestion. Although, as Arsineh says above, you can check the age of the wtiter of the post by moving the cursor over the logo, I think it would offer extra protection to minors by having a symbol such as the one suggested clearly displayed.

Thank you for sharing your concern and offering this suggestion.<br />
<br />
Currently, you can check the age of the author of a post by moving your cursor over the member's logo. That said, we will be sharing your idea for a better visual marker to identify minors on the site.<br />
<br />
As for protecting minors we have many adult filters in place to prevent private interactions between minors and adults. Should you see inappropriate behavior between members we ask you to flag the content and contact EP Support so we can address it immediately.

I would like to see this expanded not only in the story but when I receive a message from a person or a whiteboard I would like it to have a *underage indicator" of some type that I am reminded. I have seen several persons on my circle that were "originally" at least 21 yrs old on their profile (because I won't add them if they aren't) and then when I go back to read another story of theirs later either an admin or they have changed their age to an underage grouping. It is about protecting minors but it is also about protecting the men that may not be aware the person is underage when she is sending him PM's. That is happening... not all little boys and girls are innocent and are going to get themselves in trouble if they encounter some ********* or some potentially over-flirty man may get in trouble with an under-age girl real fast in the scenario I described.

Further, I do report these when other members mention them to me or if I see them but there really should be more there to protect the kids. I read a story the other day, actually two stories, and I may have commented on them. One was a "red dot" explaining to one of our "younger adult" members how to disable the mature blocks on her account. Now if she had been a little less intelligent about it she may have bitten because this person was very persuasive. The other story was a 13 to 15 group that was bragging about how she got around the EP filters. This was the young one that was in a relationship with a much older man. I flagged this story as well. Honestly if I saw a person was "underage: I would most likely not read their stories if I saw in the story list that they are underage.

they still join my groups-you ignore this fact and me. They should not be allowed. You guys removed the adult oriented groups part so minors could join?! WHY?!

I'm more interested in protecting the adults.

..and our experience project! : )

i want to second Ernie's suggestion. a minor can easily have a photo which leads a person to believe they are of age. it's sometimes not until a conversation has already ensued that you remember to scroll over the photo to see who you're speaking with.

I am with you on this Ernie. A person should know if they are answering a question of a child or of an adult. Some people don't realize that it is open season in the Q&amp;A forum and children and adults mingle where questions can be answered with some inappropriate language for children. Plus children should not be able to see the questions asked by adults as well as adult stories.

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Yeah it will be a good way to track the pedos down on this site... Comparing suspicious interactions of red dots with yellow dots!!! It would be a great filtering system for the perverted filth on this site!!!

Good idea!