Ep Is Still A Really Cool Place....do Not Give Up On It.

As my intro says...this community is cool, I am glad I found here when I did not long after my mum's stomach cancer death in 2007.
Admitedly, things have gone a little, okay, a lot down hill regarding the types of human/soul joining, I do not care if my words sound elitist/snobby, it is what it is!
Summer last year, an "EP Ghetto rent- a thug" "tried" to cyber bully me by posting vile words on my whiteboard, have NEVER stood for bullying, am not going to start accepting it now...
This EP rent a thug and his "EP posse" of Merry girls and boys, are truly nasty,insidious in vibe, they would post on peoples boards who spoke of their battle with depression, and this thuggish group of trash would belittle/scorn/put them down..how nasty as a human do you have to be to be this way to others in the world.

And I do not accept that if you yourself have had a bad start in life, it stands to reason, you will too treat others the same,okay..I accept this can happen, but do not accept that it has to happen.
If anything, I strive to be the complete opposite of how others treated me as a child..teen.
Okay, I digress...going off on one in my own world, as per usual, my point is..there are vicious characters here intent on hurting others.maybe their souls are literally dead to empathy who knows..but these oiks can NOT ruin all the good that EP brings to peoples lives.
Honestly, I found it so so theraptiuc/cathartic even to blog about my mum, cry as I wrote, but smiling in memory of her cool and hippy way.

I will move on from ghetto/trashy rent a thugs who did make me chuckle last year.
One particular bod wrote to another bully "yeah homie, went on that British Chick's page, told her not to mess with us..I showed that B who da boss"..I mean, COME ON...next he would have spouted Tony Montana quotes, all very amusing on some level, but very serious on another, bullying is NOT on.

We now glide over to the topic of sex and EP, I personally have no issues with genuine "non Howard Stern shock jock tales" stories of first time love, your first time, did it hurt...men who fancy ladies with small nipples, these groups do not bother me in slightest.
Maybe easy for me to say, my mums death brought me here, so tend to stay away from the true hardcore stuff here.
Though.. such stories, I can see appeal, also many teens here who may not be able to speak to parent/care giver.and are sexually active or thinking about it, so if by a teen( of legal age mind you) reading a first time story of lost virginity either makes them wait or confirms to them that they feel ready, then I can in part see value to this contribution.
What I can not see the value with is the most horrific sex tales ever, I have had also had few links given to me by" sad and desparado men who most likely sit in greying underpants with a budweiser in one hand and a dirty flannel in the other to "clean up"" these fools know children are here, many do not tick their submissions are adult content, so all can view, sorry to judge, hate doing so, but what is actually going on I ask, my point being, it has changed a lot here, the sexual side.
Other than monitering IP address's, so if a specific IP address re-registers under different EP user name, then block IP address, and listening to others, I can not see what else can be done.

This is the issue with the great world wide web..it can be used for a lot of good, and a lot of bad, all down to the soul content of individual.

Naughty photos, a girl in her cute bikini, I see nowt wrong with this, or gent with his chest out in on the beach, it is all in context, a photo of a man standing in front of a grubby mirror with a maggot staring back is not in context, close up shots of male and female garden parts are really a bit to much, especially when I am tucking into my breakfast of oats and bran;-)

Yep, many Sickos here who seem intent on debasing EP, thorough bullying, sexual perversion(******,pedophilla/**********,etc) but to all out here who are not this way inclined...we can keep on doing our bit to make this community a good un, okay, enough of my wittering, for now....*strolls back out smiling*.

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Yeah, great story and thanks for sharing. However I draw the line at necrophilia, ******, and ********** to name a couple. Why should groups such as these be allowed to stay when they are not only illegal but completely IMMORAL ??? That is very disgusting content....

Hey, me too I draw line at these "acts"....I do not want to come over as "EP police" but can not stand around and just watch as certain others try to runi the very vibe of it,
EP has been very good for me, so this is enough... for me to put my foot down....metaphorical speaking, many many children here, these selfish people must have ill souls or something....anyhoo, thanks for your comments, appreciated;-)

This site has helped me as well, but I don't want to see it get worse. I have flagged content that was illegal and nothing was done, I just don't understand.......Thanks for reminding people of the good side anyway....

Thanks for sharing this story. I'm glad you found EP to be supportive space after the loss of your mother. There are many thoughtful people that make up this community.<br />
<br />
Unfortunately, there are some that choose behave poorly and abuse our community guidelines. If you come across members who are bullying or violating our terms of service, please flag these members. By flagging you alert EP staff that a member or behavior needs to be reviewed. Bullying and personal attacks are not tolerated on EP. Please let us know if you come across this type of behavior so we can address it immediately.<br />
<br />
Though we do allow adult/mature content on EP any content that promotes ******, or harm to animal and/or minors will not be tolerated. We don't take these reports lightly and have worked with authorities to address them in the past. <br />
<br />
Please help us keep this a positive space by flagging inappropriate behavior and giving us the opportunity to address it.

Hey, thanks for your words..did not post my words to get any feedback to be honest.
I just want others who may feel turned off by all the sex pests and bullies that there are more nice people here, the nice people are actually in the majority;-0