Why Is This Allowed?

Why does EP continue to allow blatant images of *********** to be posted in public areas of the site?

If you expect and encourage your members (paid or not) to police the site and they flag inappropriate material, why is it still up?

I think EP Admins need to adjust the number of times an item is flagged before it is removed.

If someone is known for posting pornographic material then flagged items should be looked into a little more often than someone who doesn't post such material.

These three examples are why I am posting this story.

EP Link
EP Link
EP Link

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I flagged the middle link as well. The picture is disgusting. There is no reason for him to post that kind of picture publicly. He could easily put it in his private album. People like that bring the quality of the site down.

http://www.experienceproject.com/about/me2uandback has now changed his picture from a frontal nudity to a back shot that still shows his genitals.<br />
<br />
I posted a story here <a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/M-Leaving-Ep/2023401" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> to show examples of why I am not going to stay on EP. The images are just sick. EP needs to clean up its website.

Wow...did anyone else notice on that first link that the 41-45 age bracket man has "I am a gay teenager" in his top experiences???<br />
<br />
*********...<br />
<br />
Why is he still here???

It is getting worse on here.

Apparently the penis picture gets changed into a butt picture with gentiles. Still inappropriate an unnecessary. Your groups tell people what you are interested in. People aren't that stupid that they need a picture blasting in their face telling them that you are a sex freak.

The reason I am insistent that EP arisineh is wrong. is because, if all it takes is bringing the individual to their attention and they are gone..well..look, then first of all there should at least be a moment in time when they do dissappear.. the 3 ..i know of, did not..not even a bl<x>ink..and so i know it is not that instant..really what happens..is nothing.3 weeks..and nothing.???? these people are there..and it is not as if EP has to go hunt for them..just read our flagged messages..concerning inappropriate avatars..or better yet..go to my fans.. they are. there...and i would like them off of there. thank you very much....


EPArsineh...sorry, but that statement is just not true..I flagged 5 people today..3 were repeats.. and repeated more than just this time....the 3 repeats are still there..as for the other ..2 ....don't know..because i didn't keep track of the name..but going forward..i am keeping a log..

Neuilly - please keep in mind that they are "patrolling" thousands of posts per day. The EP staff depend on us lowly indentured servants to alert them to the various obstructions of the rules.

Aesineh..made the statement...they will be immediately be removed when brought to our attention..and sorry but that is NOT A TRUE FACT

lol ouch! I hear you there Neuilly, they don't always remove them IMMEDIATELY, but most of the time they uh...get around to it :)

Nudity posted in public areas of the site is not tolerated and will be immediately removed when brought to our attention. The member responsible for uploading the image also receives a warning and reminder of our terms of service. If the continue to post inappropriate images they will be removed from EP.

believe Arsineh is speaking of the image being removed not the member being removed.

also reported