When Comments Are Deleted Affecting Coherence Of A Discussion, Mark Them So.

There is an issue described in this EP Q & A by ChipMunkErnie.

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When comments in a discussion or story or question or deleted, whoever deletes it for whatever reason, such conversations can be marked as "Some comments may have been deleted and may affect the coherence of this discussion". That way the user knows what has happened and people dont run into situations like, "all the original arguments are deleted and only the rebuttals are found and no one knows what is being rebutted. "
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2 Responses Jan 30, 2012

I agree that missing comments is a concern.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for sharing your suggestion. We'll be discussing this issue and your suggestion with our develops and brainstorming ways we can improve the situation.<br />
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Most commonly comments are deleted because a member has decided to delete their account. We'll look into adding a way for members to choose to save their comments under a deleted title even after their account is removed.

I agree that comments should remain after a person making them deletes his/her account, if he/she wants them to remain.