Random Commenting Adjustment

I frequently prowl the halls of EP via the "Random Commenting" button.  Whenever I land on a story I can make a sensible, useful, or meaningful comment on, I do so.  Otherwise I "go random again" in search of a different story.

My problem is twofold...or maybe one-and-a-half fold.

First, it is pointless for me to comment on stories whose authors have deleted their accounts.  No matter how meaningful the story may be (and many have little, if any relevance to me) it is silly for me to write a comment to someone who is no longer on EP.  And as I only randomly prowl among stories with no comments...what is the point of me commenting on a story by an author who is no longer here?  For that matter, a person who comments on Deleted's stories is likely to be teased, as the comment shows up on their feed.  (Yes, this has happened to me!)

Second, as I click and click and click again through the stories lacking comments, I frequently get repeats.  I'll see the same story about a band I've never heard of, or the same tale of teenage angst, or the same story declaring the writer's undying love of So-and-So. 

I get that all these stories have meaning for the author.  If they did not, the author would probably not have spent time typing it.  Even so, If I don't have anything to say about it today, it's a good guess that I won't have anything tomorrow or the next day.

With all that said, I propose a change in the "random commenting" here on EP.  Could we please have a way to opt out, to say "I don't have anything to say"?  This goes beyond just hitting the button again; this is for those of us who are very tired of seeing some of the same stories over and over again.  Maybe an X button somewhere asking to not be shown this story again.  Alternately, the "do not show me" button could be for a month or six weeks; just a period of time where I do not have to see some of the same stories all the time.

This would take care of the numerous stories by Deleted as well, as I could just click the "do not show me" button on Deleted's stories, and so will be able to find stories that I can comment meaningfully on.

Thank you for your time, and the time spent in considering this suggestion.

Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
3 Responses Jan 30, 2012

Thanks for sharing this story with us and offering these suggestions. We'll be working with our developers on ways to prevent you from seeing the same stories when you select the random button. <br />
<br />
As WildSpectrum pointed out your comments can be meaningful for the community even if they are posted on stories that were originally shared by an author that's decided to leave EP.

Your comment may not be of help to the original author who has left EP but it might help another person who reads the story and your comment. The second part, I don't know about that. I don't roam too much because I talk to people in my group more.

If you block deleted will you still see those stories?

Probably not...but that's only one Deleted out of who knows how many? Anyone who deleted their account but left the stories here is now named Deleted; I guess I could block each by hand...but that's awfully tedious!

I was thinking there was just one deleted profile not multiple profiles named deleted. In that case blocking wouldn't help.

Given all the stories at EP one would think random shouldn't produce so many repeats. A better selection is a good suggestion.