Delete Old Posts, Please!

It is very frustrating to read and begin to respond to stories that were written 3 years ago!!!!   Also, just to start reading them and realize this is a waste of time, it's cluttering up the site and making it hard to know what's happening now. I'd say get rid of anything older than the last 3 months. Also, how about some organization here?  why are there hundreds or thousands of groups, some with nearly the same name?  Why not get it condensed so the members form a larger group and really have a conversation?
aquaseas aquaseas 51-55, F 2 Responses Feb 12, 2012

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All you need to do is to click on the tag at the top of the stories list, and you will see only the latest stories. And forum topics are always located according to date.

Arsineh is correct when she says many old stories are of great value - I for one would strongly resist the elimination of these. I suggest you spend some time working out how to navigate around the site - it will make your visits more valuable.

Sorry for your frustration. Older stories can be just as valuable as newly posted ones. In fact, even stories that were posted by members who have deleted their account and are no longer on EP, still can inspire and give hope to others who maybe dealing with a similar situation.

I appreciate your feedback. It seems we need to do a better job of directing you to new/fresh content. Most content areas of the site can be sorted by 'most recent'

As for duplicate groups, please report them to and we'll review the groups and merge them as necessary.