Rework Friend Finder

This thing doesn't seem to work as it should, since it compares by common experiences. I find that the search function keeps bringing up people who have thousands of experiences. Of those thousands they happen to have a couple that match some of my 80ish experiences so far.

I think the algorithm should consider the number of experiences too. I'd rather meet people who have a bigger common/uncommon experience ratio.
Right now all I see is people with like 12/8000 ratio, whereas a person with 2/80 ratio would be a much better match.
zmajurazanog zmajurazanog
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 18, 2012

Thanks for bringing this up and sharing your idea on how we can make better friend recommendations. Definitely something we'll consider when discussing this topic with our developers.

What kind of timeline would it take for something like this to be implemented?

Still haven't seen any sign of development since I posted this story or a reply to my timeline question. In fact I find it harder to find people that share the same experiences now because you've moved the feature to the side and only display 3 people without options to view more. I'm pretty sure that thing should say instead "Top 3 People Who Have The Most Experiences".
Why are you cutting out such an essential part of social networking? Of all the networks EP has the potential to connect users by experiences and you're throwing that away.