Be Handy If...

EP any chance of having a little "note book" to write for ourselves notes on our friends, that'd be nice :)
memoo64 memoo64
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3 Responses Mar 14, 2012

Don't need a blog. Just a page to store friend facts. Have a number of friends and don't want to get mixed up and say the wrong thing. If I had my little black book I could look in there and remind myself of the things about this friend.

exactly :)

As far as the gift heels go ie like those above as readyif youare has in her icon would be nice as a gift item. Maybe some more colors other than just red?

Thanks for the suggestion. You can create a private blog to store notes to self. Private blogs can only be seen by you. Hope this is helpful.

you are a bugga! who says I want your number?

Love those heels. Wish I had a pair like them