Nice One Ep!

Not only are the notifications not working, but now when I earn tokens they aren't added to my pile! GRRRRR, sort it out please, the amount of glitches in the last 24 hours is ridiculous!
Illiteratetroll Illiteratetroll
9 Responses Mar 20, 2012

they not working properly again ....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I know! How annoying is that, one minute they fix it only to c0ck it up again soon after, it gets really tiresome, we,ve had bugs for months, about time the hired exterminaters.

bring in the pestman , be a big job for him

Sorry for the frustration. This is a bug that our engineers have tracked and correct. Please let me know if you're still having trouble.

Thank you!

its working fine for me

Lucky you!


I would say they don't have enough people to maintain and improve the site.

Have none of the paid workers been on here in the last 24 hours? They don't even seem to be aware of the glitches never mind doing something about them.

ps i just got 5 new tokes that went straight to my pile

Great! Cheer me up by telling me that! I seem to be the only one the token thing is happening to, I was gonna spend them on a world cruise *sigh*

lol sorry

to me it dont bother me i just go with the flow of things

i frustrating...grr..just grr

I know! Very GRRRRRRRR

I wonder what's going on - maybe it's some programming issues.

Whatever it is, it's bugging me now!

*shakes head* this place is a mess

It's crazy, why do they need to keep fiddling with things and messing everything else up!

no, ep admin is wayyyy crazier than any of us are.