More Space Around Dangerous Controls Like Logout

Good Human Machine Interface (HMI) design requires that you separate "dangerous" (i.e. non-recoverable) controls like "Logout" from the often used (My activity) button. Especially on the phone it's frustrating to accidentally hit the Logout when I meant Activity. Login on the phone is tortuous because it doesn't remember the password for me etc.

I can't see it now, but there are other times when I accidentally hit logout instead of something else. Maybe it is in the phone interface. I'll have to look more carefully.


p.s.I just had an advert for Mazda appear which covered not only the bottom of the activity list, but the title at the bottom letting me know what the list was. Not smart.
ProfDavros ProfDavros
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3 Responses Mar 23, 2012

I agree, completely. Have had fat finger episodes myself.

Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback. We are working to improve pages on the EP mobile view so that members have an easier time browsing and unintentional clicks don't occur. We'll use your valuable feedback to improve button placement and page displays.

Yes. More room. I agree.