Please Get Rid Of E P Links And Let Us Post U R Ls

What's wrong with EP links?

1. They never work on whiteboard scribbles. That is, if you try to post them they turn into duds, "EP Link" with nothing to click on.

2. Lately I find them not to work on blog posts.

3. Whenever you edit a story, blog post, comment, or answer containing an EP link, it turns into a dud unless you re-embed it. This is a very troublesome nuisance.

4. A large percentage of time EP links take the one who clicks to the Yikes! page, the page for deleted pages, when in fact the page is still very much intact.

5. When one tries to copy a link from one's own comment, the comment goes into Edit mode, preventing the copying.

6. Sometimes even on one's story comment, it is simply impossible to embed a functioning EP link. I put up a question on EP at
EP Linkyer-Update-Is-Nasty-Malware-Very-Difficult-To-Get-Rid-Of/844676.
Then I tried to link to it it in a comment at my story at
EP Link
It puts up a defective link which is part "EP Link" and part URL and takes one to the Yikes! page every time even though the question is very much still up. I tried everything, even deleting the comment after copying it, and pasting it into a new comment. EP absolutely refuses to link to my question, which is not about diapers or s3x or f3tishes but about a wretched but very common piece of virulent malware known as Babylon Toolbar now being bundled with Adobe Flash Player's latest update. EP Support can check out this case for itself.

I cannot convey the amount of frustration that EP links have inflicted on me. They are not even CLOSE to functioning properly. I have complained about this many times, including in an entire story at
EP Link
on September 28, 2011. Nothing has happened except I'm not having p.m.s blocked for containing links, although maybe that's only because I haven't tried lately to send a link to somebody outside my circle.

Are we just going to be forced to endure this as long as we are on EP?
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5 Responses Apr 17, 2012

Thanks for this post. I can see how the reasons you posted above make EP links quite frustrating to use. We are working to fix these glitches (some of which have already been corrected)

Thank you very much, Arsineh.

7 likes in 63 views, not a bad ratio. Thank you, folks.

Yeah they don't always work, you end up going round the houses to get what you want more often than not :o)

I know! I hate the EP links. They're a good idea if they work.

Well, EP continues to refuse to link to my question in this story. Are they on Babylon Toolbar's payroll, lol? The question can be found by EP-googling for its title, "Did you know Babylon Toolbar, bundled with the new Flash Pla<x>yer update, is nasty malware very difficult to get rid of".