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Am I Being A Rat?

I found a really disturbing profile. The owner talks about having sex with children and his old profile picture was a little girl with no panties and spread legs. I reported this but nothing happened. (It's now a different picture) Is it possible EP is contacting the authorities and has left the profile up so as not to alert the person?

I'm not trying to be a rat here but if I see someone hurting a child I have to say something. Am I wrong?

I wasn't sure if I should do this at first but I wanted to post a link to this person's profile page and invite everyone to report it.

Edit 2: This person has been banned by EP Staff! Thanks for your help.
krool1969 krool1969 46-50, M 37 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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There are people in the BDSM community who share your views and are reporting those involved in all forms of child abuse whether it be sexual or severe punishment.

Let us not forget however most child sexual abuse happens within the family or with people the children know and we must help those children come forward and not suffer decades of silence.

When they do come forward they must be believed and not silenced to protect the family as a whole.

That indeed is a much more difficult job than reporting an inappropriate photograph

Always report this despicable behavior. You have to choose what is more important...trying to save children from these sick people or your own feelings. Always choose what is right. Save the child. Good to know they are banned.

Thank you!

Well done honey!

THANK YOU for protecting our children!

So glad you took the actions you did....! Pedophiles need to be brought to justice, swiftly and's hoping he'll spend the rest of his days suffering in prison which is exactly where he belongs...

Children are precious, and deserve to be happy and innocent as long as they can, its our job to protect them to the best of our abilities...!

I applaud you krool1969! :)


Awesome, you did the right thing for sure....who cares if someone thinks your a rat (I don't), children are precious and we should watch out for them!! Thanks for saying something!

Thank you for being alert to this and reporting it. There is no place in this universe for child abuse. Sexual variance and discussion is great for self awareness, but using it as an excuse to hurt others, especially children, is disgusting. Don't worry for a moment about anyone who thinks you're a rat. Rats aren't people who protect others from evil. Those are angels.

Thank you for doing you so very very much.

It's not there anymore, good job.

Thank you for doing what you felt was right in keeping that child safe and making EP a better place. Again, I thank you very much.

You did the right thing.

You did the right thing.

There can be no tolerance of pedophiles or pedophylic behavior. I have flagged several people who I felt had crossed the line and even subtly advocated sexual abuse of a child. I encourage all of our members to do so.<br />
<br />
As a member who believes that free ex<x>pression of our sexuality is an important aspect of EP and that no similar site exists for people to express themselves as we do here, it is crucial that we self-police EP of those who violate the law or openly advocate violating the law. If we fail to exercise this responsibility, someone eventually will exercise it for us by shutting down the lawful freedoms we enjoy here.

Thank you my life was ruined by pediphiles

Second account--Removed and Reported. Thanks to everyone for helping us keep this a safe and positive space.

You are not wrong, you did the right thing!<br />
Good pick-up.

The account is still there! Why wasn't it removed?

What the hell ? Why does Arsineh say it's removed??? <br />
Some will not agree with me, but I think these types of profiles should be reported to the authorities. EP should pass them along and let the police investigate. If it turns out to be some loser just exercising his right to "freedom of speech," fine. A quick check on his background makes sense.

Still there!!! So much for removed!

You did almost the right thing.<br />
<br />
I'd have alerted the law enforcement agency/ies, and let them follow it up. They could either do what you did, or they could (and this does happen regularly) engage with the guy, gain his confidence, and get to the point where they have uncontestible evidence and bust him.

You did almost the right thing.<br />
<br />
I'd have alerted the law enforcement agency/ies, and let them follow it up. They could either do what you did, or they could (and this does happen regularly) engage with the guy, gain his confidence, and get to the point where they have uncontestible evidence and bust him.

I had a friend who was a cop that played a 13 year old girl on line. She'd arrange to meet guys for sex then...busted

Your not a rat. if anything your a hero. someone who has picture of children naked and or videos are sick motherfers and need to be put in prison. so i thank you for speakin up about what you saw

Flagged. I cannot stand people who hurt children.

that is absolutely revolting. no you are not being a rat, you are standing up for whats right. whoever that is he is a disgusting piece of **** that should be stopped now!

Thanks for the support. Wanted to PM you but it's blocked.

NOT REMOVED !!!<br />
I still see the profile we have reported. <br />
Quit blowing smoke, Arsineh.

Your not a rat, just a man being a real man, you have stepped up to expose evil, this person does not deserve to be part of the human race, just plain sewer plant scum. Pray the authorities are able to catch him before he escapes.

OK I wasn't sure if I should do this at first but I want to post a link to this profile and invite everyone to report him.<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

i would have doneit, these things must be stopped, proud of you :)

You are not a rat, you did the right thing! Hugs for you!

Funny I just saw an EP PD picture as ep logo suggestion that I liked but no way, I keep flag-ing you probably saved a child is how you must see it...

That appears to be someone who is obsessed with himself in his role as a volunteer.

Removed and reported. Thank you for helping us keep this a positive space!

Ok I sent it

The account and stories are still there, they aren't removed.

Follow the link

Krool, have you reported this member by flagging? Please send me the username so we can address this immediately.

you were a good person..doing the right thing..<br />
what troubles that ..your questioning that..<br />
<br />
trust your instincts...they were right.

i couldn't agree with lilt more, you definitely did the right thing! i just hope ep boots this person the hell off of here, him and many others deviants. i don't hesitate to report pedophiles, ****** and *********** stories/groups. they all need to go!

Very good. Please never doubt again the importance of your voice, when you see something so terribly wrong.

Absolutely not! EP relies heavily on it's members to report these people! Thank you for doing your part. Did you flag the profile or report directly to EPSupport?