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In the past, when a spammer started using my stories and poems to advertise their wares, I simple clicked on their avatar and went to their profile and blocked them. Now, it seems they have found a way to do this anonymously. No avatar, no user name. NO WAY TO BLOCK THEM. They just keep putting their ads as comments on my stories.

I resent this.

The comments section is meant for people to comment on what they have read; not to use my space for advertising.

Tell me, EP, do they at least PAY you for this advertising? Or are they getting their ads out there for free? If they are paying you for the right to invade my space, fine. Could I please get a piece of the profits? That would make the ads less of an invasion.  What say, I get a one month premium membership (gold star and all) for each time someone uses one of my stories to post their ads.

By now, I'd have earned a gold star by my name for at least 5 years.

Do paid members (the ones with gold stars by their names already) have a special way to stop these spammers? If I became a paid member, would I be able to stop them?

Just Kidding; but seriously;  how is it possible for someone to post here, without a profile? We don't even have the option of blocking these space invaders.

Please, help. I have flagged them each and every time it happens, but have heard nothing about what is being done about it. Perhaps doing it this way, might at least get me a response. I realize that you probably have thousands of people flagging these spammers, so can't really respond to us all individually, as you actually are people and not machines, but I'm hoping this will get some attention.

Thank you.

Serenitree Serenitree
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Go to the story that his comments are on. Then click on the name of the group that appears to the right at the top of your story. This will be the group page. On the right will be a list of recent comments on all stories in that group. If it is a recent enough comment it will be on the list, showing that "anonymous" commented on your story. Click on "anonymous" and it will take you to a profile!

Okay, I'll try that.

Okay, I did do that, and it did take me to that persons profile. That is a very weird profile. No activity, no nothing, yet he does do stuff. I hope they can get him gone.

I think there are various different things going on. Hopefully EP will get to the bottom of all of them.

Yeah, hopefully.

It's the same guy, grantmepeace! Just go to the group page and you will see the activity in the feed on the right. Click the link for the latest activity by anonymous and it takes you to that profile. No question about it! The comment on the story show no name and no avatar.

I don't know what you mean by the group page.

Ok's an interesting thing. The profile with no name and no photo recently commented on a story by Lilt. I went to the group page which is "I Remember Deleted". There in the group activity is anonymous's comment to her story. I clicked on the name and it took me to the profile. The profile says he hasn't been on EP for three months. Something very fishy is going on here!<br />
<br />
Here's the link to his profile: <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Okay, but this is not what I am talking about Check this one

the people who are spamming have NO profile. Just nothing to click on at all.

oh my goodness! yes! i get them too! i report them for spamming then delete the comments. but they don't come with a link so how is it possible to post? so glad it is not x-rated or hateful stuff. glad the spam is family-friendly at least. so those of us who are offended by the other stuff can at least be happy to not see THAT.

Next time, you get this, copy the address in your address bar, and paste it into a PM, to EPArsineh. She'd like to get rid of them, but she needs to see the actual posted ads.

cool thanks :)

We don't allow anonymous commenting nor can you post a comment without registering for the site and being assigned a username.<br />
<br />
Please help me get to the bottom of this by sending me a link to a story where this has happened so I can address it right away.

Okay. I will. I have flagged them all.

I am gonna try sending it this way. I can't put it in email or whiteboard for some reason. here is the link for the latest "anonymous" comment I got.

silkglassandsteelvelvet, that is bizarre. I've never seen replies like that by a non-existent person. Strange. I hope EP figures this out and stops it. There is enough spam on here.

Whether they pay or not they should not spam your stories with their advertisements.

I agree, and they should definitely not be able to do it without having an account, at all.

I'm assaulted by advertisement adds while on EP...flashing up on the top and right side. Is that business as usual? I really get problems with my slow pc because of that constant "tada, buy our crap" stuff. some of the adds flickering into EP space here are outright **** (like marry muslim women/find your sex partner/ukrainian women and such crap...I don't want that **** on my screen, dammit!) and I would appreciate SOMEONE to block out outside interference for users while inside the EP environment, we're here to talk and such, not to seek "hot night boys/girls", dammit!

I have noticed more of this "crap" as well. It slows down the site to the point of madness at times! :-(

I don't know how EP can stop the spammers. I have been moseying ..oops I meant reading on EP. I thought Australia is a big EP is pretty big too.

I don't even care about the spammers. In the past, I simply blocked them so they couldn't do it to me again. Now, though, they are coming on without a profile. I don't even know how that can be done. It seems like, you now don't need to be registered, to come here and annoy the sh*t out of members.

Yes, I have seen the spammers too on a few other members' experiences. Maybe you were chosen because you are popular and have lots of following.

LOL, thanks, It would be nice to think I am popular, but I don't really think I am. I ahve a few friends who make a point of reading my stories, (thanks, folks, I appreciate it, a lot) but I don't have a large *following*; to use your word.

Yes. ..large is a better word than 'lots' ..writer's block lol