Ep Also Another Thing!

I have another problem.

When someone restricts the privacy option in their profile, so if you try to view it you won’t be able to, you say you have not been blocked specifically and you give us the option to block or flag the member, but why not give us the option to add them?

I’d prefer to make my profile restricted because seriously lots of pervs are lying around here, but I’d still like to give any EPer who likes me the chance to add me!

The only thing we do not want is for them to be able to view the profile and send us stupid PM or leave stupid WB messages etc… But where is the harm in sending add invitations?

Just add this option, like you may block the Eper from here etc… you also may add them from here, and then I will be given the chance to check the profile of the person adding me, if they are good, will accept, if they are pervs I will say no thank you, end of story! You see my point?
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Thanks for sharing this post and your idea. It's something I'll definitely bring up with our developers. That said, member's can choose a variety of options on their account settings, for example they can block anyone outside of their circle from contacting them, or instead can block any mature member from contacting them. Though I can understand why you'd want an option to see which members are interested in fanning you, I've also heard from many that they find even a fan request intrusive and prefer these to be blocked as well. <br />
<br />
We'll work with our developers to come up with a solution that will work best for the community as a whole.

13-15<br />
They are just protecting kids<br />
.And some people just don't want to have fans,because it's easy to stalk someone when you're a fan.

You are right, then I guess they should stop making anyone you fan appears in your list, they should make them appear once you accept their invitation! - As for kids, why don't they make other rules for them!! You can't trat kids and adults the same way LOL! They should make EP for kids!

true.Teenagers should be on facebook.But if they restrict them,they will simply switch 13-15 to 20-25.EP can't do much there.