Trolls And Featured Q's

There's been a lot of new members joining the last week just to post spam and abuse. Their questions can be flagged BUT because of the starting amount of coins you get, they can feature them and they can't be hidden.

I got a hate Q posted about me which I flagged as abuse BUT its gonna sit there for an hour on featured.

Either flagged Q's should be removed from featured, which would get rid of the perv ones too or the starting amount of coins should be reduced to stop this imo.

EDIT: Its happened again today, again with a new member. This REALLY needs sorting EP. Again its a new member trolling someone else.
Like yesterday I flagged the Q and like yesterday it is still there because it is a featured question. Im not the target this time but this aint on.

My troll Q EP Link

Her troll Q EP Link#6810713
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I have deleted J***C****EYs comment cause "she" is obv someones multi account who doesnt have the balls to show theirself.

it certainly seems that they don't care about a lot that goes on here :(

Yep the stuff they allow and the stuff they take down makes no sense

i flagged that question. what i want to know is why is it still up?? it should have been removed!

EP dont care basically. Arseneh didnt even reply to my reply on her comment :-/

Thank you for brining this to our attention. Whether or not someone uses tokens to feature their question, personal attacks and name calling are never allowed. Please let me know if the question has not yet been removed by sending me a PM with a link to the post. We try to reveiw each flag within 24hours and will investigate why this wasn't addressed earlier.

Thanks for replying Arsineh, the flagging system works well at hiding troll Q's and perv ones too but what Im trying to say with the featured thing is that they wont disappear off of that until the hour is gone if they feature their Q. Ive seen Q's on there before that are removed from off the QA page that have been pretty sick but they still sit there for an hour on featured.

My hate Q was removed from off the QA page as soon as I flagged it but it sat there on featured. It didnt matter to me and the answers were all nice ones BUT if it had been against someone vulnerable it could of done some damage!

The Q is here (the link still works)

who posted it ? i didn't see it <br />
<br />
EP support need to pull finger out and remove such content quicker

It was one of the regular trolls using a new account, flagging it got it hidden but not off of the featured list!

Well said, I hope your idea "flies"

Thank you :-)

I say let the question lie there, I mean that guy has been slapped by all the EPers answered the question! I think he is the one embarrassed now!<br />
But I see your point and it is good what you are suggesting, I don't think EP is that smart to implement it! LOL

Yeah and it was nice to see what people said, thanks :-) tbh the Q doesnt upset me, I have heard much worse than that BUT there's some very vulnerable people on here and if one of them got cr@p like that it could do real damage!

Yeah I know! Some people here take EP way too seriously than they should and it would really hurt them! We shouldn't though, I laugh at those idiots who try to bother me! They are a joke!

Yeah I laugh at them too, but I use EP as a bit of a laugh for when Im bored! I can think of a few people on here tho who are very fragile and that could be too much. EP needs to take trolls and pervs much more seriously imo

Gem you are absolutely right, we know better, those of us who hang round Q&A a lot know exactly who the trolls are, but EP doesn't seem to care! Don't let em get to you.

Thanks :-) They always post the same Q's, swimmer, nerd and now flypaper and it's obv the same guy doing it all! He doesnt get to me tho, he's nowt to me :-)

Glad to hear it and I'm convinced it's the same one too! The style of it is the same.

I wonder what they get out of it? Odd.

I don't get it either. But I presume they are people who don't know how to interact with others, so this is there way of getting attention.

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You want me to kick some arse?

Yeah please :-D

point me to them