Wondering If It Is Just Me!!!

Hey guys!!! I added one of my best EP friends back to my circle just now!!! Okay I know you are wondering why if she was my best friend how come she wasn't on my circle to begin with.... Well she fell off.  I didn't remove her and she didn't remove me but it appeared to both of us that we were no longer a part of each other's circle!!!!  A mutual friend asked me if I had removed this person from my circle to which I answered "Heck NO!!!" but she was gone or I wouldn't have known so quickly what had happened.  This same thing happened to Blue and me as well as Marji and me so now I am wondering if others have noticed this happening as well.  (BTW if you go to re-add them to yourcircle the only option is to remove them so you have to remove them and then re-ad them back to the circle.)  Ok who else has this phantom person that is deleting their friends?

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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16 Responses May 21, 2008

U certainly are sweetie.

Read my last comment back to you. i have to keep you even lol

LOL......Ok ok so I can hang I'm feeling younger already.

Why????? You are only as old as you feel and if you can stay up all night with a young un like me that makes you young cause you can hang lol

ROFLMAO.....Your making me feel old.

Mom my a$$ lol.... Daughter maybe lol seeing as you wanted to adopt me.

Your still on my list MOM

Awesome.... You are top 10 in my book darling. I don't stack rank other than those persons that were my orginal friends on EP. LOL but since that is important and a life goal of yours I may have to make an exception.

Maybe some day I'll make it to the top five of yours...LOL<br />
<br />
Hmm I think I have a new goal in live now.

You know that you are.

MMM yes I am and I better be at the top of the list lol

Hey FG your still in my circle...

Maybe not... Contact him and find out.

Certainly will Neil.. Thanks for responding.

If you see this happen again - could you send us the username of the friend that "disappeared"? This would help us track down the issue. Thanks!

Well I am glad that others are noticing it too. I am getting tired of this happening bc I have enough drama in my life without this!