A Situation I Would Like Taken Care Of

i know there probably isnt much you guys can do about it but all of these profile pics with private parts in them especially male private parts im pretty sure the majority of users dont wanna see it so please keep a tighter watch on it when some one flags someone as having an inappropriate profile pic
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3 Responses May 4, 2012

I flagged constantly- today and the last 3 days I've seen fewer *****

I agree with you. Ive flagged some today and they used to disappear straight away. I guess EP reviewed them but they were took off until they had, but now they stay there until someone from EP looks which on a Sunday is gonna be 24h+ away. Its not just that I dont want to see manbits or girlbits but this site is supposed not to allow nudity because its for 13+<br />
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I think EP's "problem" is that they think people will do the right thing always and most do but theres some peeps who wont and they need a tougher flag system to cover that imo.

Tons of people have been complaining about that forever (including me) and it ain't goin' away.

I think the only way they would take care of it and fast is if someone were to say offer them like a 10 million dollar ad contract under the conditions they cleaned up the site.