I Have A Question..

Why do 13-15 year olds keep posting on your whiteboard? It's not like they're from the q&a section, but it's always "drifters". I know there's a setting to prevent that from happening, but I still want to know why they do that.
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I have a plan for those that exhibit pedo behaviour - their profiles should be clearly marked "registered sex offender into child abuse" you think the children would then still add these pervs?

I have my filter on. I don't get requests from kids. I don't want any either. I have to deal with enough of them at the campus so I really don't care to talk to them during my downtime.

I agree completely...I talk to adults ONLY!!!

I find many of them want advice or something... Or want to be cool having adult friends online... Well I just hope these kiddies don't fan the wrong people aka pedo creeps on here who keep their setting OFF so that all the young can flood their page...fu_ckNtards!!!

How can they do that if you activated the setting? I activated mine since many minors fanned me and I don't like children's company LMAO so I hit the "block minors from viewing your profile" option and the problem got solved. Didn't you do the same?<br />
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PS I further believe that any adult with adult content on this site should do the responsible thing and block their profiles for minors to view...since many adults on this forum have excessive sexual interest - not all; but some are just here for the mature "pleasures" shared with other members as they swap perverted stories... I strongly believe these types of adults should block their profiles from the view of minors at all cost!!!!

I do have the setting on, I'm wondering why so many kids try to talk to you and fan you when you don't have the setting on. I'd think they'd like the company of other 13-15 groups.... I don't know, I guess it would be different if they actually were active, but they usually have blank profiles, or very little.