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Now I think it has been 2 Months and when going to a Group with the List of Stories, I prefer seeing the chronology of the Stories and the Dates and Times Listed. I can't see us going into each Story to get the Date and Time and then move out to the Group Context List again and then go to another Story to see the Date and Time and then back to the Group Context Story and try to chose another Story Etc... on and on to get them in such time consuming means like this. When if they where listed with the Context with each Story. Very Helpful and a time savor.  (Which this place is not.)

Now I see the Circle Friend List Activity Circle Friend List in our Home Page. Is showing the comments from our Circle Friends to these Story's Title, but now what Group is this in? No Groups are listed for the Stories. Along with it. I find this Annoying! I liked the layout the way it way previously before this all got changed.

Like someone else was saying but if I can say it better:  This place is fixing what has been already working. But is not fixing what has yet been years with the problems. I prefer seeing the problems fixed, than what was already working already. I prefer saying it this way, then how it was being said before, if not understood (?)
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1 Response May 5, 2012

Sorry for the frustration. I've taken note of your suggestion. We are currently still working to improve our feed and the way we display stories/groups. <br />
<br />
We realize that we have a lot of work ahead of us but will work hard to make the feed better. Different members prefer different sorting options, and we are working to offer more choices and customization options to members so they can build their own perfect feed by picking and choosing what they see.