Log Out Button

WTH were you thinking putting the button in that menu list?

People have been complaining about the new layout, I haven't been on ep enough lately to analyze it's flaws, but the logout button is crazy.

it's ridiculously difficult to click it because the menus are coded in such way that once you hover over the damn thing and click on the logout link the menu disappears and you find yourself clicking on the stupid adds which will bring you to a new window showing you how to score online.. and this occurs repeatedly until you end up closing the window instead of logging out ***Update: after being able to click on the logout button I realized it is non-functional to me, I'm not sure if anyone else is facing this issue..

I'm all up for changes, but please, return the logout button to where it was or get the menu to work properly.
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3 Responses May 6, 2012

This sounds frustrating and we're working to address it. We want members to be able to easy select the logout button when they intended.

Thanks Arsineh!

A lot of people were peeved because when using EP on their mobile/cell they would accidentally hit it. Now it can't be used at all.<br />
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I can hear the EP staff laughing their ***** off from here. lol

oh yes, the evil staff lol. I'm thinking they simply didn't code it right or did it on purpose to get us to click on the damn ads

hmmm I wonder if they put the logout button there and coded it to be nonfunctional on purpose to have people actually click on the adds?