Not Again

When I stumbled upon EP I was fragile but went forward. My chosen name, True8.  
For one year I had a break and a meaningful one, using this My name, True8.

Recently one day it wouldn't work. I knew after enough hours, I better somehow find a way to be unattached from my past and try
to be true differently. I chose eternaltrue8.  This turned out to be not so easy but after some questioning and dissent. I thought I had risen above. Then due to my moms hospitalization I was away a day or so.
Anxiously, this morning. I went to sign in. My new name popped up with my password attached to it. 
I am now unable to sign in Again.  I have written stories, friends. Some friends who are not back in my circle again due to new difficulties. Everyone who may have had any interest in me or my thoughts are unsure of my identity.
Maybe I would be too.
Now, just to write this. I have had to sign in again. As True8+1.
No one will give me the time of day now.

Please let me be myself, please let me have all my stories and my friends. Allow me what I have done nothing to lose.  Or deserve to have lost.


I was for a week or two   eternaltrue8  it obviously has not worked out.

this new True8+1 is a identity with one purpose. To please allow me to know the experience project I believed was primarily positve and helpful. I will happily , willingly answer all questions you may need from me to prove who I am. Also Garvan will vouch for me if he ever again  believes me. He has been my longest running friend. However that could perhaps only be proved by our regular interaction of the past.

EP I would feel the pain of more loss without EP by now.  I really don't know if you all have enough time to care about me, this one person who has not contributed as so many others. Nor do I have many friends, compared to most of my other friends. Yet I really care.  Please care back   True8.  
For Real, No Lie.  Unless this is resolved, it's all over. So sad & the opposite of this "Project"s intended purpose.  KMH
True8True8 True8True8
51-55, F
3 Responses May 6, 2012

Hey True. Finally found you, again. I am glad I did. Let us continue to connect. Okay? :-)<br />
<br />
Love,<br />
<br />

poor true, that is what i can an exercise in frustration. maybe you are more fit now to handle what be coming. hopefully good things for you True

Sorry for the frustration. We can help you reset your password and get you logged into your account.<br />
<br />
You can change your username back, by visiting 'account settings' / edit profile on left hand column of your profile page. <br />
<br />
If someone, in the meantime has registered using the name you gave up, then you'll have to choose a new one. <br />
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If you have trouble, please email to get aid on resetting your password.