Where'd The Random Commenting Button Go?

I went on EP vacation for a few weeks.  And this is what I return to???

Where is the random commenting button?  The one that takes you to a random story that has no comments?  That has always been one of my favorite features...so what happened?

Seeking answers to this question, I read the story by EPArsineh about the "New Community Inspired Logo + Header + Categories" ( EP Link )

According to the above mentioned story, "In addition, to rolling out a new logo we've updated our header to make it easier to find content that's important to you.  We've simplified the header and removed the 'more' option.  But, don't worry--You can still access all of these options from the site footer." 

Okay.  I am not going to miss the "more" option.  There wasn't much there that I used to begin with.  And the simplified header is reasonably appealing visually.  I even rather like the new logo.

My issue is that the feature I use most is now MIA.  And no, it is NOT in the site footer.  Even if it was, that's pretty dang inconvenient.  I mean, scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page just to get to something I use all the time?  It's awkward at best.

I guess it's futile to ask for the old layout back; y'all have made it quite clear that's not gonna happen.  I'm resigned to (but not happy about) that fact.  So if we can't have a profile that really is user-friendly and easy to work with, can we at least have easy access to ALL the features that make EP a fun place to be?

Sorry for ranting.

Thank you in advance for attending to this.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Thanks for sharing this. I think it's wonderful that you are looking to comment on stories that haven't received a comment, yet.<br />
<br />
Please visit the site footer and click 'stories' the list will automatically list 'most recent stories' and you'll notice that these are often the one's with no comments.<br />
<br />
Below each story lists the number of comments it received and the first few pages almost entirely have zero comments.

I understand what you are saying, but it does not serve the same purpose as the old button did! I like commenting on stories that have sat there for a while, to comment on something that other people ignored. The whole reason I liked the random commenting button was that I could give some attention to a story that otherwise would not. The "most recent stories" are quite new (I know, shock!); they have a good chance of being commented on. On the other hand, some story that's been sitting there for weeks or months, not so much.

Please bring back the old random story button!