The Ep Folks Are Getting Too Cute For Their Own Good.

The logout selection, now moved to the user menu, doesn't work. Instead, I end up clicking on the ad conveniently positioned underneath it. This is particularly frustrating for me, since my EP participation is a secret. I cannot eliminate cookies, etc. if I can't log out. Fix it, EP...please.
PeachesGalore PeachesGalore
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4 Responses May 6, 2012

Fast logout is a must for a site like EP. Thanks for fixong it.<br /><br />
There is change of epidemic proportions, where established user interfaces are being replaced, much to the annoyance of the community. Gmail has a new face, not to mention the horrible MS Office. If all users were new, it would be much simple. But users have a large investment in finding their way through the interface, so it's quite legitomatefor them wanting to protect this investment

Sorry for the frustration. We have been working through the day to make changes to help correct this glitch--so that ads won't interfere with the log out process. <br />
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We certainly want members to log out easily. We moved the log out button to the dropdown menu because members would often complain that they would unintentionally log out when they meant to click on their activity notifications.

Thank you so much!!!!

i had the same problem..but i found out if i just hit the box that drops down with my curser..then ..the box will stay in place and allow me to position the curser on the log off..and it will log i would position the curser on the log off, the box would just dissappear.

Exactly...why did they change it?