Thanks, EP!

Thanks for putting the "logout" button back where it had been.  Of all of the changes you folks have made, that one really got me, and I'm usually a pretty easy-going guy.  I checked out about 20 of the sites I go to that require registration and login/password combos, and every one of them has a "logout" button prominently displayed in a header area on each page - it really is a matter of being user-friendly.

Again, thanks!
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

Thanks for sharing this with us. It's important that members are able to easily find and successfully log out of the site when they intend to.<br />
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The decision to move the log out button to the dropdown menu was in response to many members intentionally logging out when they intended to click on an activity notification icon. Unfortunately, we encountered some bugs when moving the log out button to the dropdown menu and will not be moving the log out button unless it's working properly and can be easily accessed.

Thank you for putting it back where it belongs. Now if you can move the items on the left side over so they are not crowding the post, user name and item icons, that would be great.

i agree, good post. when i couldn't find the logout button yesterday, i thought i was going crazy lol. i had to message a friend for the info. glad to see it back where it should be.