Let Me Ask You This.......

Or maybe not!
I have been an active member on here, for a while. Years.
Some of you may know me, for my deep and thought provoking Q&A!
I am not, however, known for abusing others, in any way.
I would like to know why I am now unable to post questions? Did I offend someone? Did I offend YOU?
I have contacted EP several times, but, alas, to no avail. Not even a response. I have, however, around 30 mails from them, informing me, I have questions that have no answers! GRRRRR!
I now feel I have no other option, than to delete my account, losing the good friends I have made here.
46-50, M
7 Responses May 8, 2012

Check ALL of your account settings and make some changes including your password.

Go create an account at Yahoo. Then copy and paste the url link of each one of your contacts (mine if you like) into a folder file. This might take some time to do this, but you can get all of their profile links save into a folder at Yahoo. <br />
<br />
Then come back to the EP, delete your present account and create a new account. Then go back to yahoo and click your contacts profile url links and then re-add them to your new account and bingo, there you are!!

I hope u can get this resolved and you don't leave us:(

as i suggested before, you may be in ep jail! i don't know how you would find out but it's a possibility :'(

goody!! i would hate to lose one of the oldest and dearest friends i have here! thank you for letting me know.

It's fixed now, my dear!
how's you?

helloooo m'luv! i'm fine. as always ;))

Sorry for the frustration--I'm happy to look into this for you.<br />
<br />
However, this group is not intended for account specific questions. You should contact EP Support on-site of via email to have this concerns address. This group is for site suggestions and new feature requests.

As i've said, i've tried contacting EP, but to no avail. no response at all.

I've had around 30 with no answers!

Don't delete- I recently have had Qs with no or few As- and the same Q is posted and gets flooded- I think it will self correct- But- a not to Paschar will at least give you and explaination~ Barbara