Banning Trolls

There are a few evil spirited people floating around EP that are using it to hurt people.

One such example - in the "I live in a sexless marriage" group there is a user who simply uses it to demean people in a very evil-spirited way. This is her primary purpose there, to inflict pain on people. There is an option to delete her posts by the poster - but this is a support group. People come here in very difficult times where their self esteem has been destroyed within their marriage. In this environment she chooses to poke people where it hurts. This is trolling at it's best/worst. We have several members that contemplate suicide owing to their circumstance. They come to EP to share their innermost thoughts and make themselves vulnerable. In this environment she says evil things to them, feeding their insecurities. Simply being able to delete her posts does not protect those people who are new, and they are decieved into thinking she is a genuine person, when her only goal is to cause people great pain.

This is against the community standards.

I suggest a method for banning such users from a group. Ideally it would be something that required the approval of say, ten EP members of that group who have been a part of it for a long time and have contributed to the group. In this way we ensure that the function is not used carelessly. I do not feel that blocking is enough. New members need to be protected from this kind of malice. I do not block this person because I want to be able to help another member, especially one considering suicide. I dont want them to read her words and say "my god she is right, I should just do it." As someone who was nearly in those shoes long ago, I feel that her brand of malice should not be allowed on EP at all, but particularly not in such a group.

So, in sum: We need the ability to block members from experience groups.
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Ya she is def. A cyberbully,not only is she malicious,but has a methodical,betrayal camillion like cowardly way of delivering it. Many,many&we mean many already know of her,about her& know exactly who she is,and what she's about..she has a high rising group of enemies,that she herself creates towards herself. She comes on here not only for streaming off her lies and attention,but lack there off she made it obvious that she is manipulating not only to all but sadly enough yes even to herself. She knows she has been exposed but in reality she is one that will never come clean. What we mean is not out of confession "clean", because of course this is a confession board,but come clean in her ways of master manipulating.She thinks she can out due her readers by making it complex,but really she has not fooled no one yet.She creeps behind curcuits, she just creepy,alone&needy yes,but her ob<x>jective is to get people to pitty her in her lying quest. Intresting enough she is also a mother&not a teen. Mature right?

nope ur the one with ur "multiple accounts and u constant changing of ur user name" thats the bully

I have been all over cyberspace searching for a place to tell my stories as I have many. I am a newcomer not easily terrorized not am I afraid of the terrorist! Just the other day I read a story that really upset me these people need words of wisdom and support

I know who you're talking about. When I first joined up, I accused that person of being a troll. To prove that I was wrong about her, she went to every single one of my stories at the time and ranted in the comments. You know, because a troll totally wouldn't do something like that.

lol, you gotta admit that is kind of funny.

Oh, it was absolutely hysterical.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Anyone who suggests/promotes that others harm themselves or violates our EP terms will not be tolerated on EP.<br />
<br />
This is a supportive space. Please flag the member and their behavior so EP staff can take the necessary action. You can also feel free to PM me directly with a link to the behavior. <br />
<br />
Though we do hope to have more moderation tools available to community members in the future for better policing the groups/content sections they are passionate about, we are very cautious of introducing tools that can be abused. <br />
<br />
Thanks for helping us keep this a positive space.

I think some sort of admin powers would be nice for members of groups. how this would be implemented im unsure. (founder and couple of assigned helpers perhaps?) even if it was as simple as an option to reassign stories that dont belong to a more fitting location and ban known trouble makers from the group would also be very handy. although im not part of the ILIASM community (heck im not even married lol) I have seen enough of it to see the strong sense of community and support between the members. it would certainly be a shame to see that affected.

I agree with you. This is supposed to be a support community and there is no place for the behavior you describe.<br />
<br />
There is an example of this behavior in the very comments to this story. There is only one person on EP who has ever attacked me in a hate-filled way, calling me psychotic because I wrote a story in this group saying EP should remove pedophiles and nude avatar photos, and he has jumped on your story to promote his hate- filled rhetoric. He is the one who calls people vile names and then accuses others of doing it. These people need to be stopped.

you're absoulutely right about that person. i'm sure i know whom you're referring to.

I agree FM, I was debating writing to EP help to see what can be done and you beat me to it.<br />
I always go on the members page and report them, <br />
but that isn't enough.<br />
<br />
So I think we should find her address and duct tape her laptop shut, <br />
that will keep her busy for a while

I also think that EP should remove stinkat and put a senior member to handle the blocking and the banning.

sure.. why not.. :)